ACT Components, Inc.
Supplier of custom and standard keyboards, rubber keypads, membrane switches, touchscreens and LCD elastomeric connectors and bezels.
CAM Graphics Co, Inc.
Manufacturer of membrane switches, graphic overlays and touch screens. Online specifications and application notes available for download. [MS Word]
Cherry Americas, LLC
Manufacturer of standard, custom and specialty keyboards.
Chung-Ting Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of advanced silicon conductive rubber keyboards, membrane switches and plastic keyboards.
Clik Dome Systems
Manufacturer of tactile or snap metal clik domes for membrane and pcb applications.
Codeguard Security
Manufacturer of scrambling security keypads for access control.
Comfort Keyboard Systems (CKS)
Provides ergonomic products for pain relief and accessibility. Keyboard models are designed to aid with carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and posture adjustment.
Costar Electronics Inc.,
Manufacturing a series of keyboards and keypads.
Manufacturer of membrane switches, keyboards and panels, resistive touch screens, electroluminescent lamps, enclosures, nameplates, labels and decals.
Douglas Corporation.
Manufactures product graphics, membrane switches and graphic overlays for the O.E.M. marketplace.
Dyna-Graphics Corporation
Manufacturer of electronic membrane switches, circuit board assemblies and graphic panel overlays, labels and decals.
Eastprint Inc.
Manufacturer of custom membrane switch and rubber keypad assemblies. Online product specifications, capabilities and design sheets.
Electrotechnological Company QWERTY Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of membrane keyboards and switches, front panels and labels. Product specifications and price list, in English and Polish.
GGI International
Manufacturer of membrane keyboards, graphic overlays and related products.
Gunze Electronics USA Corp.
Manufacturer of transparent touch panels and electroluminescent keypads. Online store.
Hallmark Nameplate, Inc.
Supplier of membrane switches, nameplates and graphic overlays.
Ichia Technologie, Ltd.
Manufacturer of keypads, housings, and related components.
Intraaction Co.
Manufacturer of PCB and flexible membrane switches. Gujarat, India.
Jayco Panels
Manufactures membrane switches, keyboards and keypads, touch screens, and complete control panel assemblies. Online product specifications, capability statements and design tips.
Laube Technology
Distributor of silicone rubber keypads, injection molded plastic, pcb's with components, membrane switches, die cast keyboard assemblies.
Leveringhaus GmbH Co. KG
Specialist producer of tactile keyboards.
Markit Graphics
Manufactures man machine interfaces including membrane switches, RFI screening, backlighting and in-mould decoration. Online industry news, product and service capability statements and RFQ.
Melrose Nameplate and Label Company
Manufacturer of custom membrane switches, graphic overlays, metal nameplates, labels and decals, including screenprinting, etching, photo-anodizing, and digital printing.
Memtron Technologies, Inc.
Manufacture of custom membrane switches.
Memtronik Innovations Inc.
A Canadian manufacturer of membrane switches, keypads, graphic overlays and electroluminescents.
Nelson-Miller, Inc.
Manufacturer of nameplates, membrane switches, and silicone rubber keypads. Product information, company profile, award list, and quote form.
Northpoint Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturing flex-circuit, keypads, silicone switches and touchscreen solutions.
Odorfer And Associates Corp.
Manufacturer and distributor of metal domes for keypads, and membrane switches.
Online Graphics & Finishing Inc.
Manufacturer of membrane switches, graphic overlays, and labels.
Peratech, Ltd
UK. Development and manufacture of quantum tunnelling composites (QTC) from metal-filled polymers, used as components for switching and sensing applications in cables, coatings, membranes, tools and electronic textiles. Technical data sheets on PDF files.
RTI ScreenKeys Division
Manufactures programmable keyswitches and displays with integrated liquid crystal displays and multi-color backlighting.
Scrint Technology
Manufacturer of membrane switches, keypad overlays, flexible circuits, and specialty printing.
Ta Yang Silicones Group
Manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads, membranes, polydomes, compounds, PC-Film, Plastic Key Trees.
Tech-Wave Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of SMD PCB membrane switches, LCD panels, EL lamp, flexible printing circuit and touch panels.
Technical Supplies, Inc.
Manufacturer of a variety of parts such as keypads, membrane switches, flexible and multi-layer PCBs, double injection keytops. Also, completed commodity items and OEM and ODM services.
Technology Trends International Ltd.
Manufacturer of precision plastic molds, precision rubber molds and components, high-end keypads for cellular phone and pda application and liquid crystal display for the automotive, computer, domestic appliances, electronic, industrial and telecommunication industries.
Technomark Inc.
Manufacturers of custom membrane switches and graphic overlays.
Touch Panel Products
Manufacturers of custom made membrane keypads, overlays and fascias.
Wanjiale Electronic Membrane Switch Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronic membrane switches. From Chiana.
Yi Yi Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of membrane switch, flexible PCB.

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