This category contains sites for companies whose primary business is providing design, consulting, and contracting services in the area of power supply and power electronics design.

Sites for companies whose primary business is manufacturing power supply and power electronics products are located in Business : Electronics and Electrical : Power Supplies
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Cell Expert
Consultant on topics of batteries and power sources for OEMs and other electronic equipment designers and manufacturers.
Conifer Power Lab LLC
Specializes in the design, analysis, and testing of power electronics.
Generator Power Systems
Provider of custom solutions for industrial standby and prime power systems, generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), switchgear, service and maintenance.
HVDC Converters
Provides specialty consulting, designs, and manufactured products for high voltage step-up and step-down power converters.
Ridley Engineering
Provides design tools and services for the design of switching power supplies. Products include a frequency response analyzer, power 4-5-6 design software, and courses focusing on practical design methods.
Salisbury Technologies Ltd
Electronics Engineering company specialising in design and test for EMC, Power electronics and Power line communications.
Steve Jensen Consultants, Inc.
Offers electromagnetic compatibility consulting include analysis and design of EMI power line filters for switching power supplies.
True Power Research, LLC
Provider of power electronics consulting and power supply design expertise for original equipment manufacturers.
Vorperian Power Electronics Engineering
Specializes in the design of high frequency power conversion circuits for AC-to-DC, DC-to-DC, and DC-to-AC applications ranging from a few volts and watts up to ten kilovolts and kilowatts.
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