Business Electronics and Electrical Instrumentation Manufacturers' Representatives
Manufactures Representatives of equipment and services for the instrumentation of industrial processes.
All Island
Specialist supply of tridicators, recorders, pressure and temperature instruments, industrial thermometers, industrial instruments, pressure gauges, pressure gages, temperature instruments, diaphragm, hydraulic pressure gauges.
Amcon Controls
Specialize in temperature controls, energy management, pneumatic controls, building controls, and temperature control systems.
ARCO Engineering, Inc
Distributor of pressure, temperature, and level, gauges and controls, instrument valves, and safety relief valves.
Atlantic Thermal Process Heaters & Controls
Specialist supply of heaters, controls and sensors for process heating applications.
Automation and Metrology, Inc.
Ohio based representative for metrology, measurement, inspection, and other automated equipment manufacturers. Product photos and descriptions grouped by manufacturer.
Birkett Controls
Instrumentation and process control for hazardous and non-hazardous locations, in the food, mining and petroleum industries.
Bledsoe & Associates
Process control and Instrumentation.
Representative and distributor in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. of instrumentation technologies such as ultrasonic, laser, radar and magnetostrictive process control devices.
Buck Sales Inc.
Distributor and manufacturers' representative for weight, level, flow, temperature, and pressure instrumentation.
Carl Poe Company, Inc.
Sales and service of natural gas measurement equipment, distributor for American Meter, calibration and repair services for laboratory test, domestic, commercial gas meters. Manufacture Lo Flo fuel oil meter.
Cato Western, Inc.,
Contractors, distributors, OEMs use these gauges for applications in farming, chemical, marine, scientific industries. A Cato Western site. Wholesale only.
Complete Controls, Inc.
Provides industrial process control systems including machine, temperature and combustion control .
Conval Equipment Ltd.
Supply instrumentation and control products to the Canadian market.
Cyronix Instrumentation And Controls
Representing manufacturers such as Fuji Electric, Dynisco, Barnant and Linear. From Canada.
D & R Controls Company, Inc.
Distributor and sales representative for PLCs, process measurement instruments, pumps, valves, and piping, and pressure and temperature gauges in the New England area. Contact information and links to represented manufacturers.q
D.A.S. Distribution
Supplier of precision dimensional measurement products, and data acquisition systems and automation sensors for the wire, cable, fiber, aerospace and automotive industries.
Delta Instrument LLC
Instrumentation supplier for Fuji, MRU, Union and Procal product lines.
Delta Instrumentation
Manufacturers' representative of flow meters, pH instrumentation, level instruments, pressure instruments, controls, analyzers, electrical products and custom instrument systems. Sells to municipal, electrical, industrial enterprises in the U.S. state of Ohio.
Diversified Measurement and Control
Process control manufacturer's representative serving the (U.S.) New England area. Carries many top brands for controllers, recorders, sensors, systems.
The Eads Company
Representative for ERDCO Engineering Corporation: rugged instruments are specified for the measurement of utility liquids, gases and steam.
Eastex Instruments
Distributors for industrial instrumentation for Robertshaw, Rosemount, Foxboro, Ashcroft, Acragage,Barton, Dwyer, 3-D, Moore and Barber Colman.
Ellison Industrial Controls
Distributor and manufacturers representative for the automation and process control industry. Product range includes equipment for sensing, measuring and controlling most industrial processes.
Enertec Electrical Controls
Electronic controls for generator sets, process control and SCADA systems.
Manufacturers' representatives for test and measurement equipment.
F W Murphy
Distributors of pressure, temperature, and fluid level gauges and maintainers; control modules and panels for power generation, pumping and irrigation, oil and gas production.
Flow Line Options Corp.
Supplies flow meters, level instruments, pH analyzers, chart recorders, transmitters, gas detection, process instrumentation.
Flow Media, Inc.
Manufacturers' representative that specializes in flow and level measurement, process control and instrumentation.
Flowline Manufacturing Ltd
Supplies flowmeters and measurement solutions for industries including ultrasonic, open channel and mass flow.
Fox & Dole Technical Sales, Inc
Manufacturers' representative for flow, pressure, temperature, level, water quality, gas analysis, specialty measurement, and data acquisition equipment.
Franklyn W. Kirk Company
Manufacturers' representative for process control instrumentation.
Furrow Pump, Inc
Supplies chemical pumps and controls, and related water and wastewater equipment.
H & D Engineering Corp.
Distributes a complete line of photoelectric and special-purpose sensors .
Hawco Group
Instrumentation for temperature, pressure, measurement and control.
I & C Sales North, Inc.
Manufacturers representative and distributor handling basic measurement transducers with associated readouts and interface electronics.
Industrial Automation
Sells pressure gauges, pressure transducers, air regulators, valves and fittings.
Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltd
Distributors of industrial pH, ORP, ISE, DO sensors for tough applications and specialising in infrared cameras and gas detection systems.
Industrial Products Corporation
On site analysis of hazardous control needs.
Industrial Technical Services
Single source for instrumentation, automation products and services.
Distributor of Process Controls and Instrumentation, Test and Measurement Equipment, and Information Management Systems.
Instrotech ltd
Distributor of process control and instrumentation equipment in South Africa.
Instrumentation And Controls
Instrumentation and process control equipment.
Integrated Controls, Inc.
Representing manufacturers of instrumentation for process monitoring and control.
Intermountain Environmental Inc
Distributor of instrumentation products to assist organizations in monitoring, measuring, and recording environmental events and parameters.
Iprocess Smart
Industrial process temperature, pressure, humidity, level, flow controls, sensors and plant equipment.
Istec Corp.
BTU meters for heating and cooling, flowmeters radiator valves, temperature controllers for hot water and steam heating systems with sequencers and mixing valves.
Itin Scale Co., Inc.
Wholesalers of force gauges, test stands, torque gauges and force measurement grips and accessories from Chatillon Ametek and Imada.
Ives Equipment, Inc
Manufacturers' representative and stocking distributor of industrial instrumentation and process control equipment.
J. R. Willey Company, Inc.
Manufactures representative for liquid and air filters, temperature controls, electric heaters, porous plastics.
Katy Instruments Sales
Sells precision, custom A.C. current sensors.
Keison Products
Process control hardware, instrumentation, laboratory equipment, machinery and materials.
Kelvin Technologies Inc.
Industrial heaters, sensors, SCRs, power controllers, temperature controllers, control panels, power harness assembly.
Kodiak Controls
Manufacturer's representative of pressure and temperature gauges, transducers, RTDs, valves, tube fittings, switches, positioners, digital gauges.
Kopplin Controls
Distributors of sensors, electrical and pneumatic components as well as safety equipment.
Liquid Systems, Inc.
A shaw moisture meter factory authorized USA distributor.
MacGuire and Crawford, Inc.
Manufacturers' representatives in the process industries located in the Carolinas and Tennessee, USA.
Measurement Solutions
Supplier of instrumentation for pressure, level, flow, temperature, load, force, tilt, angle, proximity and position. Serving Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas.
Medagri Ltd
Industrial instruments and process controls. Pumps , valves,penstocks, pressure, temperature, flowmeters, and leak detection.
Miners & Pisani, Inc.
Measurements and control systems for natural gas, propane and water. Manufacturer's distributor.
Mountain Controls, Inc.
Distributor of pressure gauges, thermometers, process controllers, and valve actuators which can be mounted to ball, butterfly and other valves.
Northeast Pump & Instrument Co.
Specialist design, sale, installation, repair of chemical feed equipment, systems and instrumentation for the water treatment industry.
Pond Technical Sales
Manufacturers representative sells instrumentation and controls, specialty valving, air dryers, filtration, process equipment.
Pro-Tech Solutions
A manufacturers representative for instrumentation specializing in pressure, temperature, flow, level and analytical monitoring and control applications.
Process and Machinery Controls Corp.
Buys and sells range of used process control equipment.
Process Dynamics Inc
Manufacturers representative for a variety of process monitoring, analysis and control instrumentation.
Promac Inc
A manufacturer's representative and distributor of heat tracing, process instrumentation and testing and calibration equipment.
Proquip Instrumentation
Distributor and manufacturers' representative for instrumentation, calibration, controls, valves and service for the process industries.
ProTech Sales, Inc.
Manufacturing representative and distributor of industrial products. Products include instrumentation, flow measurement, level indication, and valve automation for the process industry.
R. P. Giese and Associates
Distributor of Acu-Rite, Anilam, DRC, Futaba, Mitutoyo, Newall and Sony.
S.C. Controls, Inc.
Manufacturer's representative supplies meters for all types of applications - air, gas, steam, liquids.
Schoonover, Inc.
Represents manufacturers of high vacuum equipment, high temperature furnaces, and liquid filtration equipment in the Southeast USA.
Online links to several manufacturers of sensors and data measurement equipment.
Distributor of pressure transducers, barometric sensors, dc/dc converters and signal conditioning ics for piezoresistive and capacitive signals.
Shelby Jones
Distributes instrumentation for over 40 years.
Southwestern Measurement Systems
Buy and sell new and surplus flow meters, flow conditioners, and instruments as well as hard to find replacement parts and specialty tools.
Statesville Process Instruments
Manufacturer's representative and distributor offering a full line of process, control, pressure, and temperature instrumentation.
Strategic Test
Distributor of intelligent data acquisition boards and compatible software for real-time measurement and control under Windows.
Tamo Ltd
Supplier of a full range of flow, pressure and temp instrumentation and control valves and offer a full bespoke instrumentation service. From uk.
Tate Engineering Systems, Inc.
Provides design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of customized systems utilizing product lines which includes boilers, pumps, compressors, filters, instrument and petroleum equipment.
Technel Engineering
Products include calibrators, data acquisition, deadweight, digital thermometers, linear transducers, meteorological, pneumatic, pressure controllers, pressure gauges, pressure scanners, pressure transducers, position transducers, rotary transducers and water level.
Telonic Instruments Ltd. UK
Distributor, stockist and repairer of electronic measuring instruments manufactured by international companies.
Supplies process and industrial controls including pressure, temperature, flow and level switches. Flow meters, level measurement, non return valves and pinch valves.
Thermal Equipment Sales Company
Pressure transmitter, transducers, switches, gauges. Gefran, ISI, Dywer Major and Cemco.
Topac Inc.
Distributor of a broad range of scientific, industrial and process control instrumentation
Transducers Direct
Offers transducer products for a wide range of industrial applications via the Internet.
Transtronics, Inc.
Offers PLCs, process control panel meters, EPROM programmers, RAM testers, AC current sensors, and other electronic products.
Upsco Inc.
Supplies prefabricated meter sets to all utility industries.
Vanko Analytics Limited
Manufactures Representatives of process and analytical instrumentation offering a full range of services including systems integration, design, project commissioning, training, repair, and sales.
Veronics, Inc.
Distributor of industrial and process instrumentation including flowmeters, as well as moisture, wastewater, and gas analyzers.
Vespo Marketing Inc.
Supplier of a broad range of Industrial Temperature Control Instrumentation.
Vydas International Marketing
Supplies specialist sensors, transducers and instruments for industry. A manufacturers' agent and distributor.
W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.
Manufacturers representative for instrumentation and related products including temperature, humidity, flow, ph, level and process controls and sensors.
Specialises in a range of process control instrumentation and calibration equipment. From Australia.
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