Manufacturers of all types of reed switches. Manufacturers of products such as reed sensors and other reed based products, which use reed switches as the primary component will also be listed.

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ACEE Europe, LLC
Manufacturer of reed switches, reed sensors, proximity and level sensors.
Aleph International Corporation
Manufacturer of reed relays, reed switches, passive infrared detectors, opto sensors, and proximity sensors. Based in the USA, is a member of Nippon Aleph Corporation, Japan.
Arun Electronics Limited
Manufacturer of reed switch based sensors, coded safety interlock switches, pressure pads and key switches. Based in the United Kingdom.
Comus International
Manufacturer and distributor of reed switches, reed relays, mercury-wetted relays, and other switch and sensor products. Head office in the USA. Own Gunther group of companies who are also reed switch manufacturers.
Coto Technology
Manufacturer of reed switches of 5W to 70W, and a range of reed relays. Specification sheets in PDF format. Based in the USA.
Ge-Ding Information Inc.
Distributor of reed switches, and manufacturer of reed relays, float switches, and reed switch based sensors. Based in Taiwan.
Gentech International Ltd.
Manufacturer of liquid level sensors, float switches, flow sensors and position sensors. UK.
Manufacturer of reed switches of 3W to 100W, position sensors, and a range of reed relays. Product specifications in PDF format. Head office based in the United Kingdom.
HSI Sensing
Manufacturer of reed switches of 0.25W and above, and other reed based proximity sensors. All product specifications online. Based in the USA.
MagneLink Inc.
Manufacturer of magnetically activated switches using reed and hall effect technology.
Meder Electronic
Produce a wide range of reed relays, reed sensors and reed switches for many applications.
OKI Sensor Device Corp.
Manufacturer of reed switches of 1W to 100W, reed based proximity switches and shock sensors. Specification sheets in PDF format available. Based in Japan.
Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited
Manufacturer of reed switches of 10W to 120W, SMD reed sensors in normally open, normally closed and latching types, PCB mountable reed sensors, magnet sensors, proximity sensors, and thermal switches.
Reed Switch Developments Co.
Manufacturer of reed switches of 3W to 100W, and standard and custom magnetic proximity sensors and actuators. All product specifications online. Based in the USA.
Ryazan Metal Ceramic Instrumentation Plant
Manufacturer of normally open reed switches 1W to 250W, and change over reed switches of 30W switching capability. Contains competitor cross reference sheet.
Standex International Corporation
Manufacture a wide variety of inductor, choke, toroid, magnetic proximity, reed relay and reed switch devices.
Thomas White Limited
Manufacturer of reed switch based sensors and special magnetic sensors for pneumatic cylinders. Based in the UK.
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