This category will list companies that manufacture, distribute, integrate and support thermoelectric applications.
Russian producer of thermoelectric cooling modules.
Backer Marathon
Custom designed and manufactured industrial cartridge heaters, silicone rubber heaters, nozzle and air heaters. Manufacturing in USA with joint venture in India.
Elmec Speciality Heaters
Indian manufacturer of cartridge and coil heaters
Entech floor heater panels
Electically heated floor panel manufacturer located in Italy. Modular system to assemble to suit floor size, in varying surfaces and finishes.
Heat Sinks for industry
Chinese manufacturer of metal heat sinks for industrial applications
HiCOOL Electronics Corp.
Manufacture of thermoelectric coolers, heat sinks and sub-assemblies, located in China.
Home Infrared heaters
Distributor in USA of portable infrared heaters for homes, plus Air and Water Purifiers..
HTRD - Heat Transfer Research and Development
Supply heat sinks, switching power supplies, thermoelectric modules and heat pumps.
Krieger Therm GmbH
Infrared heaters & floor heating systems for Switzerland - site in German, no translations.
Manufacturer, design and market of thermoelectric modules and related cooling subsystems.
Kryotherm ThermoElectric Modules
Manufacturer of Peltier effect thermoelectric cooling devices. Applications include Telecoms, Industrial, Consumer, Military and Space.
Marlow Industries, Inc.
Manufacture and design thermoelectric materials, coolers, and assemblies. Headquarters in Dallas, TX, USA.
Northeast Flex Heaters, Inc.
Manufacturer and custom designer of flexible and transparent heaters.
Peltier Device Directory
Listings of manufacturers of peltier devices and thermoelectric modules, plus sources for further technical information. Sponsored by banner ads from some participants.
Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturers of thermoelectric generators and other energy harvesting devices used in wireless sensors and radio frequency transmitters.
Pfannenberg Thermal Management for Electrical Enclosures
USA location of German Manufacturer of Cooling and Heating Products used in Electrical Enclosures and cabinets
QTA Company
Printed circuit board heatsink manufacturing and lamination. Experience working with military prime contractors, in compliance with MIL-I-45208.
Silicone Rubber Heater
Various sizes and configurations of silicone pad heaters manufactured under licence from a Japanese Company.
Sokoltherm Deutschland
German Post Weld Heat Treatment products
TE Technology, Inc.
Design and manufacture of thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling assemblies, modules and test equipment.
Thermix Ltd.
Manufacture in Ukraine of thermoelectric Peltier micro coolers for optoelectronics and photonics. Site also in Russian.
Offers Peltier thermoelectric cooling products, modules, assemblies and accessories.
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