This section is for manufactured components and/or accessories of DC or AC motors, such as brushes, commutators, brakes, gearheads, laminations, brush assemblies, encoders etc.
Advance Carbon Products, Inc.
An online source for a variety of carbon products.
Airex Corporation
1. winders and 2. armature prototype using waterjet technology
Anglo Carbon & Contacts Limited
Manufacturer of all types of carbon brushes, contacts and associated products for industrial, automobile, fhp applications.
Camawi Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Limited
Manufactures magnetic slot wedges for improving motor efficiency in open slot industrial motors by reducing iron losses.
Conneaut Industries
Manufactures yarns, fibers, filament, thread, insulation, sleeving, tape, roving and twine in fiberglasses, polyesters, carbon, cotton for magnet wire, engine insulation, composites, wire and cable.
Cryotron Magnadrives
Electromagnetic brakes and clutches, clutch-brake combinations, electromagnetic spring-applied fail-safe brakes, India.
Dings Company
Dings manufactures a complete line of electric motor brakes and magnetic separators.
The Electric Materials Company
Manufacturer of commutators, bus bar systems, rotor bars, and other electrical copper fabrications.
Fulmer Company
Manufacturer of DC brusholders, diamond brushholders, brushholder castings, flat/round wire springs, and constant force assemblies.
Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of carbon brushes, holders, mechanical carbon products and brush springs.
Hengdian Group Linix Motor Co.,Ltd.
Hard Ferrite Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, Flexible Magnet, Magnetic Assembly, Motor Housing, DC Gearmotor, and AC Gearmotor.
John C. Dolph Company
Coatings, compounds and encapsulants for the electrical and electronics industries.
Kolektor d.o.o.
Manufacturers of commutators for electric motors.
magnetic couplers
Magnetic Metals Corporation
Stamping and heat treating of various types of electrical laminations for motors.
carbon brushes, brush tube assemblies, and asbestos free molded commutators for consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.
Pelican Carbon Products - India
Manufacturer of carbon components like carbon brushes, carbon sealing rings and carbon vanes
Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Company
A manufacturer of standard and custom engineered brush holders.
Pichit Industrial Works Company, Ltd.
Manufacturer of automotive and small motor carbon brush products.
Poggen - Amp Nagarsheth Powertronics Ltd
Manufacturers of Electrical Stamping and Laminations for various types of Static and Rotating Machines.
Premiere Laminations Engineering
Service company that provides assembly, adhesive bonding, and fluidized epoxy powder coating for steel laminated cores used in aerospace generators, power supplies, servos, and electric motors.
Repco Inc.
Supplies OEM and replacement carbon brushes and electrical contacts for electric motors and controls.
Schunk Graphite Technology, LLC
Manufacturer of carbon, graphite, metal-graphite brushes; brushholders and rocker rings; silver contacts; brushcards and ready-to-install modules.
Sibley Company
Supplying slip rings and printed circuit boards (P.C.B.). Custom slip rings from miniature to cylinder to disk type are available. As well as all types of printed circuit boards.
Sko-Die, Inc.
Manufactures custom magnetic steel laminations for electric motors, transformers and power generation equipment.
Southern Electric Coil
High-quality replacement armature and stator coils for A-C and D-C motors, traction motor and generator kits, field coils, magnetic brake and contactor control coils
St. Marys Carbon Company
Electric Motor Brushes for the Automotive, Household Appliance, Power Tool and Transportation Industries
Stimple and Ward Company
Manufacturer of coils for electric motors, controls, generators, armatures and other electrical apparatus.
Superior Essex
Manufacturer of magnet wire, communication wire, industrial wire, and building wire.
Suzhou Angu
ISO9002 certified manufacturer of commutators in China.
Swiger Coil Systems Inc.
Manufacturers of OEM, new, rebuilt, and after-market electric motor coils and rewind kits for AC/DC motors, generators and transformers.
Torq Corporation
Designs and manufactures electro-mechanical and electronic speed responsive switches for OEM's distributors, users, and replacement parts for domestic and export markets.
Windings Inc
Contract manufacturer of custom and prototype electrical motor components including stators, rotors, specialty AC and DC motors, generators, precision wound coils, insulated lamination stacks, and other custom wound products.

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