DC Servo and stepper motor manufacturers; but not distributors.

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A-Power Electric Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of brushless DC fan, CPU cooling kits, brushless DC motor, AC/ DC motor.
Airex Corporation
Magnetic component manufacturing, automation design, specialty motors, linear motors, rotary motors, winding machines, abrasive waterJet.
Alpatek B.V. Amerongen
Manufactures low voltage DC motors, including permanent magnet, shunt, series and compound wound DC motors.
Manufactures brushless motors and controls for aerospace, medical and industrial applications
BEI Kimco Magnetics Division
Manufacture of fractional and sub-fractional horsepower BLDC motors and a line of linear and rotary voice coil actuators.
Bodine Electric Company
Manufacturer of fractional horsepower motors, gearmotors, and motor speed controls. AC, DC, and Brushless DC.
BPMC Technology Ltd.
China manufacturer of brushless DC servo motor, 4mm to 7mm vibration motor, stepper motor, synchronous motor and gearmotor.
Brieva Industries
DC electric motor manufacturer for automotive applications air conditioning, heating system, defrosters, blowers, and fans. Located in Argentina.
Coercive Systems Ltd
Designer, manufacturer, and distributor of Electro-Optical components and systems, DC Motors, precision motors and servo controls.
D&D Motor Systems, Inc.
Electric motors for golf carts, utility vehicles and NEV's. Custom built motors. Controllers. Electric vehicle consulting and testing services.
DC Motors Inc.
DC motors custom, standard; brushless, split series, shunt, compound; fractional to 75hp wound field, fractional permanent magnet. DC generators: 1/2-125kw.
Dynetic Systems
Design and manufacture of brushed and brushless servo motors and gearmotors. Standard and COTS as well as special designs for military, aerospace, and medical applications. Distributor for major German manufacturer and AC motors compatible with Oriental.
Empire Magnetics Inc.
Provides quality motor products designed to perform in environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable. Custom systems and modifications are available upon request.
1 HP to 195 Hp DC Motors.
Googol Technology Ltd.
Motion control board manufacturing. Hong Kong.
Manufacturer of DC fractional horsepower electric motors and gear motors.
GS Electric
Manufacturer of vacuum, universal, permanent magnet DC electric motors. B-Pac motors, by-pass vacuum motors, thru-flow vacuum motors. Links to distributors.
Hansen Corporation
Designs and manufactures a wide range of precision motors. Including stepper and synchronous motors.
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions
Manufacturers of linear actuators, subfractional stepper motors, sealed switches and rotary motors.
Igarashi Motors USA
Specializes in the design and manufacture of small, permanent magnet DC motors.
Jinlong Machinery & Electronics Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of vibration motors and DC micro motors; coin, SMT, spring contact, PCB mounted and encapsulated water proof vibration motors. Includes an overview, virtual factory tour, selection guides and ISO certification information. China and USA offices.
Joliet Equipment Corporation
Suppliers of large, heavy-duty electric motors and control systems specializing in off-shore drilling equipment.
Karrier Company
Fractional horsepower 2.0", 2.375, 2.5", 2.75, 3.0", 3.25 and 4.0" diameter DC motors. 6 VDC duck decoy motors and accessories, industrial vibrators. Distributor of: gear reducers, gearmotors, actuators and vacuum/ pressure blowers.
KB Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturers of solid state DC motor speed controls for permanent magnet, shunt wound, PWM and battery operated motors.
Koford Engineering
Producer standard and custom brushless, slotless, ironless, framed or frameless DC electric motors and controls for use up to 225,000 rpm and matching drivers for medical, dental, space, scientific, and industrial applications.
Kollmorgen Corp.
Servo motors and drives, DC Brushless, step motors, and linear motors.
Maxon Motor ag
Manufacturer of small DC brush or brushless motors.
Manufacturer of brushless servomotors and controls, and microstepping drives.
Mclennan Technology
Manufacturer of stepper motors, servo motors, gearboxes, encoders, and controls
Merkle-Korff Industries
Manufacturing and distribution of subfractional HP motors, gearmotors, precision motors and linear actuators, stock or custom.
MicroMo Electronics, Inc.
Specialized in the design and assembly of high precision, miniature and micro electromechanical drive systems.
Minnesota Electric Technology, Inc
Manufacturer of custom PM motors (12V-180V), (20W-5000W), (500-10000rpm) in 3.2", 3.6" and 6" frame sizes; for OEM customers worldwide who require a unique mounting or shaft design, higher performance, speed and greater reliability through design flexibility and engineering assistance.
Motion Control Systems, Inc.
Offers frameless, brushless DC motors and servo amplifiers.
MTS Automation
Brushless servo motors, linear motors, controllers and amplifiers
Nanotec GmbH
stepper motors, linear actuators, servomotors and drivers.
Pacific Scientific
High performance motors and drives.
Peerless Electric
Manufacturer of specialty AC and DC electric motors.
Power Equipment Company
Specialize in DC motors and SCR power supplies. Custom built solid state motor control systems to match specific applications.
Prestolite Electric Inc.
Manufacturing alternators, DC motors, battery chargers, controls, and other electro-mechanical products. Under the Prestolite, Leece-Neville and Hobart brand names.
RAE Corporation
Offers a broad range of fractional horsepower, permanent magnet, DC brush type motors, parallel shaft and right angle gearmotors, wound field motors and DC motor drives.
manufactures custom PMDC motors, D.C. motors, Battery Operated motors, Traction motors and Geared motors in an ISO 9001 certified plant.
Sanyo Denki America, Inc.
Leaders in Servo Motors, Control Systems, and Cooling Fans. Staying One Step Ahead in Technology since 1927.
ShenZhen Shenguang Science and Technology Co.Ltd.
Manufacturer specialized in micro-motor production.
Sterling Electric, Inc.
Manufacturer of AC/DC motors, drives, gearmotors, and reducers.
T-T Electric
A complete range of industrial dc motors of up to 2000kW and ac motors of up to 600kW.
Thin Gap
DC Brush and brushless, coreless electric motors.
Wanzhida MicroMotor Manufactory
Manufacturer of dc motors for electronic toothbrush, shaver, electronic toy, model airplane, massager, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, and medical equipment. China.
Warner Electric
Manufacturer of DC step motors, AC synchronous motors and controls, AC/DC adjustable frequency drives, and servo motors.
Xtreme Energy
Manufacturer of highly-efficient brushless and slotless DC motors. Other products include generators, gearheads, controllers, and hyper-efficient motors.
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