This category lists companies that manufacture base printed circuit boards out of FR4, teflon, or other substrate material, using Gerber artwork, drill files, and/or other CAD designs. The final product is a board that contains no components (often called "unpopulated").
ABL Circuits
Manufacturer of circuit boards. Hertfordshire, UK. Company description and online enquiry form.
Advanced Electronics, Inc.
Fabrication of prototype, pre-production and medium production quantities with 2 week standard delivery and 24 hour to 1 week delivery for prototypes. West Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Amitron Corporation
Fabrication of circuit boards up to 10 layers. Capability list and offers virtual tour of board fabrication process in company Illinois, USA factory.
Anglia Circuits Limited
Fabrication of rigid through hole circuit boards in Cambridgeshire, UK factory. Site lists quality certifications and contains quotation request form.
Cambridge Circuit Company Limited
Site describes printed circuit manufacturing capabilities, equipment and delivery times.
Canadian Circuits Inc.
Site details services offered: prototype circuit boards through to small and medium scale production runs. Single, double sided, and multilayer circuit boards capability. Online quotation. Based in western Canada.
Cartel Electronics
Manufacturers of quick turn PCBs from 1-22 layers in numerous materials. Engineering support, and continuing customer service.
Circuit Express, Inc
Manufacturer of single sided, double sided, and multilayer circuit boards, with materials including polyimide and aramid. California, USA.
Circuit Graphics, Inc.
Fabrication of prototype and volume quantities. Site lists capabilities and includes quotation request form.
Circuits West
Manufacturer of double-sided boards and multilayer up to 16 layers. Longmont, Colorado, USA.
Colt Technology
Design and fabrication of circuit boards. Missouri, USA. Company capabilities and a flowchart of fabrication process.
Rigid and flex boards of 30+ layers, plus external heat sinks, metal cores, blind and buried via's and controlled impedance. Irvine, CA, USA.
Cube s.r.o.
Fabrication of multilayer PTH circuit boards from facility in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. Site lists company capabilities, factory equipment, and offers downloadable software for monitoring order status. Site in Czech, German, and English.
Dunne Roberts Ltd
Site details capabilities of this company: PCB design using Protel and Mentor Graphics. ISO9001 approved for Design, Manufacture and Assembly of PCBs.
Dyco Circuits Inc
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Specializing in quick-turn and short production run printed circuit boards. All PCB's meet IPC standards
Dynamic and Proto Circuits, Inc.
Offering circuit board fabrication including PTFE and ceramic-filled substrates and tolerances down to 3/3 mil lines. Ontario, Canada. Virtual tour with photos and QuickTime movies of factory, and lists of capabilities, materials and equipment suppliers.
ECS Circuits Ltd.
A supplier of printed circuit boards. This site details their capabilities. Company based in Ireland.
Electronic Controls Design (ECD) Inc.
Quick turn circuit boards up to 4 layers with no tooling charge, plus production-run circuit board fabrication.
Electronic Response, Inc.
Manufacturer of rigid and flex single, double, and multilayer printed circuit boards.
Eltek Ltd.
Israeli producer of electronic circuit boards. (Nasdaq: ELTK).
Evergreen PCB Factory Ltd
Produces single and double sided printed circuit board as well as multilayer circuit boards from factories in Guangdong China and Hong Kong. Site lists capabilities and past customers.
Excel Electrociruit
Manufacturing of high tech, high quality UL approved printed circuit boards.
Falcon PCB Group
UK PCB manufacturer specialising in prototype and pth, multilayer, flex, flex-rigid printed circuit boards.
Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
Designer and manufacturer of complex printed circit boards and package substrates. US division of Fujitsu, Japan.
G & B Electronic Designs Ltd.
Onsite PCB design service. Site also details PCB assembly service. Based in Hampshire UK.
Generation Circuits, LLC.
Complete PCB Layout and Manufacturing under same roof. Protos, Multi-Layer, 24hr Turns, Full Production runs. Providing a complete service to the electronics industry since 1984. California, USA.
Specialized company to producing printed circuit boards (PCBs) for high-performance semiconductor circuit modules. Site in English and Korean, and requires Flash.
Hallmark Circuits, Inc.
Prototype, pre-production, and small volume PCBs. Focuses on on-time delivery. California, USA. Site lists capabilities and factory equipment, plus Flash tour of factory.
Hatron Electronic
This site details the technologies and production capabilities of this Polish PCB manufacturer. Single sided to multilayer. Prototype to production runs.
Holmes Circuit Designs Ltd.
Printed circuit design, system design and quality pcb services. RF, digital and analog design.
Instrumentation and Control Systems, Inc.
Designs and manufacture electronic circuit boards, UPS, and sells oem industrial electronic products. Based in Illonios.
International Circuits
Manufacturer specializing in printed circuit boards for a global customer base. Online store. USA.
ITL Circuits
Offers multilayer boards, with fine-pitch SMT and BGA capabilities. Site lists capabilities for each step in the manufacturing process. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
JTL Design & Manufacturing
Arizona based circuit board design, fabrication and schematic capture services for mixed technology. List of clients and staff contacts.
K & F Electronics, Inc.
Circuit board fabrication offering 3-4 week standard delivery, with premium delivery from 24 hours. Michigan, USA. Site lists factory capabilities and photos of plant equipment, and includes glossary of circuit board terms.
Liconix Industries, Inc.
Provider of single sided, double sided and multilayer boards including Teflon and RT Duroid. Site lists capabilities and factory equipment. New York, USA.
Matrix Sales
Manufacturers representative for circuit board fabrication including BGA and rigid flex designs for prototype, US domestic, and off shore production volumes. Site lists current capabilities, certifications, and future technology roadmap.
Mega Circuit, Inc.
Fabrication of circuit boards from single-sided up to 20 layers, including prototype through production volumes and blind and buried vias. Site lists Illinois, USA factory capabilities.
Micam Limited
Manufacture of single and double sided screen printed circuit boards.
Micron 20 Ltd.
PCB manufacturer, producing single-layer, double-layer and multilayer PCBs. Bulgaria. Site in Bulgarian and English.
Milplex Circuits
Prototype to production; offers Orbotech laser photoplotting, online order status, and AOI. Ithasca, Ill., USA.
Minnitron Ltd.
Manufacturer of prototype and small to medium volume printed circuit boards. Site lists capabilities, illustrated design rules, and a short tutorial on circuit board fabrication. Kent, UK.
Up to 68 layers and panel size 30" x 42". Facilities in US, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, China.
Multi Circuit Boards Ltd.
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards from 1 to 48 layers and offers 48 hour express service. Includes product specifications and pricing. Brunnthal, Germany.
Newbury Electronics Ltd.
Site details services offered: Conventional and flexi-rigid PCB manufacture, component procurement, PCB assembly and PCB design.
P+M Services (R) Ltd
Fabrication of single, double, and multilayer though hole and surface mount circuit boards. UK. Site lists capabilities.
PCB Express Inc.
Quick turn prototype and production of single side, double side and multilayer printed circuit boards. Site lists prices and includes quote submission form.
PCB World Solutions
Suppliers of printed circuit boards. Single sided, double sided or multi-layered. Based in Adelaide Australia.
Australian manufacturer of printed circuit boards. Specializing in prototype runs. Production runs also available.
Photo Fabricators, Inc.
Prototypes to production of single, double, and multilayer boards. Southern California, USA. Site lists general capabilities.
Printed Circuits Corp.
PCB manufacturer offering services from design and prototype to high volume production. Norcross, Georgia, USA.
Printed Systems Ltd.
Site describes the capabilities of PSL, a contract supplier of printed circuit boards, formed in 1999. Based in Hertfordshire, UK.
Prodigy Electronics
Site details Prodigy's capabilities: supplier of 2 layer to 32 layer boards with quick turnaround. Telecom Backplane boards, Power supply boards and other speciality boards.
Protoline, Inc.
Layout, fabrication, and testing of circuit boards. Site lists capabilities, factory equipment, and includes a virtual tour of factory. Texas, USA.
Saturn Electronics Corporation
Manufacturer of single to 12-layers circuit boards. Photos of factory and a list of current customers.
Select Circuits
Manufacture of quick turn around prototype to production pcb's. Up to 4 layer boards in 24 hours. Capabilities listed on site. Also request a quote online. Company based in CA.
Printed circuits board manufacturer. From Italy; site in Italian, English and German.
Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd.
Producing professional grade printed circuit boards. Multiple locations in India.
SQP International
Printed circuit board prototypes producer based in the Slovak republic.
Star Electronics Inc.
Producing prototype through large production runs, of single, double sided, and multilayers (up to ten layers) printed circuit boards.
Streamline Circuits
Full service printed circuit board manufacturer. Located in California.
Tai Ping Circuits Technology Ltd
Manufacturer all kind of printed circuit board. From Hong Kong.
Taiwan PCB Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of double sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Also offer CAD and CAM services.
Fabrication, including rigid, flex, and metal based boards. Facilities in Korea and California, USA. Site lists capabilities.
Tecnomec Srl
Manufactures electronic circuits and printed circuit boards. Based in Italy. Site in Italian, English, and German, and lists capabilities and available materials.
Circuit board fabrication up to 18 layers. Site lists capabilities, equipment list, and includes a virtual tour of Illinois, USA factory.
Tendex Int'l Circuits (H.K.) Ltd
PCB manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Site lists capabilities and company contact information.
Texpine Corporation
Manufacture and exporter of circuit boards based in Taiwan. Site lists capabilities and a graphical chart of the manufacturing process.
TRC Circuits, Inc.
Quick turn double sided and multi layer circuit boards. Minnesota, USA. Site lists capabilities, design guidelines, and offers design utility software tools for download.
TTM Technologies
Prototype, ramp to volume, and volume PCB manufacturing. Facilities in Washington and California, USA. Site lists capabilities and facility descriptions including equipment lists.
Vastbright Technology
Contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards and printed wire boards. China. Site lists customers, plant equipment and photos, plus company capabilities.
Washington Circuits Ltd.
Site details Printed Circuit Board capabilities: Manufacture from prototype and assembly. Based in North East England.
Multilayer fabrication to 18 layers. ISO9002 facilities in Oregon and California, USA. Site lists company capabilities and includes line impedance calculator.
Winonics Inc.
Fabrication of printed circuit boards and printed wiring boards with delivery from twenty four hours for prototype quantities and controlled lead time of four weeks for volume manufacturing. California, USA. Photo tour of facility.
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