This category contains companies that primarily service the high voltage needs of OEM's. These companies primarily deal with high voltage supplies, suitable for industrial, medical, and accelerator systems. 07/10/00

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Accel Power Supplies Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of high voltage power systems for scientific and analytical applications.
AM Power Systems
As a manufacturer of HV dc to dc converters, specification and applications are described..
American High Voltage
Provides high voltage power supplies for government and commercial applications.
American Power Design
Supplier of high voltage DC to DC converters. The product range is from 0.5 to 200 watts with outputs to 8000Vdc.
Applied Kilovolts
Designs and produces power supplies primarily in the range from 1kV to 60kV.
Brandt Electronics
Manufacturer of high voltage power supplies used for TWT, klystron and other complex system integrations.
Computer Power Supply, Inc.
Designs and manufactures high voltage power supplies, used for focused electron beam and focused ion beam applications. Online catalogue, pricing and data sheets.
Diversified Technologies, Inc.
High voltage and high power solid-state switching power supplies, pulse modulators, and control systems
Electronics Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of high voltage rectifiers, stacks, diodes, multipliers, assemblies, and bridges.
EMCO High Voltage Corporation
Miniature DC to HV DC converters, multi-output, rack mount high voltage systems. Small HV power supplies.
FirstPower Group LLC
High voltage electric industry engineering and services firm. Provide repair, conversion, modification and upgrades to high voltage switches and compressors to increase reliability and lifespan of devices. Serving utilities and other high voltage service users.
Five Star Associates, Inc.
Manufacturing and design firm that specializes in high voltage power conversion electronics for military and commercial applications. Products include traveling wave Tube (TWT) and other high voltage power supplies.
Gamma High Voltage Research, Inc.
Engineering and manufacturing company describes their product range, with technical support, and specifications to download. Ormond Beach, Florida.
Designer and manufacturer of standard and custom high voltage power supplies.
Glassman High Voltage Inc.
Manufacturer of regulated high voltage dc power supplies.
High Voltage Concepts
Manufacturer of high voltage power supplies and diagnostic equipment. Included are specifications for their products, and a list of applications.
Hitek Power
Designs and manufactures high voltage power supplies for laser printers, ink jet printers and a range of other heavy duty power supplies.
Hyacinth Technology, Inc.
Designs and manufactures high voltage power supplies and amplifiers for various OEM and scientific applications
Iseg High Voltage
Manufacturers of high voltage power supplies for industry and research applications.
Lambda High Power
Manufacturer of high voltage capacitor charging power supplies.
Lumina Power
Manufacturer of laser diode power supplies that delivers up to 80A and 1500W.
Matsusada Precision Inc.
High voltage power supplies. Integrated HVPS and X-ray tube.
Meerstetter Engineering, GmbH
Designer, developer and manufacturer of power electronics, laser power supplies, and high voltage transformers.
Mega Volt
Tesla Coil (with high voltage power supply) rentals for live shows.
Origin Electric America Co., Ltd.
Power supplies for industrial high voltage equipment.
Polarity Inc.
Designs and fabricates high power products including industrial high voltage power supplies, solid state RF amplifiers, ultra low noise TWT, CFA, and Klystron microwave amplifier systems.
Manufacturer and designer of high-voltage, low power DC to DC converters, high-voltage AC to DC power supplies and high voltage pulse generators.
Spellman High Voltage
Designs and manufactures high voltage power supplies up to 500kV and 150kW. Brands also include Start Spellman, Bertan and Del.
Manufacturers of high voltage DC power supplies to provide national laboratories, technical institutes, universities and industry.
UltraVolt, Inc.
Manufacturer of off-the-shelf modular and rack mount programmable DC to DC high voltage power supplies, from 62V through 40kV and 4 Watts to 250 Watts.
Universal Voltronics
Designs and manufactures high voltage DC power supplies, specializing in x-ray and high power (over 1kW) applications.
Voltage Multipliers Inc.
Maker of standard, semi-custom, and custom high voltage power supplies.
Designers and manufacturers of HeNe laser power supplies
Xcel Power Systems
Manufacturers of custom low voltage and high voltage power supplies primarily for military, aerospace and transport markets.

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