This category contains vendors and distributors of Printed Circuit Boards. A printed circuit board (PCB) is a rigid or flexible panel of fiberglass, teflon, or other insulating substrate that contains layers of interconnecting conductive tracks onto which electronic components are mounted to create an electronic circuit.

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Ace Tech Circuit
Korean manufacturer of printed circuit board materials, chemicals and supplier of printed circuit boards.
Advanced Circuit Solutions
Printed circuit board design bureau using mentor graphics and cadence design tools.
Altest Corporation
Design, fabrication, assembly, and testing for circuit boards, specializing in burn-in and load boards. Located in San Jose, California, USA. Site lists general company capabilities and contact information.
American Circuits, Inc.
Design, fabrication, assembly, and test of teflon and polymide circuit boards. Offers MIL-P-55110 standards from factory located in North Carolina, USA. Site lists general capabilities.
AMS Manufacturing
Specializing in high-mix, low to medium volume production, as well as seamless NPI migration.
ANC Technology
Contract manufacturing, circuit assembly, offering component procurement. Factory in Shanghai, sales and procurement office in California, USA.
Antona Corporation
Design and manufacturing of circuit boards and cards for industrial control and PC applications. Concentration is on RS232, RS422, ISA, and PCI compatible PC cards. Product specifications of existing designs.
Artek Manufacturing
San Diego, USA based company offering circuit board assembly, BGA rework, and engineering services.
ASI Stencil Associates, LLC
Manufacturer of laser cut solder paste stencils. Facility in New Hampshire, USA. Site lists technical advantages of laser cut stencils, and links to subsidiary that fabricates circuit boards.
Aztec Electronics
Prototype to production volume. Offers 5/5, multilayers, 9 mil holes, carbon paste. St. Michael MN, USA.
Bela Electronic Designs
Specialises in small batch production surface mount including one-offs. Also offers cables and testing.
Burton Industries
PCB design and manufacturing, offering both turnkey and parts supplied. Also offer cable harnesses, final assembly, and custom test fixtures.
C & D Assembly, Inc.
Printed circuit board manufacture prototype through production and refurbishment and repair services.
Cancino Technologies Corporation
Offering a complete range of circuit assembly services including SMT and BGA from prototype builds to high volume production runs. Quebec, Canada.
Capital Electro-Circuits, Inc.
Manufactures PCBs and offers surface mount, through hole, cable assembly and box assembly services. Online design for manufacturability tips and RFQ.
Cephos Group
Contract manufacturer of circuit boards, including PCB manufacturing, assembly and test, component sourcing, and kitting. UK.
Circad Design Ltd.
Electronic PCB design and manufacturing from schematic capture to board assembly. Mechanical design and detail including 3D solid modelling, assembly diagrams and wiring diagrams.
Circuit Design Specialties, Inc.
Provides printed circuit board design, fabrication and assembly services for the electronics industry.
Circuit Works Corporation
Manufacturing services including surface mount, through-hole, hand assembly, final assembly, and procurement services. Lake Bluff, IL, USA.
Cleveland Circuits
Circuit board manufacturing services, including plated through hole board fabrication, through hole and surface mount component procurement and assembly, repair, and sectional analysis. Cleveland, England. Site lists company capabilities.
Cleveland Circuits Corporation
Design, layout, and fabrication of circuit boards, including photoplotting services. Ohio, USA. Site lists company capabilities, FAQs, and a quotation request form.
Compunetics, Inc.
High speed interconnects and printed circuit boards. Offers 2 mil spacing, 30 layer boards, laser drilling, and multilayer flex PCBs. Monroeville, Penn, USA.
Consult System Electronic
Provides electronic design engineering services including feasibility analysis, circuit development, board layout, testing, production and product aesthetics.
Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.
Helps original equipment manufacturers develop successful outsourcing programs for printed circuit board assemblies and end product systems.
CopperCAD Design
Schematic capture and PCB design of high speed multi-layer digital and analog circuit packs.
DaeDuck Electronics
Manufacturer of advanced electronic interconnect products and services from conventional single sided and double sided up to fine-line multilayer PCBs.
Distron Corporation
Design and manufacturing of SMT and through hole PCBs. North Attleboro, MA, USA.
DS Electronics
Turnkey manufacturer of printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies and CNC machined parts since 1991.
E-TeKNet Inc.
Manufacture printed circuit boards and PCB assembly in high-volume production.
Egyptian company involved in the assembly, maintenance and repair of printed circuit boards.
Electronic Service & Design.
Offers prototyping, and custom, quick turn manufacturing. Capabilities include double-sided and multilayer PCB fabrication with SMT, low to medium volume production and unique Gerber file upload area.
Ellwest Kg
Manufacturing of printed circuit boards including single and double sided, multilayer, flexible, impedance controlled and metal core.
Elmgrove Technologies
Provides electronic engineering,circuit board design, fabrication and circuit board assembly. Component procurement is available or components can be supplied.
Enigma Interconnect Inc.
Contract manufacturer offering design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards with experience in exotic materials. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Site also available in French, and includes glossary of printed circuit board terms, FAQ of design and manufacturing questions, and downloadable CAD tools.
Entech Electronics
Australia based manufacturer offering printed circuit board manufacturing and contract assembly and component procurement services. Description of services and list of quality accreditations.
eP Board Design
Provide engineering prototype design, IC adapters, new product design, prototyping adapters, video design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and production.
EPD Electronics
Engineering and assembly services for design, prototype, and custom build of circuit boards, including parts procurement and test fixture production. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Contract manufacturing and assembly of surface mount, through hole, or mixed circuit boards from prototype to low-medium volume production. Lithuania.
essai Inc.
Engineering and manufacturing of sockets, contactors, test automation equipment, and circuit boards. Fremont, California.
Far East PCB
An international purchasing organization that has been assisting its customers in the sourcing of printed circuit boards (PCB) and other electronic interconnection devices from the Pacific Rim since 1976.
provides contract electronic manufacturing including custom design, bare printed circuit board manufacturing, turnkey contract electronic manufacturing, and reliability testing.
The Global Connection Company.
Manufacture PCBs from conceptual design through completed assembly.
Global Datum, Ltd.
Provides a design, manufacturing and advice service to the subcontract electronic assembly industry. From screenprint, SMT and reflow pallets, wave solder pallets, automation and metal work.
Glocom Electronics Ltd.
Manufacturer of P.C.B in Taiwan that specialize in 1-14 layers product.
GSPK Design Ltd.
Services include electronic hardware and firmware design, low volume manufacture, consultation, product test and development.
Innovative Circuits Engineering, Inc.
Printed circuit boards layout, design, and manufacturing. Extensive burn-in, cycling, HAST, and ESD capabilities.
Interconics Ltd.
UK. Offers initially consultation and prototype design services for cost effective volume solutions. Utilises the latest fabrication technologies and assembly techniques.
Offers custom design of RF circuits and BCBs including prototyping, circuit and components modelling, high speed packaging and 3D electro-magnetic simulation of RF, antenna and opto-electronic components.
Jabil Circuit Solutions
Independent supplier of turnkey manufacturing services for circuit board assemblies, subsystems and systems.
Key Electronics
Offers surface mount assembly, ball grid array, functional testing, conformal coating, X-Ray inspection, design assistance, packaging and distribution.
LANmark Circuits
Printed circuit board manufacturer for the electronics industry.
Layers PCB Design
Benelux based circuit board design, fabrication, and assembly, with emphasis on designs involving EMC, high speed ball grid array (BGA) routing and microvias. Site in French and English.
Marco Manufacturing
A contract manufacturer of PCBs.
Mazet GmbH
A contract manufacturer of ASIC, embedded PC and firmware.
Micro Technology Consultants
Offer a flexible electronic product design and development service and a design and manufacture of custom automatic test equipment. Instrumentation and embedded controller specialists.
MIGA Research and Development, Inc.
Providing technical services in design, fabrication and test of electronic and mechanical devices.
MIS Engineering
Printed circuit board manufacturing from design to assembly.
Printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in quick turn, prototype, and multilayer PCB fabrication.
Murrietta Circuits
Layout, manufacturing, and assembly. Anaheim, CA, USA.
Nexlogic Technologies
Printed circuit board (PCB) design, layout, manufacturing, assembling and test. Contact information and online quotation request form.
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of printed circuits, and programmable logic, or laboratory instruments used for system testing and debugging. Also, modular application and control software. English and Italian.
Optima Technology
Manufacturer of printed circuit board assembly, box or system assemblies, and engineering services. India.
P4Q Electronics
Manufacturing and assembly of electronic circuits using SMD technology.
Parlin Industries, Inc.
Layout, fabrication, and assembly of volumes of rigid boards in prototype to 1 million volumes; offers polymer thick film (PTF) components. Michigan, USA.
PCB Specialist
Consultant offering PCB design auditing.
PFU Systems
Manufactures standard and custom embedded and small form factor PC micro-motherboards and credit-card sized motherboards.
Poly Circuits
Microwave printed circuits dedicated to applications beginning at 900 MHz. Offers Teflon, PTFE, Duroid, and other high frequency materials.
Power Design Services.
Provides circuit board layout, design, fabrication and assembly, including motherboard design, EMC consulting, prototypes and complex volume production capacities.
Precision Circuits
Design, fabrication, and assembly of circuit boards and PC boards. California, USA.
Process Sciences Inc.
Offers training, process consulting, laboratory analysis, and component and assembly rework and repair services for circuit board assembly OEMs. Company overview, list of clients, and services description.
Quality Electronic Designs
Provides turnkey prototype through production.
Quartz Technical Services Ltd.
Manufacture single sided, plated through and multilayer PCBs. Assembly of PCB's both surface mount and conventional components. Panel and cubicle wiring.
Quick Circuits, Ltd.
Surface mount and conventional PCB manufacturer in the UK. Offers a 'one stop shop' from design to finished product. Fast turnaround and prototypes also available.
Saline Lectronics Inc.
Manufacturer specializing in mid volume, multi-layer printed circuit board assembly, electrical engineering, testing, and box builds. Michigan, USA. Lists facilities and capability description.
Silicon Integration
Full service turn-key and consignment contract manufacturer specializing in complex PCB assembly. Milford, CT
SMG Circuits Corporation
Manufacture and prototyping printed circuit boards. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
SMT Developments Ltd.
Delivers complete electronics manufacturing services, including PCB manufacture and assembly in the UK.
A manufacturing of rigid printed circuit board, single sided and double sided without plated through holes for automotive and house hold appliance,
South Bay Circuits
Specializes in turnkey electronic contract manufacturing, PCB board manufacturing, circuit board assembly (PCBA), electronic box builds, and PCB design and layout.
Stanford Electronics, Manufacturing and Sales
Offers turnkey contract manufacturing through full service product development.
Start PCB
Supplies printed circuit board supplies, loupes, magnifiers, microscopes, tape dispensers, label dispensers.
Manufacture of relay boards and modules and contract manufacturing of electronic components.
A manufacture of printed circuit boards.
TT Electronics
UK based manufacturer offers design, layout, prototyping and production. Description of capabilities and line equipment.
UK Electronics Ltd.
Design, fabrication, and assembly of printed circuit boards and complete electronic assemblies, including through hole and SMT technologies and EMC testing. Site lists company capabilities. UK.
Viasystems Group, Inc.
Provides electronics manufacturing services and PCB fabrications. (NYSE: VG)
Visorlake PCB Designs Ltd
Printed circuit board layout, design, bareboard sourcing and assembly services. Essex, UK. Offers general company information.
W H Circuit, CC.
South African manufacturer of pcbs, to OEM specification. Site also offers latest news, as well as technical discussion forum for visitors concerned with design and other issues.
WAGO Corporation
Manufacturing for electronic products, including surface mount circuit board assembly for I/O modules and wiring termination devices. Product catalog and customer references.
Wardley Electronics Ltd
Manufacturers and designers of PCB boards, printed circuits and surface mount boards. Colchester, UK.
WUS Printed Circuit Company, Ltd.
Circuit board fabrication, assembly, test, and packaging. Capabilities include SMT, thru hole, and chip-on-board assembly. Facilities in Taiwan and Shanghai, China. Site lists general capabilities and company history.
Yun Industrial Co.
A contract manufacturer doing SMT, mixed board, and BGA assembly from prototype to middle run assembly. x-ray inspection in house.
Zero Defects, Inc.
Printed circuit board [PCB]and backplane electrical testing services and fixture products.

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