Includes listings for manufacturers of lead acid batteries.
A.K. Auto Agency
Manufacturer of automotive and industrial batteries and parts, testing equipment and related machineries. India.
Acumuladores Duncan
Automotive and industrial batteries. Venezuela.
Alco Battery Sales
Importers, distributors and sellers of automotive, marine, golf, mobility and telecommunication batteries. Australia.
All Power Battery
Manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries for commercial applications such as medical, security, lighting, ups, and scooters. Also ni cads nickel metal hydride and lithium. Canada.
Axion Power Battery
Manufactures automotive, racing, and commercial batteries.
Manufacturer of batteries for traction, power generation plants, telecommunications, traffic control and railway applications. Germany.
C and D Technologies
A producer and marketer of electrical power storage and conversion products, including batteries, high frequency switching power supplies, converters, inverters, and chargers.
CGB Battery
Manufacturing, research and development of rechargeable valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery for various applications of UPS, Telecom power systems, Alarm and Security systems,Solar energy systems, Electronic instruments, Medical equipment and Electric vehicles.
Concorde Battery Corporation
Maintenance free sealed (VRLA) absorbed glass mat deep cycle batteries for photovoltaic systems, wheelchairs, aircraft, and marine.
Continental Battery Co.
Auto, boat trolling, deep cycle marine batteries, commercial batteries, golf cart, golf cart batteries.
Crown Battery
Industrial, Commercial, Marine and Automotive Applications. Primary line is forklift and industrial.
CSB Battery
Manufacturers VRLA batteries for UPS, telecommunications, emergency lighting, security.
Douglas Battery
Manufactures marine and automotive batteries.
East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Major manufacturer and recycler of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories.
Emergency Light Batteries
Supplier of emergency light and exit sign batteries. Online store.
Large industrial battery manufacturer. Cyclon, Monobloc, Genesis, ODYSSEY, and Trolling Thunder batteries.
European manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries.
Exide Technologies
Global supplier of automotive, industrial and uninterruptible power supply batteries. Profile and product range.
Manufacture of industrial batteries and inverters.
First National Battery
Automotive, railway, lantern, photovoltaic and deep cycle batteries. (South Africa)
Fullriver Battery
Manufacturer of valve regulated lead acid batteries in China.
Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd.
Manufacturers of valve regulated lead acid batteries. Includes a technical data section describing charging and battery care.
HBL Power Systems
Manufacturer and exporter of specialized Alkaline, Lead Acid, Silver Zinc and Lithium batteries. The headquarters located in Hyderabad, India.
German manufacturer of industrial batteries for motive power, railways, and telecom applications. Site in German and English.
IBT Power
IBT is a premier manufacturer of lead acid batterries, also in the product portfolio: Nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and lithium ion battery packs.
Interstate Batteries
Manufacturers a wide variety of sealed and conventional automotive and industrial batteries.
KJK International
Batteries from China.
Koyo Battery
Manufacturer and exporter of lead-acid battery applied to motorcycle, rechargeable sealed lead-acid and automotive batteries. Taiwan.
China based manufacturer of custom lead acid batteries from 2 volts to 24 volts and .25 ampere-hour to 4000 ampere-hour. Sales office in Garden Grove, California.
Lifeline Batteries
Manufacturer of deep cycle and starting batteries AGM batteries. Primary applications are marine and RV.
Microtex Energy Pvt. Limited
Manufacturer of batteries and battery components in India.
Remco Ltd.
Manufacturer of sealed lead-acid batteries. Produces own plastic moulding and plastic injection parts. Supply to clients in Europe and America.
Rock Racing Batteries
Manufacturer of AGM car racing batteries.
Rolls Battery Engineering
Manufacturers a wide range of deep cycle batteries for photovoltaic and power backup systems.
Sacred Sun Battery
Manufacture and selling of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. China.
Sigma Batteries
Manufacturing, selling and distributing valve regulated lead acid batteries, also sealed lead acid. India.
Staab Battery Mfg. Co. Inc.
Distributor of Flooded Lead Acid, SLA/AGM, Gell Cell and UPS Batteries. Test Equipment by AutoMeter.
Start Aku
Stationary and traction battery manufacturers. Turkey.
Sun Xtender Batteries
Manufacturer of solar and photovoltaic deep cycle system batteries.
Superior Battery Manufacturing
Marine, lawn mower, automotive batteries.
Surrette Battery Company Limited
Producers of Premium deep cycle Lead Acid Batteries for over 60 Years. (Canada)
Tai Kwong Yokohama
Manufacturer and distributor of automotive and motorcycle batteries.
Tek Trek Pty Ltd.
Australian retailer of automatic switch mode 12 volt and 24 volt car and boat battery chargers.
Total Power Racing Batteries
Lightweight, AGM, racing battery manufacturer in southern California. Custom battery boxes also available.
Trojan Battery Company
Manufacture and worldwide distributor of long-lasting deep-cycle batteries.
US Battery Corporation
Manufactures deep cycle batteries for renewable energy and backup power systems.
Watta Battery Industries
Manufacturer of starting, lighting and ignition battery. Provides information about construction and of battery and technical specifications. Malaysia.
West Coast Batteries
Manufactures and sells lead dry cell batteries for starting and ignition of all terrain vehicle (ATV), jet ski, watercraft, and motorcycles. Battery specifications and technology FAQ.
Zhongshan Long Way Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of battery, storage cells and valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries.

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