Manufacturers of chassis and enclosures for electrical and electronic equipment, plus server and telecom rack cabinets and accessories for datacenter environments.
Manufacturer of explosion proof electrical enclosure system. A division on the Scott Fetzer Company.
All-Spec Enclosures, Inc
Manufacturing custom steel cabinet enclosures.
Manufacturer of plastic enclosures and accessories for electrical, and electronic instruments.
BEL Products, Inc.
Standard and custom steel, stainless, aluminum and non metallic industrial enclosures and electrical boxes.
Bernic Enclosures
Manufacturing and supplying customized and standard racks and plastic enclosures.
Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH
Manufacturer of plastic and aluminum enclosures, hardware and accessories.
Manufactures general purpose enclosures, diecast boxes, ip65 rated sealed abs flat pack snap fit enclosures and 19" racks to suit the datacommunications industry.
Bud Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of standard and custom electronic enclosure, including card racks, cabinet racks, open racks, server cabinets, co-location cabinets.
Bull Metal Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of sheet metal, rigid wire and tubing products, custom designs and prototypes.
Channell Commercial Corporation
Designs, manufactures and markets precision-molded thermoplastic and metal fabricated enclosures used to house, protect and provide access to advanced telecommunications electronics and transmission media, including coaxial cable, copper wire and optical fibers. (Nasdaq: CHNL).
Chatsworth Products
Manufacturer of open and closed server racks and cabinets, cable management hardware, and cable pathways. Product catalog with photos and specifications, list of distributors, and sizing tools.
Chih Kang Material Company
Taiwan based manufacturer of metal enclosures, cases, and racks for electronic devices and equipment.
Crenlo Inc.
Manufactures electronic, NEMA, EMI/RFI, seismic, server, computer, and telecommunications enclosures and cabs for agricultural and industrial equipment. Associated with Emcor Products and Dover.
CUB Systems, Inc.
Floor boxes for power distribution, low-voltage, audio, visual, air, water and drainage.
DDB Unlimited Inc.
Indoor and outdoor cabinet enclosures.
The Dehumidifier Specialist
Dehumidifiers, desiccant wheel, condensation type and dry cabinets.
Dust Free PC Inc.
Manufactures and sells tower and desktop computer enclosures for harsh environments. Product photos and prices.
EIC Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturer of electronic enclosures and thermoelectric cooling systems designed to protect PCs and other industrial control equipment from harsh environments.
El Bag
Manufacturer of enclosures and associated hardware.
Electron Metal
Manufacturer of enclosures, cabinets, racks, consoles and accessories.
Electronic Hardware Corporation
Manufacturer providing mechanical assemblies, knobs, handles, and custom plastic molding for instrumentation and control panels.
Manufacturer and distributor of secure enclosures for industrial electronics.
Elsteel Limited
Manufacture of 19" cabinets and boxes.
Offers locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering.
Envirosafe Technologies Inc.
Manufactures standard and custom enclosures for computers and equipment. Online product specifications for standard filter and temperature control models. Online measuring guide and PDF brochure and price list available for download.
Equipto Electronics
Manufacturer of sheet metal enclosures for the electronics industry including heavy duty, seismic, shielded and custom enclosures.
Eurobex Manufacturing Ltd.
Manufactures NEMA rated electrical and electronic enclosures.
Evatron Enclosures
Manufactures and distributes of 2,500 plastic and metal enclosures, boxes and cases to house electronic components.
Gamlet Incorporated
Manufacturer of industrial, electrical, and electronic enclosures.
Gaurang Electronic Industries
Manufacturer of a range of hardware components including enclosures and instrument cases, connectors and terminals, knobs, card guides, plugs, sockets, and bezels.
Geros Elettrotecnica
Manufacture of electrical boxes and enclosures.
Haewa Corporation
Supplier of standard and custom electrical and electronic enclosures, modular cabinets, consoles, and racks.
Hammond Mfg Co.
Offers one of the broadest industrial enclosure product lines in the industry. For the automotive, mining, petrochemical and the telecommunication industries.
Hybricon Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of backplanes, card frames, and powered enclosures for the electronics packaging marketplace.
IMS Engineered Products
Enclosure systems, cabinets, frames and racks for electronic packaging, data, security and broadcasting.
Industrial Controls, Inc.
Produces industrial electric motor control and power distribution packages in most NEMA configurations with significance placed on delivery, design flexibility and quality.
Intermas Group
Manufacture of Electronics enclosures, subracks, rack mount eurocard, vibration proof interface housing.
A custom enclosure manufacturer that provides metal cabinets and racks to the electronics, communications and telecommunications industries.
ITSEnclosures, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial and network computer enclosures.
Special cabinets to meet unique configurations.
Knurr USA Inc.
Manufacturer of indoor, outdoor electronic enclosures, racks, cases, accessories.
Knürr AG
Design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor enclosure systems for telecommunications, electronics, and computing equipment. Based in Germany.
Koester Metals Inc.
Design and produce quality electrical enclosures and sheet metal fabrications for the material handling industry , electrical drives manufacturers and power and hydraulic systems producers.
Lincoln Binns Ltd. Electronic enclosures
Manufacturer of extruded aluminium electronic enclosures. From UK.
Maysteel LLC
Manufacturer of electrical and electronic enclosures, assemblies, and components.
Metro Fabricating Inc.
Manufacturer of custom enclosures, machine guarding, and electrical controls.
NETBased, Incorporated
A product design firm for custom electronic enclosures.
Non-Metallic Enclosures
Manufacture of fiberglass industrial products, disconnect/circuit breaker and OEM enclosures.
Pacific Utility Products
Manufacturing a line of commercial, mobilehome and recreational vehicle meter pedestals, transformers, services and meter mains.
Designs and manufactures plastic and connector enclosures for electronics.
Phoenix Mecano Ltd
Manufacture of off-the-shelf IP rated industrial electrical enclosures and hand held enclosure systems. From UK.
Manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures for the EOEM marketplace.
Qube Corporation
Standard and custom plastic computer cabinets and electrical enclosures.
Richard Wöhr GmbH
Industrial enclosures and electrical boxes, 19" enclosure systems (din-rail-enclosures) in standard or customized version.
Robica Manufacturing Ltd.
Manufactures custom electrical enclosures. Manufactured to CSA standards and fabricated in steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
Rose Elektrotechnik GmbH
Industrial enclosure systems, electronic components, and cable glands.
S. K. Metals
Manufacturer of sheet metal cabinets and Plastic moulded panels.
Saginaw Control and Engineering
Manufactures standard stock and custom designed electronics and electrical enclosures and precision sheet metal fabrications.
Schroff GmbH
Specialist for cabinets, cases, subracks, power supplies, climate control, microcomputer packaging systems, backplanes and test adapters.
SERPAC Electronic Enclosures
Manufactures plastic enclosures, cases, circuit boards and even custom moldings to be used in electronic environments.
Manufacturer of small plastic electronic enclosures.
Supplier of explosion-proof, weather-proof, emergency, vandal resistant telephones and public address systems.
Unibox Enclosures
Manufacturer of plastic enclosures, accessories, and custom components.
Unicomposite Technology Incorporation
Manufacture of fiberglass enclosures, cabinets, cable trays, cable ladders and electric insulators.
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