This category covers electronics contract manufacturing companies and related links that apply to the assembly of printed circuit boards. PCB Assembly involves placing and securing - typically by soldering - the electrical and electronic components onto the bare printed circuit board.
ACC Electronix, Inc.
Electronics manufacturer offering surface mount, through-hole and box build assembly, test, burn-in, conformal coating, and X-ray on a turn-key or consignment basis. Normal, Illinois, USA.
ACME Board Assembly
Offers surface mount, through-hole and box build manufacturing on a consignment or turn-key basis. Also capable of engineering and design services. Carson, California, USA.
Advanced Assembly, LLC.
Provides quick turn prototype and low volume PCB assembly services. Aurora, Colorado, USA.
AirTrack Electronics
Offers quick turn pcb assembly services in small to medium quantities, online price list and ordering. Boise, Idaho, USA.
Airtronic Circuits
OEM manufacturers of equipment based on PCBs. Also offer training/consulting on manufacturing/engineering processes. Based in Templestowe, Australia.
Altronics Manufacturing, Inc.
Surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly services supporting engineering prototypes and full volume production. Hudson, New Hampshire, USA.
American Precision Electronics, Inc.
Contract manufacturer providing pcb assembly, including surface mount (smt), through-hole and mixed assemblies, as well as box builds. Carol Stream, Illinois, USA.
Amiga Electronics Pty, Ltd.
Provides electronic manufacturing services to customers from North Queensland to Victoria, Australia. Specialized in printed circuit board and electro-mechanical assembly. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Amptech, Inc.
Manufacturer of PCB, wire harness and mechanical assemblies. Free Soil, Michigan, USA and Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA.
Amtech Electrocircuits
Contract manufacturer providing PCB design, assembly, and fabrication as well as box build, prototyping, testing, coating, and engineering services. A 24-hour quick-turn option available. Troy, Michigan, USA.
A and M Electronics, Inc.
Contract manufacturer of circuit board assemblies serving the military, medical and commercial industries. Credit card payment accepted. Valencia, California, USA.
Applied Technical Services (ATS) Corporation
Supplies turnkey and consignment manufacturing solutions for both surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly and test. Everett, Washington, USA.
AQS, Inc.
Offers electronic assembly, test engineering, system integration and final testing including prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), and post-manufacturing services. San Jose, California, USA.
ASK Technology Ltd
Sub contract, low volume pcb assembly company with rapid prototype offering. Hook, Hampshire, UK.
Axiom Manufacturing Services
Offers contract electronics manufacturing, design, test, supply chain and logistics services. Newport, Wales, UK.
Axis Electronics
An electronics manufacturing service provider specializing in low to medium volume pcb assembly. Bedford, UK.
Ayrshire Electronics, LLC
Offers through-hole and surface mount printed circuit board assembly, complete box build, and engineering services. Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.
Baja-Mex Electronic Assembly Services
Provides consignment, turn key, and subcontract electronic and mechanical assembly services. Located in Tijuana, Mexico with office in San Diego, California, USA.
Bel-Tronics Corporation
Assembler of custom electronic devices including through-hole and surface mount PC boards. Also offers thick film and coil winding production. Addison, Illinois, USA and Flora, Illinois, USA.
BESTProto, Inc.
Providing small highly specialized businesses, start-ups and incubator companies with small production or specialty build capabilities for printed circuit boards. Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA.
Besttech Manufacturing Company, Ltd
A low to medium volume electronics manufacturer offering surface mount, through-hole, and box build assembly and test. Ayutthaya Province, Thailand.
Bright Manufacturing Services, Inc.
Offers electronic assembly and contract manufacturing services. Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California, USA.
BSU, Inc.
Contract manufacturer specialized in automated assembly for small to medium-sized production runs and quick-turn prototypes. Also offer in-circuit and functional test, ball grid array (BGA) rework, design engineering, and material management. Ithaca, New York, USA.
C.E. ANTS Company Limited
Provider of surface mount, through-hole, cable, and box build assembly and test. Klongneung, Klongluang, Pathumtani, Thailand.
Cal Quality Electronics
Provides turn-key services for PCB assembly, prototypes, testing, warranty repair, packaging and supply chain management. Santa Anna, California, USA.
Car San Manufacturing Ltd
Provides surface mount, mixed technology and cable assembly and test. Specialized for quick turn and low to mid-volume production. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Circuit Board Assembly Services (CBAS)
Offers quick-turn engineering prototypes, low and medium volume turn-key production and testing of surface mount and through-hole assemblies. Santa Ana, California, USA.
Circuit Services, Inc.
Offers low to medium volume surface mount and thru-hole assembly as well as bare printed circuit board fabrication. Kenner, Louisiana, USA.
Creative Circuits, Inc.
Assembler of circuit boards including test, potting, prototyping, and board layout services. Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
Cygnus Electronics Corporation
Provides complete turnkey product services, from concept to manufacturing, testing and box build assembly. Woodbridge Ontario, Canada.
Electronic assembly services provider for small prototypes and production circuit board runs, plus metal and plastic housings and cable mountings. In English, German, and Polish. Straszyn, Poland.
Dynamic EMS, Ltd.
A low to medium volume electronics manufacturer offering surface mount, through-hole, and box build assembly and test. Dunfermline, Scotland, UK.
Electronic Assembly Connection
Provides PCB and custom cable assembly services to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Turnkey material procurement and functional test provided. Arroyo Grande, California, USA.
Electronic Design and Manufacturing (EDM)
Custom electronics manufacturer for prototype to high-volume production runs. Offers in-house electronic engineering and design. Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.
Electronic Source Company
Contract electronics manufacturer offering PCB assembly including surface mount, through-hole, ball grid array (BGA), and microBGA technology. Offers a quick-turn service to consignment and turn-key customers. Van Nuys, California, USA.
Electronic Systems, Inc.
Provides a full range of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) from board-level and box build assembly to software integration, test, potting, conformal coating, burn-in, and repair. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.
Excel Tech, Inc.
Electronic manufacturing service provider concentrating on printed circuit board assembly. McMinnville, Oregon, USA.
Exif, Ltd.
Offers through-hole and surface mount PCB assembly, final system build, and testing for prototypes to medium volume. Located in Czechoslovakia. Site in Czech, German, and English.
FH Electronic Limited
Manufacturer specialized in chip on board (COB) and labor intensive assemblies, including metal and plastic parts and electro luminescents. Hong Kong, China.
First Choice Assembly, Ltd.
Offers contract printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with automatic optical inspection (AOI) capability. Halesowen, West Midlands, UK.
G. M. Enterprises
Offers turn key surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole electronic assembly and electrical test. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
GASM Electronics, Ltd.
Provides process tooling and fixtures support electronics manufacturing such as wave solder pallets, surface mount carriers, conforma coating fixtures, press fit supports, test probes and fixtures. Israel.
General Microcircuits, Inc. (GMI)
A source to design, engineer, prototype, test and assemble new electronic products. Offers a choice of domestic or off-shore manufacturing. Mooresville, North Carolina, USA.
Glassmaster Controls Company, Inc.
Provides electronic manufacturing services targeting regional customers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. ISO/TS 16949 certified. Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
GRT Electronics, LLC
Provides design and engineering, PCB and mechanical assembly and rework, and test for consigned kits or turn-key manufacturing. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Innovative Circuits Arizona (ICA), Inc.
Contract manufacturer offering PCB assembly and test of complex designs from prototype to production. Gilbert, Arizona, USA.
Innovative Circuits, Inc.
Contract electronics manufacturer specializing in automated surface mount (SMT) and mixed technology PCB assembly. Corinth, Missouri, USA.
Integrated Electronics Limited (IEL)
Electronics sub-contractor offering services from design through assembly, inspection and test for industrial and scientific applications. Staines, Middlesex, UK.
Keystone Electronics, Inc.
Custom electronics shop focused on contract manufacturing for PCB, control panel and cable assembly. York, Pennsylvania, USA.
Mack Technologies
Provides contract manufacturing services and design support for military, medical, avionics, communications, and industrial automation industries. Locations in Massachusetts, Florida, and Mexico.
MEC Companies
Electronic product development and manufacturing services provider offering electrical engineering, PCB assembly, design and layout. Locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and Canby, Oregon, USA and Tecate, Mexico.
Micron Corporation
Contract electronic manufacturer for through-hole and surface mount technology on consignment or turn-key. Norwood, Massachusetts, USA.
MK Enterprises, Inc.
Offers contract manufacturing of surface mount and through-hole circuit boards plus cable and wire harness assembly. Middlefield, Ohio, USA.
MSH Electronics, Ltd.
Small to medium volume electronics manufacturing, prototyping and cable looms and harnesses. Wimborne, Dorset, UK.
Nelson Specialties Company
A contract service provider of surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly and layout with an offering for quick-turn engineering prototypes. St. Joseph, Michigan, USA.
New Age Technologies, Inc.
Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider specializing in surface mount and mixed technology assembly for low to mid-volume production. Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA.
New Brunswick Industries, Inc.
Contract electronic manufacturer offering turnkey and consignment surface mount and through-hole assembly, test, and box build. ISO 9001/2000 certified and RoHS processes available. San Diego, California, USA.
Nextek, Inc.
A specialty firm offering design, analytics, manufacturing, and test for OEMs. Focused on products with high function and advanced interconnect technology. Madison, Alabama, USA.
OCM Manufacturing, Inc.
Contract electronics manufacturing services tailored for small- to mid-size companies and low- to mid-volumes. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Futian District, Shenzhen, China.
Pantronix Corporation
Offers electronic manufacturing and design services with a focus on renewable energy applications, custom packaging, and test. Freemont, California, USA.
PCB Unlimited
Provider of printed circuit boards, quickturn prototype PCBs and a large selection of SMT and through hole PCB assembly equipment.
PCBSINO Technologies Company, Ltd.
Offers printed circuit board (PCB) design, layout, fabrication and assembly. Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.
Contract assembler of surface mount, through-hole, and mixed technology printed circuit boards as well as cables, harnesses, and ribbon cables. Ithaca, New York, USA.
Peretz Mantzur Industries Group
A sub-contractor and turn-key manufacturer offering surface mount and through-hole assembly and test for the civilian, industrial, and military sectors. Nes-Zyona, Israel. Site provides English and Hebrew versions.
Pinder Industries, Inc.
A low to mid-volume sales and contract assembly manufacturing firm for circuit board assembly, environmental coating, kitting, cable/harness assembly, turnkey assembly and test fixtures. Munster, Indiana, USA.
Pioneer Cable Company
A contract manufacturer offering PCB design and assembly to complete product builds as well as offering metal- and wood-working services and plastics injection molding. Wichita, Kansas, USA.
PM Assembly, LP
A consignment only manufacturer focused on surface mount technology (SMT) assembly. Dallas, Texas, USA.
Power Action Limited
Offers prototype to medium volume pcb assembly including ball grid array (BGA) placement, functional and in-circuit test, and bar code defect and process tracking. Lisburn, Northern Ireland,
Prima-Tech-Pro Ltd
Provides PCB and electronic device assembly with functional test. Also offers screen printing and technology projects including procurement, implementation and training. Bulgaria.
Pro-Tech Electronics Canada
Electronic services company focused on low to mid volume PCB, cable, and box build assembly. Capable of circuit design and layout. Concord, Ontario, Canada.
Protronix EMS, Ltd.
Contract electronics manufacturer specializing in surface mount (SMT), through hole (TH) and hybrid PCB assembly in addition to cable, harness and electro-mechanical assembly. Luton, Bedfordshire, UK.
Quality Concepts Manufacturing, Inc. (QCMI)
Provides surface mount, through-hole and electro-mechanical assembly and test. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
Qualtech Technologies, Inc.
Contract supplier of electronic circuit boards and wired assemblies. Willoughby, Ohio, USA.
RB Technology, Inc.
Electronic contract manufacturer offering PCB, cable, and harness assembly. Fremont, California, USA.
S and Y Industries, Inc.
An electronic manufacturing service (EMS) operation providing turn-key assembly and test services for printed circuit boards and system integration. Winfield, Kansas, USA.
Screaming Circuits
Online 24-hour quick-turn prototype pc board assembly. Assembles prototype, pilot production and short-run production pc boards. Canby, Oregon, USA.
Servatron, Inc.
Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider with a particular expertise in wireless manufacturing and test. Spokane, Washington, USA.
Sigmatron International
Contract manufacturer of PCB and wiring assemblies and turn-key electronic products. Facilities in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and Freemont, California, USA as well as Acuna, Mexico and Wujiang, Suzhou, China.
Silicon Forest Electronics, Inc.
Contract manufacturing services for surface mount and through-hole technology including test and complete assembly. Offers rapid delivery on low- to mid- volume orders. Vancouver, Washington, USA.
Silicon Hills Design, Inc.
Offers contract printed circuit board layout and assembly services ranging from prototype to production quantities. Austin, Texas, USA.
Spectron Electronics, Inc.
Electronic manufacturing service provider offering surface mount and through-hole assembly. Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Sunburst Electronics
Contract electronic manufacturing services from PCB to complete product assemblies and test on consignment or turnkey. Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.
Suntax International Corporation, Pte, Ltd.
Provides electronic contract manufacturing and design specializing in photography and digital flash products. Singapore.
Suntron Corporation
Manufacturing services for products in the semiconductor capital equipment, aerospace and defense, industrial, networking and telecommunications, and medical equipment markets. Multiple USA locations.
Surmotech Contract Manufacturing Services
Offers manufacturing and design (through partnerships) services for production of printed circuit board assemblies. Rochester, NY, USA.
Taylor Electronic Designs
Contract electronics manufacturer specializing in board design, assembly, test and complete products. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Teamtronics Company Limited
Contract manufacturer offering PCB and box build assembly. Capable of lead free soldering, functional test, and in-circuit test. Two locations in Thailand.
Technical Manufacturing Corporation
Electronics manufacturer providing printed circuit board and interconnecting wire assemblies to OEMs. Durham, Connecticut, USA.
Technical Support
Provides small to medium volume through-hole and surface mount PCB and cable assembly and test. Warwick, Warwickshire, England.
Tekson Electronics
Electronic and electro mechanical manufacturing offering PCB, cable, and module assembly and test for the automobile and domestic appliance industry. Maharashtra, India.
Tri-M Technologies
Provides manufacturing, design, prototyping and supply chain management for computer peripherals, telecommunications, medical, automotive, industrial, consumer and multimedia industries. Facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and China.
Triode Group Limited
Electronics contract manufacturer offering quick turn low to medium volume printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services. Wairau Valley, Auckland, New Zealand.
Turnkey Manufacturing Limited
Provides turn-key printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with chip on board (COB), surface mount (SMT) and through-hole (IMT) technologies. London, UK.

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