Manufacturers of electrical, electronic, and mechanical switches. This includes all types of mechanical switches, reed switches, and proximity switches.

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APEM Components, Inc.
Manufacturers of a range of panel, toggle, rocker, lever, push button, slide, tact, key, dip, rotary dip, micro limit, push wheel, and industrial switches.
Baco Controls, Inc.
Manufacturer of push button switches, disconnect switches, and cam switches. All catalog pages only in PDF.
Behlke Electronic GmbH
Manufacturer of fast high voltage solid-state switches for pulsed power applications.
Canadian Shunt Industries Ltd
Manufacturer of DC shunts, knife switches, and telecom fused disconnect switches. Product catalog in PDF.
Chiefdom Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of PCB mountable rotary, slide, push and tact switches, stereo audio controls, and PC USB hubs. Based in Taiwan.
Chily Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of rocker, toggle, push, trigger, slide, rotary switches, voltage selectors, and power sockets. Based in Taiwan.
Clef Elektronik Consulting GmbH
Manufacturer of key-operated switches.
Cole Instrument Corp.
Manufacturer of customized rotary switch and optical encoder mechanisms. Based in the USA.
Manufacturer of rotary switches, discrepancy switches, and cross indicators.
Control Concepts, Inc.
Manufactures UL approved electro mechanical, electronic and proximity zero speed switches. USA.
Control Products Inc.
Manufactures a line of sealed, waterproof switches and a variety of thermal switches.
Crabtree Electrical Accessories S.A
Manufacturer and supplier of electrical accessories in Southern Africa. Products include sockets, switches and allied products.
Craig and Derricott Limited
Manufactures safety, machine, power and control switches, control stations, disconnectors, isolators, turnkey solutions, switches and push buttons. From UK.
Manufacturer of heavy duty pull switches.
Crusader Industries Ltd.
Manufacturers of protective covers for push button control stations and switches.
CW Industries
Manufacturer of rocker switches, slide switches, push button switches, high current slide switches, and a range of connectors with MIL standards. Data sheets in PDF.
Dailywell Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of PCB mountable toggle, rocker, slide, push button, and rotary switches. Competitor cross reference chart included.
Datex Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of selector switches, encoders, slip ring assemblies, flush circuits and flexible circuits. Information on encoders and flush circuits to be added shortly. Based in the USA.
Delta Systems Inc.
Manufacturer of push-button, key ignition, emergency stop, momentary, push-pull, seat, and water proof switches. Panel and PCB mountable types.
Digitran Low Profile Switches
Manufacturer of standard and very low profile rotary and thumbwheel switch products for the military and aerospace markets.
Manufacturer of detector, dip, keylock, leaf, push button, rocker, rotary, slide, snap action, tact, and toggle switches. Includes competitor cross reference sheet.
Manufacturer of a wide range of general purpose, oil and water tight, keylock, dip, toggle, emergency, and tact switches. Have distributors world wide.
Electro Cam Corp.
Designs and produces programmable limit switches (PLS), electronic cam switches, encoders, resolvers and accessories for position sensing and control applications. Specifications sheets in PDF.
Electro Switch Corp.
Manufacturer of rotary switches, miniature switches, and custom design electromechanical devices. Includes cross reference sheet of other switch manufacturers.
Manufacturer of rocker, toggle, micro, trigger, slider, and door switches. Based in India.
Enrwey Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of tact, hook, toggle, slide, and rocker switches, and plugs and fuse holders. Based in Taiwan.
Entrex Door Controls Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of switches, relays, sensors and accessories to the automatic door market
Euchner-USA, Inc.
Manufacturer of wide range of safety switches, non-contact switches and limit switches.
GAMA Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of rocker, push button, keylock, conductive rubber, snap action, capacitive and rotary switches, automotive electrical accessories and relays, and remote controls. Data sheets in PDF.
Grayhill, Inc.
Manufacturer DIP, pushbutton and rotary switches, optical and mechanical encoders, keyboards and keypads, I/O modules and racks, controllers, wireless radios, and custom electronic manufacturing.
Hamilton Electronics Private Limited
Manufacturer of float switches, magnetic and inductive proximity switches, and reed relays.
Herga Electric Limited
Specialist for air and foot switches, sensors, infra red controls and safety switching needs.
Judco Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturer of push button switches, rocker switches, slide switches, toggle switches, and other custom switches. Also wire harnesses and bulb sockets.
Knitter-Switch KG
Manufacturer of switches including toggle, pushbutton, slide, dual-in-line, rotary coded and LED switches. Product catalog, distributor and sales addresses.
Leach International Corporation
Design and manufacturer of electrical switching and control devices for the aerospace and rail industries.
Linemaster Corp.
Manufacture of a range of foot switches. All switches can be CE marked.
Manufacturer of appliance switches, key modules, snap action switches, and power tool switches with a range of approvals such as UL.
Merchant Corporation Ltd
Manufacturer of rocker, rotary, push, toggle, slide, and micro switches, control knobs, fuse holders, and AC sockets. UL, ENEC, KEMA, VDE approved products. Based in Hong Kong.
Micro Pneumatic Logic, Inc. (MPL)
Manufacturer of pressure switches for appliance, heating, medical, automotive, and other OEM equipment designers.
Microprecision Electronics SA and Wilbrechtledco.
Manufacturer of switches and microswitches. UL / ENEC approved. Based in Switzerland. Panel Mount LED manufacturer based in USA
MOS Group
Manufacturer of a side range switches for domestic appliance with UL, CSA and other approvals. Based in Italy.
Ningbo Master Soken Electrical Company Limited
Manufacturer of rocker, push, panel, and rotary switches. VDE and UL approved. Based in China.
NKK Switches, Inc.
Manufacture a wide range of illuminated, rocker, slide, tactile, LCD programmable, keylock, rotary, surface mount, and toggle switches. UL, CSA, IEC, VDE approved products. Distributors worldwide.
Oslo Switch
Manufacturer and supplier of rocker switches, push button switches, keylock switches, weather proof and dust tight switches. UL, CSA, VDE approved products.
Manufacturer of push button, toggle, rocker, pendant, and slide switches, microphones, head sets, and cellular accessories.
Manufactures quality pressure and vacuum switches, foot switches and pedals, air switches. Shockproof, waterproof pneumatic and electric switching devices. UL, CSA recognized.
Ruey Shen Electronics Inc.
A manufacturer of dip switches with product and contact information.
Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of toggle, rocker, slide, push button, dip, tact, and sealed switches.
Manufacturers of low voltage slide, knob, push, tact, micro, leaf and hook switches, and jacks. Based in Hong Kong.
Senasys Controls
The coordinated manual controls (CMC), and PTC contact block lines originally developed by Honeywell are now supported by SENASYS
Manufacturer of precision rotary switches, 10A and 30A detented power switches and snap action switches.
Shanpu Limited
Manufacturer of push button, tactile, toggle, rotary, and key lock switches, and indicators. Based in Taiwan.
Shinden Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of toggle, lever, slide, rocker, push, rotary, pull chain, keyboard, limit, and key switches with product information in English and Japanese.
Sigma Switches Plus, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of dust resistant rocker switches with self cleaning contacts for the appliance, automotive, marine, computer and electronics industries.
Snaptron, Inc.
Manufactures tactile dome switches and tactile dome assemblies. Custom domes and arrays are created through a sophisticated tooling process. Serves the membrane switch and related switch industries.
Sungjin Techwin Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of micro, push button, telephone hook, slide DIP, leaf, tactile, power, door, skeleton, and slide switches, and ultra thin, rotary, and slide potentiometers. From South Korea.
Supreme Exim Corp.
Manufacturer of switches and other components for video games. Including illuminated push buttons, microswitches, power supplies, and joystick control.
Suzhou Nova Electronic Company
Manufacturer of a wide range of push button, rocker, keyboard, slide, rotary, micro, and miniature switches. Based in China.
Top Worx
GO switch manufacturers leverless limit switches, proximity sensors, switches and switchboxes. UL, CSA recognized, amongst others.
Uen Woen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of push button, rocker, toggle, and micro switches. Based in Taiwan.
Vasto Taiwan Co., Ltd.
A source for control components and electrical equipment.
Zhejiang Huanghua Switch Factory
Manufacturer of the switches, high and low voltage switch equipment. From China.
Zippy Switch Tech. Corp.
Manufactures switches, micro switch, power supply, keyboard, precision, ceramics. From Taiwan.

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