Includes listings for battery charger manufacturers and accessories.
Advanced Charger Technology, Inc.
Develop and manufacture battery operating systems and chargers for battery-operated devices. NiMH, NiCd, Lithium. Sample performance results and downloadable product data .
AGF Electronics S.r.l.
Manufactures inverters, battery chargers, generators, and voltage dividers. [Italian and English]
Aker Wade Power Technologies
Manufacturer of battery fast charging equipment for electric vehicles including forklifts.
Ansmann USA
Distributor of rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and other battery products.
Applied Energy Solutions, LLC
Manufacturer of commercial and industrial battery chargers. Product photos and specifications grouped by brand name.
Aria Industrial Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of battery for interphone, microphone, charger, earphone and belt clips.
Automatic battery chargers, sine wave power inverters, marine chargers, battery desulfator, DC converters.
Bassi S.r.l.
Specializes in the manufacture of battery chargers and UPS for industrial applications.
Beiyang Electric Apparatus Factory
Developer and manufacturer of marine, commercial and industrial battery chargers. China.
Manufacturer of battery chargers, inverters and DC to DC converters.
Breighner Electrical Services
Electric vehicle charging stations for all electric vehicles. Serving Pennsylvania and Virginia. Professional car charger sales and installation.
Cadex Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of battery chargers, battery analyzers, and maintenance systems for batteries.
CBC Design
Fabricators, refurbishers and test engineers for industrial battery chargers, charger controllers, power supplies and voltage monitors.
US manufacturer of fast and multi position battery chargers, battery packs, AC and DC power supplies, and custom designed power systems. Description of technologies used and data sheets in HTML and PDF.
Chargetek, Inc.
Manufacturer of waterproof, multiple output, lead-acid battery chargers for marine and industrial applications. Custom designs and charge profiles.
Charging Systems International
US manufacturer of battery chargers for marine, industrial, electric vehicle markets. Waterproof multiple output chargers, and remote battery status indicators. Deep cycle AGM batteries.
U.S. supplier of golf cart, industrial, marine, solar, and electric vehicle battery chargers, pure sine inverters, DC to DC converters, sealed lead-acid batteries. Tutorials.
CRB Electronics
Manufacturer and servicer of specialty battery chargers, including industrial lift trucks, battery distributors and hydraulic lift kit systems.
Eagletronic Chargers
Battery Chargers for Lead-Acid, Gel and Sealed Batteries. Forklift and Industrial applications. Portable Load Testing Units.
Elak Private Limited
Manufacturer & Exporters of battery chargers, battery testers and auto electrical test benches. India
Energic Plus
Industrial battery chargers for lead-acid, gel-cell and sealed batteries.
Energy Storage Instruments
Battery analyzer, battery charger and battery tester design and manufacturing.
Laptop ac adapters, laptop car chargers, and battery chargers.
Etrel Electromobility
Products for electromobility and electric vehicle charging - home and public chargers, software solutions, consulting, and other services.
Exegon Ltd
International manufacturers of battery chargers, battery packs, and other charging solutions.
Green Digital Power
A professional battery management and power battery charger products designer, focus on Power NIMH, NICD, Li-Ion, Li-polymer, Li-Fe and Pb-acid batteries. China
Ibex Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of battery chargers for 12v and 24v sla, gell cell, sealed lead acid and vrla batteries.
Impact Battery
Batteries and chargers for golf carts, marine, wheelchairs, motorcycles, UPS, RVs and solar.
Index Designs
Manufacture a module that provides regulated DC voltages from unregulated inputs and provides the logic required to maintain and recharge batteries.Includes a free DC reference design.
Industrial Power Solutions
Staticon offers battery chargers, inverters, converters, power conditioners, rectifiers, UPS systems and other industrial power solutions for industrial applications. Canada
Intelligent Charging
Manufacturer of battery chargers and capacity testers, electronic access control systems, and RFID tagging systems. Norfolk, UK.
IST Power
Design, and manufacture of transformers and battery chargers for gel/sealed lead acid batteries, for use in scooters, wheel chairs, golf trollies.
iTECH Intelligent Technologies
Manufactures battery chargers, analyzers, conditioners and testers for portable products.
Kussmaul Electronics Co., Inc.
Manufacturers of automatic battery chargers and electronic equipment.
Manufacturer of phone charging stations for schools and healthcare organizations.
Manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, chargers and accessories.
MAC Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers for all type of equipment: lift trucks, electric vehicles, golf carts, stationary applications. OEM manufacturer providing high quality electrical power conversion products.
System design and manufacturer for maritime, mobile and solar energy solutions.
Modiary Battery charger
Manufacturer of Lithium ion Battery Chargers and Switching power supply for interphone, charger and belt clips
Nauticharger srl
Marine battery chargers, battery isolators, battery chargers. From Italy.
NOCO Company
Designs and creates smart battery chargers. Intelligently diagnose, recover, charge and maintain batteries. Marine, multi-purpose, and solar.
Norm Energy Systems Ltd.
Producer and exporter of batteries, chargers, and inverters. Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Power Electronics
Designer, developer and manufacturer of battery charging systems and related power products.
Power Tower Inc.
Phone and tablet chargers for businesses, schools and organizations.
Supplies a wide variety of laptop chargers, mobile phone chargers, car battery chargers and universal chargers that are suitable for charging MP3 players, laptops, mobile phones, PSPs.
Manufacturer of battery chargers. From China.
PulseTech Products Corporation
Manufacturer of AC and solar powered battery chargers and desulfating conditioners for lead acid batteries. Military and industrial applications.
Rizk National Industries
Manufacturer of automotive battery chargers, jump starters, boosters and jumper cables for auto, commercial and industrial use. USA.
Rovert Electrical Ltd.
Manufacturer of battery chargers for lead acid, gel and sealed batteries.
Power Conversion Equipment for Marine, Mobile, Solar and Industrial applications. Battery chargers, inverters, converters, power supplies. UK.
Sterling Power USA
Marine battery chargers, marine battery isolators, advanced alternator regulators, DC powered battery chargers, zero volt drop battery isolators and combination inverter chargers.
Stored Energy Systems
Industrial battery chargers and rectifiers for standby and telecom applications.
Traction Charger Co., Ltd.
Battery chargers for automotive, wheelchairs, and scooters. Standby power generators, warehouse distribution, microprocessor controllers.
Vulcan Electric Company Inc
Manufacturers of battery chargers for automotive, industrial, forklift, motive, stand by, golf cart and lift applications.
Manufacturer of battery chargers, offers advanced technologies and patented designs for virtually any application.
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