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Advanced Thermal Products
manufactures temperature-sensing probes and assemblies and PTC and NTC thermistors.
Akinsun Heat Co.
Manufacturers of electric heating elements, temperature sensors, temperature controls, and accessories.
Apt Controls & Appliance PVT.LTD
Manufacture of steam type thermostats, stem type thermal cutouts and panel space heaters.
Arian S.A.
Manufactures industrial temperature and process controllers, digital panel meters, counters, isolating transmitters.
Arklay S. Richards Company, Inc.
Thermocouple manufacturer.
Cal Controls Ltd
Designs and manufactures industrial temperature and process controllers together with Windows based chart recorder and data-logging software.
Calex Electronics
Manufactures non-contact infrared temperature sensors, hand held infrared thermometers and AC/DC power supplies
Castle Rock
Sells a monitor and recorder of temperature, contacts, or humidity throughout a site without any wiring or installation work.
Contronautics, Inc.
Manufactures programmable process controls, multi-zone PID temperature controllers, and temperature scanners with thermocouple, and RTD inputs.
Cromoelectra Ltd.
Manufacture a range of temperature measurement and control systems. Includes product applications, and data in pdf format .
Data logger and chart recorder manufacturer of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment.
Manufactures industrial and commercial temperature test and monitoring equipment; specializes in fast, high accuracy portable products in both contact and non contact (infrared ) types.
Corporation in Mumbai which manufactures and supplies temperature sensors and thermocouples, and metallic yarn.
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd.
UK based specialists in the manufacture of temperature measuring equipment and analytical instruments.
Electroserv (TC & S) Ltd.
Manufacturers of temperature and process control instrumentation.
Manufacturers of temperature validation and monitoring solutions.
Ephy Mess
Temperature sensors for industrial use in engines, motors, generators, public transportation systems, laboratories, such as Pt100, thermocouples, PTC, NTC and bimetallic switches. EPHY-MESS is certified acc. to ISO 9001, and offers custom made sensors.
Furnace Control Corp.
Manufacturers products for state-of-the-art heating treating instrumentation.
Gay Engineering and Sales Co., Inc.
Manufacture of thermocouples, RTD's and accessories. Multi-point and furnace tubeskin temperature measurement.
Hampshire Controls Corp.
Manufacturer of temperature monitors, controls, alarms, data logging systems, motor and air speed controls, and liquid level detection equipment.
Heraeus Sensor Nite
Production of platinum temperature sensors of thin-film technology.
Industrial Process and Sensor
Manufacturer of thermocouples and extension lead wires, thermocouple heads, protection tubes, thermowells and insulators, as well as flow instruments, testing and calibration equipment and accessories.
Industrial Temperature Sensors Ltd.
Manufacturers of temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors along with transmitters.
Insight Systems, Inc.
Provides product design and development services from concept to production, specialize in embedded applications and instrumentation.
Instrulab. Inc.
Manufacture temperature calibrators and measuring instruments.
Instrumentation Systems & Services Ltd
Online sales of temperature controllers and non contact thermometers.
Intech Instruments
Specialist manufacture and distribution of temperature sensors, thermal probes, remote stations, controllers, converters.
Inter Control
Temperature regulators and temperature limiters for the production of household appliances.
Manufacturer of mineral insulated thermocouples, measurement and heating cable for electrical thermometry and instrumentation.
Isothermal Technology
Temperature calibration for thermocouple, RTD and liquid in glass thermometers. From industrial applications to primary standard laboratories.
LAE Electronic Srl
Manufactures temperature, pressure and humidity controllers used in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating industries. From Italy.
Specialist temperature control. Supplies controllers, portable hardness testers, signal conditioners, thermocouples, RTDs.
Microtechnologies Inc.
Temperature monitoring, alarm and control devices.
Mikron Infrared
Manufacturer of non-content temperature measurement equipment, including infrared thermometers and radiometers. Product photos, specifications, and applications notes.
Miller Thermometer Co., Inc.
Stocks specialized thermometers. Ships mostly within 24 hours bimetal, meat, lab, master, floating, dial pocket, glass pocket, oven, refrigerator, freezer, can and bottle washer, vapor actuated, remote reading, hot water hose, nozzle.
MorHeat Inc.
Manufactures temperature controls thermostats, hot runner controls and high limits.
Nagman Group
Manufacture a range of products including IR pyrometers and scanners. Located in India.
Nextron Corporation
An electronic manufacturer of industrial products that relate to monitoring and control of electrical heat tracing in process plants.
Manufactures a range of transmitters, indicators, panel meters, large field displays, signal converters, galvanic isolators and data acquisition systems. Specialist in temperature measuring systems.
Nordic Sensors Industrial, Inc.
Manufactures industrial thermocouples, R.T.D.s and thermistors. Industries served: plastic, metal heat treating, foundries, extrusions, research labs.
Australian suppliers of industrial instrumentation specialising in temperature measurement and control.
Manufacture of process control instruments timer, temperature controller and counter.
Pentronic AB
Manufacturer of thermocouples and pt100 resistance temperature detectors.
Precision Measurements, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes thermocouples, RTD's, thermocouple wire and cable, connectors/terminal strips, thermowells, thermistors, temperature controllers and recorders.
Precon Inc.
Manufactures sensors, probes and controllers for temperature, humidity and gas monitoring. Information about products and capabilities.
PTC Instruments
Manufactures durometers, surface thermometers, data loggers, chart recorders, steel hardness testers and training handcuffs.
Pyromation, Inc.
A manufacture of temperature sensors for process control applications includes thermocouples, RTDs, digital indicators, transmitter and termination heads.
Pyrometer Instrument Company, Inc.
Manufactures portable, online infrared thermometers, optical pyrometers, contact and immersion thermocouple pyrometers and process automation controllers and systems.
Quality Thermistor Inc.
Manufactures through hole and SMD NTC and PTC thermistors, thermistor beads and probes, temperature probes and thermistor probes. Online catalogue, application notes and purchasing.
Manufactures fixed/online, portable, and line-scanning infrared thermometers for industry, utilities, business.
RdF Corporation
Manufacturers bond-on, immersion and thread-in temperature and heat flow sensors.
Instruments for measuring relative humidity, dew point, water activity and temperature in industrial and scientific applications.
Suppliers of particularly utility meters and technical thermometers, barometers, and hygrometers. Czech Republic.
Sensing Devices, Inc.
Manufactures platinum resistant temperature detectors (RTDs) and industrial platinum and transfer standard thermometers. Offers calibration services, and supplies a variety of thin films.
Shiuan Rong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of temperature controller, microprocessor, thermocouple RTD sensor, solid state relay and SCR power regulators.
Southern Temperature Sensors Ltd
Manufacturer of industrial temperature sensors and accessories, components and instrumentation
Calibration, sales and services for optical pyrometers and infrared thermometers
Stroud Instruments Limited
Stroud offers a wide range of process measurement, control and display instrumentation.
Summit Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of NTC thermistor, passive temperature sensor and NTC chip. From Taiwan.
Taiwan DEI Temperature Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufactures micro-computer based temperature controllers for refrigerator, freezer, cold-storage. Air conditioners, fish cultivation, fan coil systems.
Tech Instrumentation
Distributor of temperature instrumentation to many industries including food service, petro chemical, hvac and ratite.
Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company
Manufactures bimetal thermometers and related instruments. Pressure gauges. International sales and support.
Telatemp Corporation
Temperature and humidity solutions for transportation storage and process applications.
Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd
Manufacturers of temperature probes and instrumentation.
Temperature Measurement Systems
Manufactures quality, customized and standard temperature sensors.
Temperature sensing and thermistors manufacturer
A temperature sensing and thermistors manufacturer for automotive, aviation, HVAC, biomedical, military, instrumentation and telecommunication applications.
Temtrol Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Australian thermocouple, RTD and thermowell manufacturer uses fast, automated technology to ensure short lead times.
Termoaparatura Wroclaw
Polish company offers the manufacturer of industrial temperature sensors.
Terwin Instruments Ltd
Makes extrusion pressure transducers for use in plastics, rubber and food processing industries and also transmitters, controllers, signal conditioners, thermocouples temperature controllers.
Thermal Detection Ltd
Manufacturers of industrial temperature sensors for the process and manufacturing.
Thermalogic Corporation.
Manufacturer of custom temperature and process controls and sensors to OEM manufacturers.
Thermo Electric Co., Inc.
Offers products including resistance temperature devices, linear integrated sensor transmitters, as well as a range of workhorse thermocouples. Select from a variety of designs and construction; FM, CSA and Ex thermocouples, RTD industrial assemblies.
Thermo Est
THERMO-EST realises and calibrates in its authorized laboratory, sensors, transmitters, optical pyrometers.
Thermo Sensors Corporation
Manufacturer of thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), and thermowells. Based in Garland, Texas.
Thermo Works, Inc.
A distributor of temperature and pH equipment for food service, industrial, and scientific applications.
Temperature sensing and thermistor manufacture. Thermistors are similar to thermocouples, but are often much different in application.
Thermometrics Corporation
Manufacture of temperature sensors, thermocouples and accessories for industry.
ThermoProbe Inc.
Manufacture portable digital thermometers for rugged field abuse, explosive environments, and specialty applications.
Electronic panel instruments, especially temperature instruments, for industrial applications.
True Temperature Technologies
Manufacture of non-contact temperature measurement for process control and pyrometers to the metal industry and silicon industry.
U.S. Gauge
Pressure and temperature gauges for industrial use. Electronic pressure transducers and transmitters, liquid level instruments, diaphragm seals. Constant force springs and spring powered reels.
Western Electronic Components Corp
Manufacturer of PTC and NTC thermistors. Specializing in custom and design specific thermistors and assemblies.
Unique polymer offers excellent long-term stability as well as being highly resistant to its environment. Offers superior resistance to organic solvents and chlorine vapors.
Manufacturer of infrared temperature measurement devices. Product specifications and infrared tutorial.

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