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Aavid Thermal Technologies
Manufacturer of thermal management devices including heatsinks and heat pipes.
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT)
Developer and manufacturer of heat pipes, pumped liquid loops, and thermal storage devices. Technical papers and fact sheets available for download.
Advanced Thermal Solutions
Engineering services and product development for thermal management and electronics cooling: includes product information; online Questions and Answers; and sales representative contact information.
Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd
Designs and manufactures air conditioning products. USA based parent Corporation with manufacturing also in South Africa, UK and China.
Alpha Novatech
Manufacturer of precise cold forged parts used as high performance heatsinks. Online catalog and shopping offering: pin fin, elliptical fins, high aspect ratio and thin fin heat sinks. USA and Japan main offices.
Alpine Heating & Cooling
Installation and maintenance of home air conditioning and heating equipment in Newhaven CT USA.
Ametherm, Inc.
Manufacturer of NTC thermistors and inrush current limiters. Includes summary page of the organisation's US and International distributors.
AOS Thermal Compounds
Manufacture thermal interface materials; non-silicone and silicone thermal greases, heat sink compounds and high temperature thermal grease.
Arctic Silver Inc
Manufacturer of thermally conductive compounds and adhesives
Avatar Instruments
Manufacturer of solid state power and temperature controls for industrial electric heaters.
Product conformity assessment, including verification, quality assurance and certification under the ATEX Directive, IECEx standards and DSEAR. Provide training courses. Subsidiary of SGS
Birk Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of Kapton, wire wound and etched foil heaters, with design services for custom applications.
Bomac Electric Limited
Specialty manufacturer of heating elements and electrical assemblies.
Bosari Thermal Management Co
Design, development and production of cooling systems for medium and high power electronic components. Located in Italy.
Btech Corp.
Produces an Advanced Thermal Transfer Adhesive (ATTA) product include die attach, heat pipe attachment, laser diode assembly, heat fin attachment, thermal vias and copper slug replacement.
Caliente, LLC
Manufacturer of thick film heating elements for component protection.
Canadian Thermostats and Control Devices Ltd.
Supplying bi-metal and thermal sensor products for embedded equipment protection.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
Development and manufacture of industrial heating and filtration products, including various trademark brands. HQ in Alberta, Canada.
Chhaperia Electro Components India
Manufacturer of mica infrared and tubular electrical heating elements located in Bangalore India
Chromalox heat and control systems
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial electric heat and control products, including heating components, immersion heaters, circulation and heat transfer systems, boilers, industrial and comfort air heating, heat-trace cables, sensors and electronic controls.
Chwen-Der Electric & Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of thermostats.
Cold Air Products
Portable air conditioning spot coolers. Products are perfect for cooling computer server rooms. Available as rentals or for purchase.
Creda Nobo Heating
Manufacturers of energy efficient electric space heating solutions for domestic and commercial applications
D6 Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of thermal management products for cooling power semiconductors. Including thermal compounds, heatsink grease, insulators, extrusions, bonded fin heatsinks and liquid cold plates.
Dantherm HMS
Manufacturer of climate control systems
Degree Controls Inc.
Providing intelligent cooling solutions for the heat generated by the densely packed electronics used in telecom, computer and medical applications.
Delta T
Designs and builds custom electric heating and temperature control systems for Industry. Supplies component heaters, sensors and controls.
Durex Industries
Manufacturer of electric heaters and temperature sensors for plastics, packaging, medical, semiconductor processing, industrial and military technology.
E-Trade Counter
electrical distributor with on-line shop.
El:Ar Group
Provides sales and marketing, distribution and export services in Asia.
Electric Bathroom Heaters
Distributors of electric heaters for bathrooms, including wall, ceiling, kickspace, floor and baseboard Heaters.
Elmec Heaters and Controllers
India-based company describes its range of industrial heating elements.
Enertron Inc.
A custom designer and manufacturer of thermal management solutions, including all types of heat sinks, integrated heat pipes and thermoelectric coolers.
Entherm Process Heating & Control
Distribution from Bloomington MN of industrial heaters and systems from various manufacturers
Galvatek , France
Manufacturer of Teflon-insulated industrial immersion heaters and associated products. Site in English and French.
Global Trace Heating Ltd
Supplier of heat tracing cables for construction and industrial applications.
Hartford Eichenauer
Manufacturer of heating elements for appliances and industrial applications.
Heat Trace Ltd
Manufacture and design of heating tapes, components and systems.
Heating and Cooling Systems
Air Conditioning systems, comfort and climate control for office, domestic or retail. Chilled water products for larger buildings
HeatStar Systems
Supplier of industrial fluoropolymer coated electric immersion heaters and controls.
HeatTek Inc.
Industrial batch ovens, furnaces and washers, with design engineering capability for custom specifications.
Henan Zhengzhou Songshan Enterprise Group Co.,
Manufacturers high-temperature electric heating elements and butyl rubber pharma-stoppers in China.
Horst GmbH.
Manufacturer of heaters, heating tapes, heating hoses, temperature regulators, heating mantles, tube furnaces.
The Igniter Source
Supplier of hot surface igniters for furnaces, water heaters and gas dryers. Made of silicon nitride. 3-year manufacturer's warranty.
Igniters Direct
Manufacturer of silicon nitride hot surface igniter replacement kits. Product technical specifications and online store.
induction heaters
Partly translated into English from Dutch - induction heater products for the automotive market.
Ivaldi Heating Elements
Manufacturer of cartridge, band, immersion and strip heaters plus accessories.
Jin Yih Shyang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of cross flow fans for electric and electronic applications. Based in Taiwan.
Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of thermostats and heating regulators for household appliances.
Kintel S.A de C.V
Specialists in custom design heaters and custom design equipment.
KSM Trace Heating Cables
UK Distributor of trace heating products for frost protection, hot water temperature maintenance, snow melting and de-icing systems.
LMK Thermosafe Ltd.
Manufactures heaters for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, suitable for IBCs and drums, plus flexible heating jackets in custom sizes for general industrial use.
Designs and manufactures cooling systems and heat exchangers used in electronic applications including semiconductor equipment, analytical instruments, and industrial lasers.
Manufacturer of Thermofoil flexible heaters, circuits, sensors and instruments for critical applications.
Momento Electric Heating Systems
Suppliers of under floor heating systems, plus electric space heaters and thermostats. Located in Quebec, Canada. English and French site.
UK Manufacturer of radiators, towel warmers, radiators valves and electronic controls, fan convectors and underfloor heating.
Myson North America
Distributor in USA and Canada of towel warmers, radiators, and convector heating products for residential and commercial applications, manufactured by Sister Companies in Europe.
Novel Concepts Inc.
Develops thermal management technology for the electronics, semiconductor, and computer industry, including heat sinks, heat pipes, Peltier coolers, and thermal interface materials.
Omar aluminium heat sink
Italy based supplier of aluminium extruded profiles for heat sinks and aluminium modular cases for electronic instrumentation and accessories
A One Union Co., Ltd,
Taiwan manufacturer and supplier of thermocouples, temperature probes, digital thermometers, power phase controllers, cartridge heaters and infrared ceramic heaters.
OnSpot of North America
Manufacturer of air handler and electric heater. USA.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Worldwide supplier of thermal interface materials (TIMs) and applications support for electronics: product information; contact information for sales representatives and distributors.
Process Heating Company
Manufacturer of low watt density, dry well industrial electric immersion heating systems.
ProcessHeat UK Ltd
UK based contractor for Trace Heating project management, design, supply and installation.
Protherm Industries
supplier of band, cartridge, formed and finned tubular heaters, and heated hoses, bolt, coil, strip, tank, runner less mold, cast-in, air and duct, immersion, and circulation heaters.
Quartz Tubing Inc.
Manufactures quartz heating elements for any application.
Radford Control Systems
RCS applies microprocessor technology to refrigeration control and temperature monitoring.
ROTA Electronics Turkey
Manufacturer of electronic control boards for gas combi boilers,electronic thermostats, interface units, heat sensors and related accessories.
Italian supplier of a range of electric heaters, temperature sensors and controllers for industrial applications. Includes company profile, products and contact.
Sino Material Technologies
Manufacturer in China of fusible plugs and silicone rubber heating products.
Solid State Cooling Systems
Designs and manufactures thermoelectric cooling and heating systems for equipment manufacturers.
Designs and manufactures heaters, filter fans, thermostats and lights for electrical and electronic enclosures.
STRIX Limited
Manufacturer of kettle controls, thermostats and water boiling elements for domestic appliances.
Sym Bang International, Inc.
Manufacturer of AC and DC cooling fans, blowers, ventilators and accessories.
Tek-Temp Instruments
Manufacturer of recirculating, liquid temperature control chillers and heat exchanger systems for industrial and laboratory applications.
Tellurex Corp.
Manufactures peltier solid state cooling modules that run on 3.9 to 16.1 volts, and transfer up 80 watts of thermal load.
Thermacore, Inc.
Supplier of thermal management solutions for computers, communications equipment, military/aerospace, medical/test equipment, power electronics, and advanced technology applications.
Thermal Corporation
Manufacturers of industrial electric heaters.
Thermal Electric Elements
Manufacturers of tubular electric heating elements for industrial and commercial applications. Worldwide servicing, Australian based.
Thermal Solutions International
Provides heatsinks, extrusions, cooling devices and thermal interface materials for various electronic devices.
Thermatron Engineering, Inc.
Manufactures compact liquid-to-air copper and stainless steel circuited heat exchangers used for cooling of electronics, laser, semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment, and similar applications.
ThermCoil Mfg
Supplier of Replacement Industrial and Commercial Heating Elements
Thermoguide Thermal Solutions
Israeli representative of Enertron (Tempe AZ) thermal management solutions. Heat pipe design and manufacturing, thermal consulting and services.
Thermowatt Spa.
Producer in Italy of heating elements and stem thermostats for electrical water heaters.
Manufacturer of heat transfer compounds and materials. Formulations for high temperature and electrically conductive requirements, plus custom electronics applications.
TM Heating & Cooling
Heating appliance retailer providing sales, installation, and service in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.
TPI Corporation
Manufacturers of electric heat and ventilation equipment.
TRAC Air Conditioning and Environmental Services
Suppliers of commercial and residential cooling and heating systems, based in West Midlands, UK.
U.S. Sensor Corporation
Manufacturer of thermistors, probes and assemblies for temperature measurement, control, and compensation applications.
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing industrial heaters and electric heating elements including temperature sensors and temperature controllers. Links to Company offices in Europe.
Watson Heating New York
Install, maintain and service gas and electric systems for residential and commercial clients. Serve Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island areas of New York
Manufacturer of cartridge, band, tubular and immersion heating elements for industrial and commercial applications.
Woodburner Warehouse
Stove supplier located in Pembrokeshire, offering woodburning and multi fuel heaters, including boilers, double sided and contemporary, from major brands.

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