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Aesys SpA
Manufacturers of LED information displays for public transportation, traffic management and advertisement. Headquarter in Italy.
Amtex Electronics
Manufacturer of LCD passive displays, VGA / PAL display kits, electro luminescent displays and LCD monitors.
Anders Electronics
Manufacturer and value added distributor of alphanumeric, monochrome, colour, TFT, and electronic plastic displays, driver boards, and meters.
Benson Int'l Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of full-color LED display and videowall with the virtual dynamic-pixel (VDP) technology for indoor and outdoor use, moving message LED panel board, and LED lighting OEM units and products.
Suppliers of LCD panel and display products and services. Headquartered in New Delhi, India.
Data Display
Manufacturer of electronic displays with applications in railway, passenger terminals, cinemas, reception displays and industrial.
Data Image LCDs
Manufacturer of monochrome alphanumeric and graphic liquid crystal displays.
Densitron Technologies
Designer and manufacturer of information display systems such as TFTs, OLEDs, alphanumeric and graphic LCDs and touch screens.
Densitron Technologies Plc
Producer of LCD, Plasma and LED displays. Also offers industrial computers, Microwave products and Internet Services
Digital Display Systems
Manufactures electronic digital devices such as digital clocks, alarms, timers, counters, and custom LED displays, PC connectible and addressable displays.
Electrobrain Enterprises
Manufacturer of standard and custom electronic display boards such as currency exchange rate boards, count down timers, and moving message boards.
Endicott Research Group Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets open frame, encapsulated and high power supplies for the information display market. Online catalogue and PDF data sheets available for download.
Evoluce AG
Manufacturer and developer of a multi-touch LCD hardware and software solution. Germany.
Fulcom (Marshal) Co., Ltd
Manufacturers LED display, video walls, 3 dimensional signs, optical fiber signs and electroluminescent lamps.
Hantronix, Inc
Manufacturer of character and graphic displays, TFT analog and notebook displays.
Hebei Jiya Electronics Co., Ltd.
Produces TN, STN, FSTN LCD and assemble COG, TAB, COB, SMT modules.
Inwood Industries CO., LTD.
Manufacturer of LED display panels.
JCT Electronics Limited
Producer of colour picture tubes (CPT), including 14 inch, 20 inch and 21 inch versions.
Kent Displays Incorporated
Manufacturer of cholesteric liquid crystal display (ChLCD) signage for indoor and outdoor use. Includes information about the technology.
LC LED Corporation
Manufacturer of LED components for LED displays, LED lamps, IR sensor components, photodiodes, phototransistors and other white lighting solutions.
Mark Products
Distributes Nan Ya Plastics LCD products, including character, graphics and custom LCD modules.
Microframe Corporation
Led display products viewable up to 125 feet, includes countdown timers, wired and wireless visual-pagers, mini-displays, take-a-number systems and computer-controlled displays.
Newhaven Display International
Supplier and manufacturer of OLED, LCD and VFD technology including standard or custom displays and development tools for any industry.
Nowon Co. Ltd
Suppliers of customer pole display (vacuum fluorescent display type) to the Korean domestic market.
Electronics R&D, and manufacturing company based in india, currently involved in the fields of displays and GPS systems.
Reach Technology, Inc.
Offers LCD controller boards, display modules, and complete enclosed LCD units. Company profile, products, sales and support. Located in California, USA.
Spectra Displays Ltd.
Supplier of LED signs and displays for indoor and outdoor use.
Starpanel Technologies Inc.
Manufactures ruggedized flat panel display monitors and touch screens for commercial, industrial, military and custom applications. Online product specifications, pricing and PDF data sheets available for download.
Stop and Listen Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of digital audio electronic hardware for the display and exhibit industries.
system elektronik GmbH
Manufacturer of TFT and LCD displays and components. In English and German.
Teledac Inc.
Manufacturer of message generators and video billboards for digital signage, employee communication, corporate tv networks, public buildings and cable tv.
Touch Systems Corporation
Manufacture, and distribute integrated displays, all-in-one touch computers and peripherals.
Varitronix International Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of standard and custom LCDs for a broad range of markets.
VisionTek Systems Ltd.
Manufacturer of specialist optical coatings, filters and materials for visual enhancement, protection and electromagnetic screening of electronic displays. Based in UK.

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