Manufacturers of all types of relays and solenoids, solid state relays also included.

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American Relays, Inc.
Manufacturer of encapsulated, open frame, and mercury wetted relays in SIP, DIP, and SMD packages. RFQ and catalog request forms available.
ASCO Power Technologies, LP
Manufactures valves, solenoids, and related electrically powered on/off products for industrial applications.
Avomec Group
Manufacturer of relays, switch gears, and control gears. Based in India.
Barnbrook Systems Limited
Manufacturer a wide range of relays, solenoids, actuators, contactors, circuit breakers, and pressure transducers. Based in the UK.
BLP Components Ltd.
Manufacturer of a wide range of solenoids, fuseholders and EMC filters. A Roxboro group company, based in the UK.
Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of semiconductor test relays, ODM 100A power switching relays, voltage switching reed relay, mechanical relays, and other relays. Facilities in Taiwan and China.
Celduc Relais
Manufactures solid state relais and contactors, magnetic sensors and reed switches.
Chen Yi Electric Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of AC/DC solenoids.
CII Technologies
Manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic relays, solenoids and EMI/RFI filter products.
CIT Relay
Manufacturer of relays, sockets and solid state relays. Includes product photographs, specifications and manufacturer cross reference.
Computer Components, Inc.
Manufactures relays; dry reed, high voltage, mercury wetted, electro-mechanical, current sensing and solid state.
Control Concepts
Manufactures high amperage power switching products.
CRD Devices Ltd.
Manufacturer of solenoids, electromagnets, and shotbolts. Located in the UK.
Dold Industries Ltd
Manufacturer of process and motor control relays including safety, motor brake, soft start and voltage/current/frequency monitoring.
Electro Mechanisms
Manufacturer of solenoids.
Force Guided Relays International
Manufacturer of electromechanical safety relays.
Forward Industrial Co
Manufacturer of relays. From Hong Kong.
Manufactures low-cost high voltage relays using vacuum, gas, and reed relay technology. Free HV application assistance.
Hasco Components
Manufacturer of reed, solid state, and electromechanical relays. Also design customized relays.
HB Controls
Manufacturer of DIN rail mount solid state relays, with UL and CSA approvals. Data sheets as PDF files.
Hongli Electric
Manufacturer of contactors, relays, transformers, disconnect switches, and whips. China.
Hsin Da Precision Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of relays. From Taiwan.
Isliker Magnete AG
Manufacturer of a range of solenoids and electromagnetic devices. Based in Switzerland.
Italiana Rele Srl.
Manufacturer of high voltage, power, industrial and miniature relays, relay sockets, and solenoids for industrial use.
Jennings Technology
Manufacturer of static vacuum and gas filled electrical and RF contactors.
Macromatic Controls, LLC
Manufacturer of time delay, alternating, phase monitor and voltage monitor relays, custom designed units and industrial control products.
Magnet-Schultz of America, Inc.
Manufacturers and distributors of solenoids and electromagnetic devices.
Magnetic Sensor Systems
Manufacturer of tubular, open frame, hinge clapper and latching solenoids and a range of electromagnets. Product catalogs in PDF.
Matching Italy
Manufacturer of relay limit switches and cam switches.
Manufacturer of solenoids and shot bolts.
Mechetronics Limited
Manufactures and designs customized solenoids and pneumatic solenoid valves. Site also available in European languages.
Ningbo Aopec Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of a wide range of relays for automotive applications. ISO 9001 certified.
Ningbo Yinxian Yonglin Electron Electrical Equip Co., Ltd.
China based manufacturer and exporter of power, automotive, and signal relays. Product photos and specifications.
Nortech Management Ltd, UK
Manufacturer of fault passage indicators, network condition monitoring, protection relays and distribution automation for the power industry.
OEN India Ltd.
Manufactures and exports electro mechanical components like relays, switches, trimmers and potentiometers. Also, tools and moulds, transfer and assembly moulds, jigs and fixtures.
Peco Industries
Manufacturer of low voltage switchgear. Based in India.
Pickering Electronics
Manufacturer of reed relays for automatic test equipment.
Manufacturer of solid state relays, scr, ssr, and scr power controllers. Din rail io modules and din rail solid state contactors use thyristors for power control.
Relay Service Company
Manufacturer of general purpose relays, latch relays, stepper relays, and telephone type relays.
Richmeg Solenoid
Manufacturer of linear and rotary solenoids. Made in China.
Riken Electric Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of magnetic starter, magnetic contactor, overload relay, water level switch.
Root 2 Limited
Manufacturer of low noise solid state relays of 10A to 50A switching capability. Based in the UK.
Sanyou Relays, North America
Manufactures relays in China. English site is the North American Office.
Sassin International Electric Group Corp
Manufacturer of low voltage electrical equipment, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, instruments and meters. From China.
Shih Shin Technology Co, Ltd.
Manufacturer of ac/dc solenoids, including open frame solenoids, tubular solenoids, and air solenoids valves.
Softstart UK
Softstart UK manufactures motor starting products.
The Solenoid Company
Manufactures rotary, linear, holding and latching solenoids for automation, vending machines, medical, aviation, railway and automotive applications.
Solenoid manufacture from China
Zonhen manufactures solenoids in China.
Solentec Ltd
Manufacturer of solenoids and electromagnets.
Tai-shing Electronics Components Corp.
Manufacturer of solenoids and relays with factories in Taiwan and China.
TianBo GangLian Electronics Co.,Ltd
Manufactures power relay, signal relay and auto relay. Located in China.
Transmotec Sweden AB
Manufactures solenoids, linear actuators, dc, brushless dc and stepping motors.
Tur-Bo Jet Products Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of solenoids, coils, and similar electromechanical and electromagnetic devices.
TYH Enterprises Ltd.
Manufacturer of a range electromechanical relays. Sell under the brand name HG. Also do private labeling.

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