Detection of flow and analysis of flow.
Adaptive Wireless Solutions, Ltd
Design, development and manufacture of wireless sensing systems and related software for process monitoring applications in industrial and commercial environments. Detailed product catalogs, providing technical information. Application notes and FAQ. Library of white papers. Glossary of terms. Links to related sites.
Arizona Hydrogen
Gas generator produces a 3500F-to-6000F safe, clean, controllable flame. Used in dental labs, investment casting, orthodontics, soldering, brazing, other applications.
Arkon Flow Systems
Manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeters, sight flow indicators, flowmeters, and flow measurement and control devices including flumes, magmeters, pH meters and water samplers.
Cambridge Sensotec Limited.
Manufacturers of precision zirconia-based oxygen sensors and analyzers covering the range 10e-17ppm to 100% oxygen.
CI Analytics
Reliable and fast, chromatographic analysis in manufacturing of nitrogen, sulfur, arsine; applies instrumentation for laboratory and process.
Cincinnati Test Systems
Designs and manufactures leak detection instruments and test systems including pressure decay, mass flow and helium mass spectrometer detection technology.
CMR Controls
Precision air pressure monitoring instrumentation. Manufactures low-pressure and air-flow measurement and control systems.
Cogiscan inc.
Use IC-scan to track and control moisture sensitive devices (MSD) in a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly plant.
Custom Sensors & Technology
Supplies routine laboratory and process photometric and oxygen measurement equipment and systems to process industries including chemical, petro-chemical, refining, multi-product pipelines, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, plating, pulp and paper. Online product specifications and photographs.
Dart Sensors Ltd
Manufactures chemical sensors, specialists in the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide, alcohols and acetone.
DEA Engineering Company
Manufacture a positive displacement microflowmeter capable of measuring low flow rates. Includes full installation instructions.
Manufacturer of clamp on flow measurement devices using transit time and Doppler instrumentation and ultrasonic flow sensors and electronics.
Electron Machine Corp
Manufacturer of refractometers, polarimeters, solids analyzers, density analyzers, density transmitters, solids transmitters and process analyzers.
Endress + Hauser
Develops, manufactures and sells sensors, transmitters and systems, which extract information from manufacturing procedures in the processing industry and prepare it for use by process control systems.
Flexim GmbH
Manufactures and sells ultrasonic flowmeters and analyzers.
Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co., Inc
Supplies and supports automatic controllers, chlorinators, analyzers, chemical feed pumps, gas detectors, process control
Furness Controls
Supplies differential pressure, airflow, gasflow and leak detection / leak test instruments for use quality control and process control applications
Glyn Instruments Lab
Petrol measure tool instrument to record and correct petrol pumps error. Increase to gas station forcourt margins of 20 to 30% on average. Enhance stock reconciliation, identify losses.
Heimann Sensor
A manufacturer of low cost, high performance thermopiles for ear-thermometer, gas-detection (absorption), measurement in micro-wave ovens, laserprinters.
Innovative Sensor Solutions Ltd.
Develops electronics sensing products for the oil and gas industry including wireless tank overfill gauges and fiberoptic pipeline interface detection. Includes PDF and PowerPoint presentations and data sheets.
JCT Consulting & Trading GmbH
Supplies and manufactures gas conditioning systems, gas analysers, gas analyser systems, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and zero air gas generator for industrial and laboratory applications.
Machine Application Corporation
Manufactures high temperature (up to 2000 deg f) humidity and dew point analyzers, as well as steam flow meters and transmitters.
MFE Enterprises Inc.
Manufactures magnetic flux leakage tank inspection equipment.
Midstream Instrumentation
Suppliers of variety flow meters, level measurements and chemical dosing pumps for general purpose and heavy industrial applications. Representing Tecfluid, Kytola, Meister, Mac3 and Seko.
MKS Technology
Design and manufacture of component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), analytical equipment, and process RGAs.
New England Photoconductor Corp.
Specializing in Lead Sulfide and Lead Selenide detectors, linear and focal plane arrays for applications in imaging, spectroscopy, environmental, process control, medical and aerospace industries.
Nova Analytical Systems Inc
Manufacturer of gas analysis equipment for industries such as steelmaking, power, heat treating, flue gas, agriculture, process, chemical and personnel safety.
Pranalytica Ammonia Gas Sensors
Ammonia gas sensors for medical and industrial applications with <5 ppb sensitivity in portable configuration.
Prime Water Limited
On-line nitrate monitors for the food, drink and water industries.
Procon Systems Inc.
Distributor of industrial instrumentation used by the process industries for analysis, detection, measurement, and control.
ProSys Sampling Systems Ltd.
Sampling of liquids, powders and gases in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Designs aim to allow accurate and representative sampling within a contained, safe environment.
Servomex Group Limited
Products and services include analysers, transducers, and systems.
Develops, manufactures and sells leak detection systems for double skinned tanks and pipes
Manufactures laboratory and on line chemical analyzers for water quality monitoring, process control, wine, sugar and beverage automatic measurements
Systech Illinois
Manufactures on-line, portable, and laboratory gas analysis equipment for process industries and gas flushing applications. From UK.
T.M. Electronics
Manufactures leak detectors, flow testers, package seal strength and integrity testing equipment.
TAC Technical Instrument Corp
Manufactures ultrasonic inspection systems for pipes, tubing and bar stock. TACTIC also supplies qualified and certified inspection services.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments
Manufacturer of gas and liquid analyzers, sensors and monitors for industrial, OEM and medical applications to analyze oxygen, carbon dioxide, combustion, hydrocarbon, hydrogen and moisture.
Thermal Gas Systems, Inc.
Haloguard? refrigerant monitors sales and service.
Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH
Calibration systems for gas analysers and sensors, quality assurance for gas analyser, data acquisition system for immission and emission measurement.
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