Includes magnetic, RF, radiation, and mechanical shielding products, wire mesh and conductive gaskets, laminates, and alloys.
Applied Coating Technology Ltd.
Application of conductive coatings and gaskets for EMI/RFI shielding .
Manufacture of insulation and shielding products in Germany.
Chomerics, Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation
Manufacturer of EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding materials and thermal interface materials.
Eclipse Shielding Inc
Offering shielding for ferrite RFI suppressors and copper alloy RFI shielding gaskets.
Geweco AG
Manufacture EMI and IP shielding seals and gaskets.
Gore Electronics
Manufacturer of high frequency signal transmission cable and cable assemblies and EMI shielding solutions.
Holland Shielding Systems
Manufacturer of EMI shielding and gaskets.
JEMIC Shielding Technology
Electronic shielding manufacturer, fabric/foam EMI gaskets, shielding tapes, selectively coated formable shields and cable shielding.
Kemtron UK
UK based manufacturer of electronic shielding components, including gaskets and environmental sealing.
LCR Electronics, Inc.
Offers EMC testing, EMI Filter design, development and manufacturing.
Milrail Inc.
Manufacturer of EMI/RFI shielding, sleeving braids, shielded junction boxes, conduits, and other electromechanical shielding. Site in French and English.
National Power And Signal
Manufactures a complete line of EMI/RFI shielding components and design and manufacture custom EMI components.
New England Die Cutting, Inc.
Fabricates products of non-metallic materials. Manufactures own dies, offers rotary die cutting services, EMI-RFI shielding, stamping.
Omega Shielding Products Inc
Manufacturer of EMC shielding products from beryllium copper.
Orion Industries Incorporated
Manufacturers EMI/RFI shielding,insulators, gaskets, wire mesh, wire cloth products, and thermal transfer materials.
P & P Technology Ltd
Manufacture of radio frequency screening materials, components and sub-assemblies.
Rare Earth Coatings, Inc.
Offers vacuum metallizing to plastics and graphite composites for emi/rfi shielding for aerospace, defense, medical, communications, and computer industries.
RFI Seals and Gaskets Limited
Manufacture of EMC andRFI seals, gaskets and shielding products.
SAI of Florida, Inc.
Provides RFI EMI plastic shielding solutions.
Schlegel Systems Inc
Manufacturers of EMI shielding, weatherstripping, and static dissapators for the electronics, building and printer industries.
Silent Solutions
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI/RFI/FCC) consulting services including design reviews, troubleshooting, and retrofit, signal integrity, high speed design, and functional noise problem resolution services.
Spira Manufacturing Corporation
Engineered emi/rfi shielding gaskets and air vent honeycomb filters.
TBA Electro Conductive Products
Manufacturer and distributor of electrostatic protection and electromagnetic interference shielding products and materials.
TC Shielding
Manufacture conductive silicones, fluorosilicones and fabric wrap used in shielding electronic enclosures and connectors.
Manufacturer of EMI shielding products, architectural shielding systems, and test sockets.
Manufactures engineered high performance elastomers used for RFI-EMI shielding, silicone extrusions and conducting elastomers.
VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc.
Provides EMI/RFI/ESD shielding for plastic electronic enclosures using vacuum metalizing process, and cured-in-place gasket or adhesive bonding assembly of components.
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