Pulse Power Technology involves the use of high voltage and high current systems, in many commercial activities that require the delivery of high peak powers. By its general nature, Pulsed Power Science is a technology with many applications including medical, environmental, industrial, defense and research applications. The basic principles of pulsed power involve the storage of energy over relatively long timescales (ms to secs) and the subsequent pulsed release of this energy in a controlled manner into a specific load, in a faster time (100's ps to ms). This results in very high peak powers (MW to TW). The energy switched in a single pulse can range from less than 1 J to MJ. Pulsed power systems can also range from single shot devices to high repetition rate systems, switching at up to 1 MHz rep-rates.

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Alpha-Omega Power Technologies LLC
Design and fabrication of industrial equipment for use with lasers, modulators, and environmental systems. Features product specifications and details of research and development. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Applied Physical Electronics, L.C.
Compact pulse generators and supporting equipment, particularly those using Marx generator technology, for RF and EMI/EMC testing. Product descriptions and specifications, capabilities, and downloadable technical articles. Austin, Texas.
Applied Pulsed Power, Inc.
Manufacture and design of solid state switches, generators, and coils, with details of products and components. Also includes description of applications, and data sheets to download. Freeville, New York.
ARC Technology
Systems for commercial and military RF applications, incorporating compact size and weight and utilizing off-the-shelf components and processes. Also includes a few downloadable technical papers. Whitewater, Kansas.
Ness Engineering, Inc.
Consulting and design company presents technical data and equations, with links to components/systems manufacturers. San Diego, California.
R. E. Beverly III and Associates
Pulsed-Power Components and Systems, Research and Development, Applied Physics, Scientific Software.
Samtech Ltd
Complete pulse delivery systems, pulse generators, diagnostics, switches, other components, and associated services. Detailed descriptions of products and capabilities and brochure for download. Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Tetra Corporation
Developing electrohydraulic (EH) technologies for rock drilling and crushing applications in the mining and construction industries. Simplified explanation and example images provided. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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