Flow measurement devices are used in industrial processes.

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Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc.
Manufactures flow measurement and control instrumentation for gases and liquids
Advanced Metering Systems (2000) Ltd
Provides tiny flow control systems and pumps for process control, batch, and ratio flow control suitable for corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. [English and Hebrew]
Alicat Scientific Inc
Manufacturer of analog and digital pressure and flow instrumentation used in process control applications for laboratory and industry.
Corrosion-resistant plastic vortex flow meters. Manufacturer.
ASL AQFlow Inc.
Flow meters for low head dam flow measurement, spillway discharge measurement, flow monitoring, hydroelectric industry.
Autoflow Products Co.
Manufacturer of gas and liquid flow switches and sample system steam select valves.
AW Company
Manufactures flow meters, flow monitors, flow computers and customized flow control products. Positive displacement and turbine flow meters, flow monitors, two-component ratio monitors and state-of-the-art closed-loop controllers, fiber-optic sensors, on-line optical sensors.
Water treatment industry products including universal venturi tubes, flow controller and measurement tools. Also, information on sealed metering and rate of flow. An SPX company.
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.
Manufacturers massflow and pressure meters and controllers for gas and liquid fluids.
Central Station Steam Co.
Condensate, vortex and ultrasonic meters for the measurement of condensate, steam, hot and chilled water.
COX Instrument
Manufacture of flowmeters and accessories.
Offers technical support for ultrasonic flow measurement. Provides the means to develop an ultrasonic flow meter using technology based on the sing-around method, which is a further development of the transit-time method. The concept is realized in an integrated circuit and ultrasonic transducers.
Manufacturer of flowmeters for measuring small amounts of liquids.
Manufacturer of clamp on ultrasonic flow meters and open channel flowmeters.
ERDCO Engineering Corporation
Manufacturer of industrial/utility flow meters, indicators and switches for water, air, oil, steam, and sve.
F S Brainard
Manufactures portable instrumentation under the brand name, Meter-Master, including flow recorders, pressure recorders, data loggers, flow monitors, data collection and analysis software.
Fathom Technology
Manufacturer of thermal gas flow measurement and control instrumentation in Texas. Includes pricing and specifications.
Flomotion Systems
Provides advanced magnetic flowmeters and unique pumping solutions for the food and water industries.
Flow Technology
Turbine flow meters and custom designed flow measurement systems for users in the automotive, aerospace/defense, process/manufacturing and metrology industries.
Flowell Corporation
A manufacturing company of flow elements.
FlowHIRE Limited
Flowhire is a unique hire company specialising in the hire of flowmeters and flowmetering systems in the UK.
Flowhow Oy
Manufactures flow measurement equipment including orifice plates, nozzles, venturis, venturi nozzles, others.
FMC Measurement Solutions
Manufacturer of the brand Smith Meter offering a range of current technologies for liquid and gas measurement and control applications.
Franklen Equipment
Offers flow measurement solutions for the chemical, petroleum, and food industries.
Harwil Corporation
Manufacturer of fluid flow and liquid level switches, level controls and shut down controls.
Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc
A manufacturer of turbine flowmeters and electronic measuring devices.
Imperial Flange & Fitting Company, Inc.
Manufactures custom flow elements including orifice plates and flanges, flow tubes and nozzles, venturi and pitot tubes, thermowells, thermocouples, RTDs, grounding rings, meter runs, and spool pieces.
InFlow Inc.
Manufacturer of standard and specialty flow instrumentation (low flow, and/or high accuracy) and controls.
Ion Science
Manufacturer of gas leak detection, pressure leak detectors and hand held portable equipment for industrial production lines, medical devices, gas filled containers and automotive applications.
Katronic Technologies Ltd.
Manufacture of ultrasonic flow measurement.
Key Instruments
Offers flowmeters, optical flow alarms and controllers, for medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications.
Variable area, magnetic-inductive, ultrasonic, mass flowmeters; level measuring instruments; flow controllers. Manufacturer, global supplier.
Kurz Instruments
Manufactures thermal mass flow meters for industrial gases, combustion air, flue gases and other applications. Also, Mass flow control valves, inline elements, transmitters.
Laboratory Control Systems Incorporated
Manufactures a line of air flow control and measuring equipment for laboratory, health care and industrial environments.
Lambda Square Inc.
Differential pressure flowmeters feature single-piece construction, no moving parts, trouble-free performance.
Litre Meter
Manufacture of products for the measurement and control of fluid flow including a variety of flowmeters.
M+W Instruments
Manufacture of thermal mass flow meter and controllers.
Marsh-McBirney, Inc.
Manufacturer of water and wastewater flowmeters.
Manufacture of mass flow controllers and advanced material delivery products.
Max Machinery, Inc
Manufactures positive displacement flow meters and fuel systems for low flow rates.
McMillan Company
Manufactures liquid and gas flow sensors, meters, and controllers. Specializing in Teflon liquid flow sensors and controllers for CMP, UHP.
Micronics Ltd.
Manufacture ultrasonic, Doppler, electromagnetic flow meters and energy meters.
Milton Roy Company
Manufactures water and wastewater treatment products for municipal and industrial markets including leak detectors and metering, plunger, gear, rotary pumps.
MPB flowmeters
Variable area flowmeters, flow and level switches, calibration cylinders, flow alarms, flow transmitters, sight glasses, specialist gas flowmeters.
MSR Magmeter
Manufacturer of magnetic flowmeter for water and water-based liquids in pipes from 3" to 120" diameter.
Nixon Flowmeters Ltd
Manufacturers of industrial and hygienic turbine flowmeters and streamflo velocity meters.
PKP Prozessmesstechnik GmbH
Manufacturer of measuring and monitoring equipment for flow and level as well as the necessary secondary instrumentation and accessories. From Germany.
Precision Proving Ltd.
Offers on-site proving and calibration of custody transfer and sales meters. Repairs to most types and makes of meter.
Manufacturers flow transmitters, fieldbus based controllers and I/O modules and SCADA software.
Process Control Instrument
Manufacturing of flowmeter, rotameter, manometer, level indicators, level switches, orifice plate and assembly. From India.
Manufacturing hygienic and magnetic flowmeters and systems for measuring liquids in the food and beverage industry. From Sweden.
Proteus Industries
Manufacturers flow switches and flow meters for industrial cooling systems and WeldSavers for cap off detection on robotic welders.
Innovative solutions for UHP gas systems: mass flow controller, high purity valve, gas systems. From France.
Rapidcharge Frigofrance s.a.s.
Manufactures automatically controlled equipment which ensures circuit testing and filling with various types of fluids, for the automobile industry.
Ritter Apparatebau GmbH
Manufactures high precision gas meters for laboratory use made out of various superior plastics.
Rockwin Flowmeters
Indian company produces turbine flowmeters for applications in industrial and custody transfer industries; sizes from 5 mm to 400 mm.
RS Hydro
UK consultants providing flow measurement expertise, flow meters, level sensors and water quality monitoring equipment for industrial and environmental applications.
Sage Metering Inc.
Manufacture of equipment to monitoring, measuring and control gas mass flow in industrial processes.
Schenck AccuRate
Provides bulk solids metering products and solutions for domestic and international powder bulk solids industries and creator of the flexible walled volumetric feeder.
SeaMetrics, Inc.
Makes simple, economical flow sensors and controls.
Offers smart meters, communication systems, software and services for the electric, gas, and water industries.
Sierra Instruments
Manufacture of Mass flow metering equipment.
SIMA servis s.r.o.
Measurement and control design, installation. Also, manufactures induction flow meters and calorie counters.
Superior Products, Inc.
Manufactures orifice plates and other flow measurement differential devices.
Thompson Equipment Company
Repairs and rebuilds magnetic flowmeters. Also, replacement and reconditioning of liners and electrodes.
Total Control Systems
Manufactures piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters, for use in the petroleum, chemical, industrial, food processing, agricultural industries.
Online fluid sensors, analyzers and dosing systems.
United Sensor Corporation
Offers a wide variety of temperature and pressure sensing probes.
Offers compact digital mass flow meters, digital gas meters and oem mass flow sensors.
Manufacturers flow measurement equipment used in process control, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, ink, hydraulic automotive industries.
Vögtlin Instruments AG
Manufacturer of thermal mass meters and controllers (MFC) for gases, and variable area flowmeters for liquids and gases.
Water Specialties
Manufacturer of flow measurement technology, including electromagnetic flow meters and electronic propellers and water meters
Wyatt Engineering LLC
Manufactures differential flow measurement and control products, including venturi meters, orifice plates and meter runs, and flow nozzles.

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