Includes sockets and terminals, terminal boards and blocks, cable to cable, rack, and panel connectors, PCB and flat cable connectors, jacks, plugs, pins, and adapters.
Manufactures a battery cable disconnector that fits a range of cable sizes.
Advanced Interconnections Corp.
Manufacturer of electronic interconnect products including board to board connectors and BGA sockets.
AirBorn Inc.
Manufactures high-density PC board and I/O connectors, cable assemblies, stacking interconnection systems, smart card connectors, and filter connectors.
Alkuma GmbH
Manufacture of fittings and components transformers, generators, anodising, electroplating. From Germany.
Allied Electronics Co.
Manufacturers of circular connectors. Applications include defence, machine tools and process control.
Source for test probes, adaptors, connectors and cables for emulation, programming and test interconnect.
Amphenol Corporation
Manufactures electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
Amphenol East Asia Ltd.
Designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.
Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH
Design and production of standardized and customized connectors and cable assemblies.
Anderson Power Products Inc.
Designs and manufactures high power interconnects and accessories for back-up power, telecom/datacom, and the material handling industries.
Apple International
Manufacturer of compression lugs, neutral links and solderless terminals.
Armel Electronics
Manufacturer of relay sockets, PCB connectors and terminals.
Autosplice Inc.
Manufacturer of terminals, component assemblies and applicator systems.
German busbar manufacture.
Blockmaster Electronics
Manufacturers of industrial and UL approved terminal blocks. Includes an online catalog and listings of representatives and distributors.
Bulgin Components Plc
Manufacturers of mains and waterproof connectors.
C&C Electronics Connectors Inc.
Manufacturer of RF, microwave and coaxial connectors.
Cambridge Electronic Industries
Manufactures data baluns, media filters, impedance matching devices, gender changers, patch panels, cable assemblies, connectors, RJ45 modules, cat 5 cables.
Central Components Manufacturing
Manufacturer of a complete range of industry standard connectors and interconnection systems and accessories.
Chant Sincere Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of a wide range of PCB and cable mounting connectors.
Chufon Technology co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of SD, card, smart card, AV, jack, FPC, and board-to-board connectors in Taiwan
Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronic components and wire connectors.
Cinch Connectors
Manufacturer of a broad range of electrical connectors for use in a variety of industries.
Cobra Electronics Ltd
Manufacturer of standard and custom cable assemblies and a range of Coax/RF and microwave connectors. UK.
Colombo Sergio and Figli, S.r.l.
Manufacturer of insulating housings and connection systems.
Component User Industry Co., Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of computer connectors and cables.
Connect-Tech Products
Connectors and enclosures for Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications, Satellite, Audio/Video, Security, Sound, Industrial, Medical, Automation and other OEM applications
Connectronics Corp.
High voltage connectors made to specifications.
Connectwell Industries Private Limited
Manufacturer of a range of terminal blocks. UL, CSA, VDE, and TUV approved products.
PCB connectors, power connectors, and assemblies.
Cristek Interconnects Inc.
Manufactures COTS and custom electronic connectors for the military, aerospace and biomedical markets. Online catalogue, product search and PDF application notes available for download.
Dash Connector Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of hermetic connectors, bulkhead feed-throughs, headers, probes, and cables assemblies.
David Electronics Company Ltd.
Manufacturer of power cords, computer connectors and accessories.
Dersing Electronics Co. Limited
Manufacturer of fiber optic connectorsand adaptors, patch cords, and bnc connector. Based in Taiwan.
Doran Manufacturing
Manufacturer of custom electrical connector design solutions. Offering custom configured electrical terminals, power distribution blocks and terminal boards.
Douglas Electrical Components
Manufacturer of vacuum, electrical, feedthrough, and RF conductors and hermetic sealed connector technology for the commercial, military and aerospace industries.
Druseidt Elektrotechnik
Manufacturer of solderless connectors and tools, flexible copper connectors, and water cooled high current cables.
Dux Electricals
India-based manufacturer of brass cable glands lugs, earthing rods, lightning protection systems, plumbing sanitary fittings, and brass electrical hardware.
E-Call Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, wire harness, solderless breadboards, electronic components, tool kits and computer accessories.
Eisenacher elektroTECHNIK GmbH
Produces solderless wiring components for the electrical industry. From Germany.
Ekaton Limited
Manufacturer of copper and brass electrical contacts and ancillary products.
Electric Cordsets, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of UL and CSA approved power supply cords and cord sets to the appliance and equipment industries.
Electronic Connector Service, Inc.
Manufacturer of edgecard, d-subminiature, and miniature ribbon cable connectors in press- Fit, SMT and PCB mounted terminations. Contains competitor cross referencing sheet.
Essen Deinki
ISO 9002 manufacturer of connectors, terminals, and microswitches. Includes company background, product information, and contact details.
First Tech
Manufacture of jacks, plugs, connectors, switches, sockets, outlets, LED indicators and surge protectors. From Taiwan.
FTZ Industries
Manufacturer of battery terminals, heat shrink connectors and tubing for transportation, marine and industrial applications.
Gia Yee Industrial Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of RF connectors, solderless cable connectors and cable assemblies. Based in Taiwan.
Gigatronix Ltd
Manufacturers of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. From UK.
Manufactures electronic and electrical connectors and components.
Hawke Cable Glands
Manufacturer of cable glands, connectors, terminations, and fieldbus device couplers for hazardous (Eexd) and industrial (Eexe) areas.
Hualing Electronic Components Factory
Manufacturer of a range of connectors, plugs, sockets, and audio and video connectors. Based in China.
Hus-Tsan Group Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of RF/ microwave connectors, coaxial connectors for CATV, communication, cellular phones and telecommunication.
Hypertac Interconnect
Manufacturer of electronic connectors.
Imperial Connector Systems
Manufacturer of specified electronic connectors with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.
Brazilian manufacturer of terminals, connectors, coated ground rods, and other electromechanical hardware. In Portuguese and English.
Jaynix Engineering Corporation
Manufacturers of deep drawn press parts, connectors, box lugs, terminal, earth and neutral bars from India.
Jeesoon Terminals Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of terminals and connectors. From Taiwan.
Jih Vei Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Connector for computers and OA equipment, plugs, jacks, switches, sockets.
JITE Connectors Inc.
Manufacturer of terminal blocks, PCB connectors, custom design electrical connectors.
Jiuh Shiuh Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Developer and manufacturer of connectors and housings.
JST (UK) Ltd
Manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors, application tooling and machinery.
Jye Bao Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of RF connecters, adapters, and cable assemblies, attenuators, test leads, dipole antennas, and custom microwave and telecommunications components.
K.S.Terminals Inc.
Manufacturer of terminals and connectors.
Koaxis, Inc.
Manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies in 50 and 75 ohms.
L.M.L. Products Ltd.
UK manufacturer and supplier of standard and customised electrical terminals, busbars and connectors.
Lex Products
Manufacture cable assemblies and distribution boxes for motion picture, theatrical, and temporary electrical power markets.
LMI Components, Inc.
Manufactures PC mount and panel mount eurostyle terminal blocks and connectors.
Logical Systems Corp
Manufacturer of adapters and custom interconnects for programming, prototyping and production of IC devices.
Manufacturer of spacers, standoffs, jackscrews, captive panel screws, plastic hardware, and handles with information on products, service, cateers and contacts.
MAC Panel Company
Supplier of interconnect devices for the testing equipment industry.
Manufacturer of terminal blocks, terminal block materials, terminal lugs, quick connect tabs and marker strips.
Meet Industries
Makes brass split bolts, split bolt connectors, line tap and conduit fittings.
MH Connectors
Supplier to the connector and networking market place.
Mill Max Mfg. Corp.
Manufacturer of machined interconnect components and specialty connectors including pins, receptacles, terminals, IC, BGA, PGA, DIP and SIP sockets.
Multi-Contact USA
Manufacturer of precision electrical and electronic connectors specializing in design and development of high current interconnecting systems.
Nanonics Corporation
Manufacturer of ultraminiature (.025 inch pitch) connectors and cable harnesses.
Neltron Industrial Co., Ltd.
Connector, IC Socket, PGA Socket, 2 in 1 Connector, Pin Manufacture wire harness, board to board connector, wire to board connector and other electronic connectors. From Taiwan.
Manufacturer of electronic and electrical connectors, snap domes and membrane switches.
Ningbo Degson Electronics Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of terminal blocks, connectors and precise tooling, based in China.
Northern Electrical Connectors
Manufacturers of electrical connectors specialising in battery connection and engineering capabilities.
Oakmark Industrial Co Ltd.
Manufacturers of custom connectors, cables and harnesses.
ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
Push-pull and medical connector manufacturer.
Manufacturer and distributor of electrical connectors.
Omega Research Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of surface mount device adaptors for prototype use.
Park Metals
Indian manufacturer of brass electrical connectors.
Pave Technology
Hermetically sealed electrical and fiber optic through bulkhead feedthrus connectors for pressures or vacuums.
The Phoenix Company of Chicago, Inc.
Manufacturer of combination D-sub connectors, coax contacts and connectors, RF/Microwave cable assemblies and harnesses, delay lines, military audio connectors, PC boards and electro-mechanical assemblies.
Phoenix Contact
Manufacturer of modular terminal blocks and industry plug connectors, interface and bus products, PCB connectors and surge voltage protection and products.
Positronic Industries Inc
Manufacturer of interconnect products including D-subminiature, power, circular, and rectangular connectors.
Powersonic Industries Inc.
Canada Electrical and Electronic wire, cable,connectors and components distributor and manufacturer of wire harness, cable assembly, electronic and electromechanical assemblies.
Manufacturer of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic and microwave components.
RAF Electronic Hardware
Manufacturer of electronic hardware components . Products include spacers, standoffs, washers, jackscrews, and handles.
Reynolds Industries, Inc.
Supplying connectors, wire, cabling, fiber optics and electronic system integration.
RF Industries Ltd.
Design, manufacture, and distribute coaxial connectors used in radio communication applications, computers, test instruments, PC LANs and antenna devices . Includes product specifications, company news and trade show details .
Ricco Electronics Co Ltd
Manufacturer of jack connectors. Including DC power, phone, miniature and speaker.
S-Conn Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of a variety of RF, microwave, and other connectors, and installation hand tools, as well as standard and custom cable assemblies.
Sabritec Inc.
Produces interconnects from highly integrated assemblies on military avionic systems to microminiature connectors on printed circuit boards.
SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc.
Manufacturer of terminals, connectors, electric terminals, push-on connectors, cord end sleeves, wire nuts, cable tie and crimping tools.
Shenzhen Baifuda Electronic Co., Ltd( China)
Manufacturer of coaxial connectors for A/V, BNC connectors, scart and USB connectors and cable. Located in China.
Shining Industrial Co., Ltd.
Specialized manufacturer of terminal blocks, fuse holders, insulators, connectors, relay sockets and hardware products.
Shogyo International Corporation
Manufacture of connectors, terminals, jacks, plugs, speakers, and switches.
SMP Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of interconnection devices, IC sockets, cable assemblies and power supplies.
Manufacturer of connectors, terminal blocks and cable assemblies.
Staffall, Inc.
Manufacturer insulated and press mount terminals, insulated and non-insulated sockets, spacers, bushings, solder terminals, and self clinching fasteners.
Super Pilot Enterprise Co
RF connectors, BNC, TNC connectors, and assorted other connectors.
Manufacture connectors, jacks and plugs, jackfields, jack panels, cable assemblies and patch cords and switches.
Switchlab Inc.
Manufacturer of illuminated pushbutton switches, barrier/Euro type terminal blocks, and interface products under the DECA brand.
Electronic connector manufacturer. Range includes battery holders, D sub-miniature, IDC, IEEE - 488 Type, SIMMs, I.C. Sockets, chip carrier and DIN41612.
Tekmos Communications Limited
Manufacturer of a range of products for SS7 and G703 connectivity.
Tianli Electrical Machinery
Manufacturer of electrical and electronic terminal blocks.
Trompeter Electronics
Manufacturer of coax, twinax, and triax RF connector and cable assemblies and accessories.
Turret Lugs and Solder Terminals
Manufacture and supply turret lugs, solder terminals, PCB terminal connectors and pillar lugs.
Ultra Precision SA
Manufactures high precision contacts and related components for the connector market.
Manufacturer and distributor of aerospace connector, military connector, aeronautic connector, mil-spec-connectors and electrical contacts. From France.
Vantage Technology
Manufacturer of third-party certified electrical connectors for use in hazardous environments including explosion proof flameproof plugs and receptacles supplying power, control, and thermocouple inserts.
Vensik Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of connectors and wire and cable assemblies. From Taiwan.
Manufacture of customized high-density docking solutions, connectors, receptacles. BGA, µBGA, LGA, CSP, DIP, LCC, PLCC, PGA, SOIC, SOJ, SSOP, QFP using thermoplastics like Ultem and Torlon
Vogt Ldt,
Manufactures cable and wire connectors, PCB terminals and solderless splices. From Switzerland.
Weald Electronics Ltd.
Manufacturers of filtered connectors.
Manufacture of terminal blocks, terminal strips and electrical connectors and pcb connectors.
Weitronic Enterprise Co., Ltd
Professional manufactory in connector industry.
Weltech Electronics
Manufacturer of AVON brand of RF, microwave co-axial connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, fiber optic connectors, etc.
Wildcat Electronics Inc.
Manufacturer of terminals, pins, sockets and receptacles. Also custom parts and assemblies.
Winchester Electronics Corp.
Manufacturer of backplane connector systems, RF coaxial connectors, input/output connectors, and power connectors, etc.
Woori Electronics Industrial.Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of connectors and assemblies for computer, telecommunications, automotive and domestic appliances.
Offers RJ connectors with visual indicators.
Y-connect, Inc.
Offers connector products in these areas: RF coax, board level and I/O, fiber optics. Also cable assemblies.
Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies, including sub-D, headers and terminators.
Yi Wai Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Adcon brand of electronic components including RCA plugs, jacks, terminal boards, adapters and connectors.
Yue Sheng Exact Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of 1394 connector, usb, PDA, SMT, phone, din, pin, fiber optic and computer connectors.
Z-Axis Connector Company
Manufacturers of miniature electronic custom connectors, are also known as specialty Elastomeric Connectors.

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