Business Electronics and Electrical Contract Manufacturing
This category is for companies whose primary focus is the production of electronics equipment and components on a contract basis, from prototype to production quantities. Some examples of sites accepted are OEM computer manufacturers, makers of custom LCDs, and companies that offer a combination of PCB assembly and chassis manufacturing. This category is not intended for companies which primarily offer standard or off-the-shelf product lines, or who only offer design services.

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Offers printed circuit board design and assembly including surface-mount and flex circuits. Expertise in supply chain management and complex manufacturing techniques. Boston, MA, USA.
Advanced Material Solutions
Provider of turnkey manufacturing and kitting services with emphasis on materials management. Milpitas, CA, USA.
AFAB Enterprises
Engineering, design and fabrication in metals, plastics and electronics. Also offers modifications and piecework. Eustis, FL, USA.
Alco Electronics Ltd
Offering EMS (electronics manufacturing services) including design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and distribution. ISO 9001/2, 15,000 workers. Hong Kong.
Allen Integrated Assemblies
Turn-key service for small batch and medium quantity single-sided and multi-layer circuit boards, plus testing, sheet metal, painting, and other custom fabrications.
Alpes DEIS
Contract design, manufacturing and software products. From France.
Altron Manufacturing Incorporated
Manufacturer of circuit board assemblies and complete box builds in the medical, computer, and telecommunications industries. Anoka, MN, USA.
Amcro Technology
Provides electronic design and manufacturing services specialise in software based embedded control systems and audio/video related projects. Based in southern England.
American Backplane Inc.
Fabricates electronic and electromechanical assemblies, subassemblies, and systems, including printed circuit boards, backplanes, cable assemblies, and box builds. Site lists company capabilities.
American Precision Assemblers Inc.
Provides contract services and design engineering to the electronic industry for cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electronic sub-assemblies. Hampshire, IL, USA.
Ansen Corporation
Parts procurement, manufacturing, warranty service, and distribution for printed circuit boards, multichip module, and box builds. Includes contact details for facilities in North America and Asia.
Medium to high volume high density interconnect and microvia printed wiring boards, thick film hybrid circuits and mechanical assemblies including mechatronics.
Assembly Contracts Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of electronics. Company also offers component procurement, prototyping, and testing for small and large volumes. Site shows photos of facilities and past products. Manchester, UK.
AST, Inc.
Full service electronic contract manufacturing and engineering including embedded software.
Astrotech Group
Design and sub-assembly of printed circuit boards and chip-on-board modules. Facilities in Hong Kong and Dong Guan, China.
ATEC, Inc.
Offers engineering and electronic project services. Includes project and service information.
Avi-Tech Electronics (S) Pte, Ltd.
Supplier of semiconductor burn-in solutions, electronics turnkey projects and trading in semiconductor related equipment for manufacturing companies.
BCP Systems
Orange County, California company providing custom cable and harness wiring assembly, depot repair, high mix low volume contract manufacturing and logistics management.
Benchmark Electronics
Provider of electronics contract manufacturing services and integrated engineering design and test services. (NYSE: BHE)
BioDigital Ltd
Electronic design and development, including PCB layout and prototype manufacture. United Kingdom.
Bureau Electronics Group, The
Printed circuit boards, labels, bar codes, and graphics for the electronics industry. Minneapolis, MN, USA.
CE3 Electronics Inc.
Specialize in manufacturing pcb assembly, custom magnetics, cable assemblies and wire harnesses.
CEL Coatings
Electroplating services for the electronics, telecommunications and data storage industries.
Provides electronics manufacturing services including design, prototyping, assembly, testing, product assurance, supply chain management, worldwide distribution and after-sales service. Specialises in the computer and communications industries.
CEM Ltd.
Offers contract engineering and manufacturing. Online capability statements.
Certified Manufacturing Inc
Electronics manufacturing and laser wire marking for the military and aerospace industries. Woman owned small business.
China Products
Manufacturers group from China providing turn-key electronics contract manufacturing and OEM components as well as product sourcing.
Chung Nam Electronics Co. Ltd.
Radio frequency, wireless and electronic products manufacturer, OEM and ODM in South China.
Cirtronics Corporation
Contract manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies.
Clark Electronic Consultants Ltd
Prototype and low volume manufacturer of embedded controls and PLCs, concentrating on the automotive industry. Stirling, UK.
Clear Blue Engineering
Contract manufacturing, contract engineering, industrial design and mechanical design solutions. Colorado, USA.
Cofidur Electronique
France based producer of circuit boards, assembled products, and assemblies. Services description and factory equipment list.
Colter Group
Electronic design and manufacturing facilities. Essex, UK.
Core Enterprises Inc.
Product design and turn key manufacturing services, specializing in electronic test and measurement, and refrigeration instruments. Florida, USA. Site lists general capabilities and contact information.
Crawford Hansford & Kimber
Electronic equipment and wound components manufacturer including printed circuit board assemblies, transformers, toroids and coils. UK.
CSI Electronics
Electronic design, support and manufacturing, including printed circuit boards, cable assemblies, and mechanical parts.
Custom Interconnect Ltd
Offering electronic manufacturing services, such as rapid prototyping, printed circuit board stuffing and semiconductor die assembly.
Cypress Industries
Designs and manufactures fiber optic and electrical cables and connectors, custom tooling and plastics, fans and heatsinks, power supplies and test fixtures.
Dan-Mar Company, Inc.
Contract engineering, design, development and manufacturing to customer specifications. Products include electronic blasting machines, fiber optic power sources, value-added electronics for membrane switch panels and control devices.
DDS Electtronica
Designs and produces printed circuits and controls by OEM specification for manufacturer's electronic needs in a wide range of industrial applications. [English and Italian]
Debron Industrial Electronics
Turnkey electronic assembly of ball gate array, fine pitch, surface mount, and thru hole printed circuit board technologies. Michigan, USA.
Delfi Group
Provides contract manufacturing services. Located in Hong Kong, China and Denmark.
Delta Impact Limited
Solutions ranging from prototype production, materials sourcing, to assembly and boxed build.
Design services, prototyping, reverse engineering and contract manufacturing of circuit boards, cables and wire harnesses.
EK Associates
Manufacturer's representative for telecommunications contract manufacturing.
Elan Engineering Corporation
Electronic design company with facilities located in Westmont, Illinois, USA. Experience in analog, digital, microprocessor, and software design, together with small to large production runs. Specializes in updating and adding features to current customer products.
A small company devoted to electronic and software development, in particular, some instruments for SPM technology.
Electrionic Prototypes, Inc.
Specialist in printed circuit board design and electronic prototyping.
Electro Avionics
Sub-contract electronic assembly specializing in PCB's, cable forming, cable harnessing, prototype wiring and production assembly services.
Electro-Tech, Inc.
Contract manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical assemblies and control devices.
Electronic Design Inc.
Offers concept and design services, to the development of industrial electronics and automated systems. Including circuit specifications and layout, assembly, prototypes and testing, error-proofing and order fulfillment technology.
Electronic Service Provider, Inc.
A full service electronic contract electronics manufacturer.
Electronic Systems Design Inc.
Designed and manufactured custom electronic products and sub-assemblies.
Elite Industrial Group
High volume turnkey manufacturer of telecommunications, wireless communications, office products and personal electronic appliances. Located in southern China. with engineering teams in New Jersey, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.
Elok UK Limited
Manufactures electronic circuits boards and equipment for explosive atmospheres.
Elscott Corporation
A diversified contract manufacturer, including printed circuit boards, wire assemblies, and electronic components.
ELSY Electronic Systems
Italian based designer and manufacturer of electronic circuit boards, direct current motors, brushless and vectorial drivers. Site in English and Italian.
eManufacturing, Inc.
Product design, development, and manufacturing of surface mount, thru-hole, rigid and flex printed circuit boards. Offers box builds, material procurement, and consignment.
Emsco, Inc.
Turnkey contract electronic manufacturing company for low to mid quantity PCB, cable and harness, and electro-mechanical assembly. Virginia.
Enercon Technologies
Contract manufacturer offering services from product design to volume manufacturing.
Eon Instrumentation, Inc.
Developing and manufacturing high technical value subsystems for the government and commercial avionics Line Replaceable Unit Systems suppliers.
Epec Engineered Technologies
Provides custom battery packs, flex and rigid-flex circuits, user interface products, electronic fans and motors, cable assemblies, and printed circuit boards.
Switzerland headquartered manufacturer of PCBs, mechanical assemblies, and components. Offers parts procurement and chassis manufacturing. Facilities in USA, Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia.
ETL Ltd.
Manufacturing for printed circuit board assembly, wiring, cable forming, and automated surface mount and through hole assembly. Dorset, UK.
Fidelity Technologies
ISO certified manufacturer of electronics, electromechanical assemblies, and meteorological equipment. Contractor operation and maintenance of training devices, simulators, and electronic equipment. Simulation training systems development.
FlexTech Systems, Inc.
Specializes in custom design, prototyping and manufacture of special purpose and custom electronics for commercial, industrial, and medical manufacturers.
Worldwide electronics design, fabrication, assembly, and test company. Services include printed circuit board, metal, and plastics fabrication.
Future Hardware Technology Inc
Provides custom cables, harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies, and test equipment to small and large manufacturers.
G.K. Services
Cable harness assemblies, electromechanical systems and plastic injection moulding products.
Gavial Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturing of control panels, cable assemblies, and custom PC boards. Photo shop tour.
Genie Electronics Company, Inc
Contract manufacturer providing services for design through finished product assembly, packaging, and testing of electronic assemblies.
H.L. Electronics, Inc.
Contract manufacturing services, turnkey board assembly, wire and fiber optic cables, system integration and test. Certified minority business enterprise.
Hi-Tech Electronic Manufacturing, Inc.
Specializes in electronic manufacturing services, including printed circuit board assembly, thick film circuits, thick film hybrid circuits, rack and panel assemblies, and box builds. San Diego, CA, USA.
Hjelmslund Electronics
An electronics contracting company. From Denmark.
Hollyland Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of fuses, precision springs, audio/video connectors, project boards, batteries and telecommunication products.
Hytel Group, Inc.
Electronics assembly including thick film, surface mount, chip and wire, flip chip, BGAs, CSPs and electrical test. Facilities in Chicago area and Beijing, China.
I.G.G. Electronics Canada Inc.
Offers turnkey circuit assembly, conformal coating services, potting, encapsulation and custom connector and cable assemblies.
IBS Technology International H.K Ltd.
Mobile communication design and manufacturing, specialize in rf components and design for gsm, gps, fiberoptics.
IEC Electronics Corp.
Provides electronics manufacturing services including new product introduction, design and test engineering and quick-turn, prototype, flexible volume and mix manufacturing. Online capability statements and RFQ.
Imagic Inc.
Offer engineering and manufacturing services and manufactures COTS products. Online product portfolio, customer list and capability statement.
In-Tech Electronics Ltd.
Printed circuit board and low- to high-volume product assembly. Also offers design, validation and testing, and materials and logistics management. Hong Kong.
Ingenion Design
Contract designer and manufacturer of industrial electronics devices, equipment, and systems. Cambridgeshire, UK.
Facilitator of manufacturing supplier chain and value added services, including assemblies, design and engineering, and testing. Capabilities include complete-box assemblies, printed circuit boards, sheet-metal, injection molding, and fasteners.
Intercole Group
Printed circuit board manufacturing, parts procurement, assembly, and testing. Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK.
International Sensors & Controls
Contract manufacturing of mercury displacement and solid state relays, SCR controllers and other sensor products.
Isis Electronics, Ltd.
Designs and manufactures custom electronic systems for industrial applications. From UK.
J & H Humphrey
Subcontract service to the UK electronics industry specialising in axial and radial component preforming.
J&C Company
Contract assembly of cable assemblies/wire harnesses, printed circuit boards, and electromechanical assemblies.
Janco Electronics, Inc.
Specializes in digital, analog, RF and Electromechanical assemblies. Dover, NH, USA.
JCD Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of electrical, electronic, and mechanical assemblies. Site has pictures of past products.
Jebon Corporation
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards, vacuum fluorescent and liquid crystal displays, cables, keypads, and integrated circuits.
Custom mechanical and electronic assembly and rework, specialty packaging, and order fulfillment services. Union City, CA, USA.
Jetronics Company
Manufacturers of custom cable, harness, electro-mechanical, and magnetic assemblies for oems in test and measurement, telecom, defense and entertainment. California, USA.
Kanata Electronic Services, Ltd.
Provider of design and manufacturing solutions, with specific support for nuclear products and services.
Design and manufacturing of PCBs, and assembled turkey electronics, including materials management. Photo tour of manufacturing process and lists excess component inventory for sale.
LCL Electronics
Contract manufacturer of military and high reliability commercial electronic assemblies. Also offers component forming and electronics design. Minnesota, USA.
LEW Techniques
Specialist manufacturer of miniature precision metallized ceramic and/or metal package components and packages for optoelectronic, microwave and general semiconductor devices. Includes techniques, processes and close ups of products.
LPD Electronic Services Ltd
An electronic sub-contract supplier of burn-in endurance test systems, printed circuit design, pcb layout and manufacturing services. From UK.
A M Bromley
Contract manufacturer of temperature, pressure, power control, embedded software, heating, industrial and low power radio controls. From UK.
Macrotron Systems, Inc
Electronic manufacturing services company offering SMT assembly and test, packaging, laser marking and pad printing. Based in Fremont, California.
Madison Manufacturing
Manufacture of hand wound rf chokes, transformers, wiring harnesses, through-hole components and electronic assembly and packing services.
Designs and manufactures digital and analog electronic products, mechanical assemblies, and computer software for the network, communications, medical and computer industries. Services description, company profile, and photos of manufacturing facility.
Manufactured Assemblies Corporation
Manufacturer of cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electro/mechanical sub-assemblies, and box builds. ISO9001 certified. Dayton, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia USA.
Martin Company
Engineering and production company that designs and manufactures analog and digital hardware and software. Based in Houston, Texas, USA.
Mathews Technical Services
Electronic assembly, electronic product development, and technical support services.
Provides electronic manufacturing services, design and layout services, electromechanical and cables assemblies and manufactures a variety of wireless control products.
Contract manufacturers for packages with frequencies higher than 1 GHz.
McGilvra Engineering
Offers circuit design, custom instruments and complete systems with quick turn prototypes available.
MCR Group, Inc.
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards, sheet metal, cable assemblies, and injection molding for OEM manufacturing. Offices in USA, Hong Kong, and China.
Megatone Electronics Corp
Manufacturer of remote controls, timers, resistors, and sub-assemblies. From Taiwan.
Mer-Mar Incorporated
ISO-9002 compliant and UL registered manufacturer of PCB, cable, and electro-mechanical assemblies to the medical, telcom, automotive, and entertainment industries. Turn-key or labor-only manufacturing.
The MESA Electronics Group, LLC
An engineering and manufacturing resource for electric motors, transformers, power systems, and electronic controls.
Micro Technic A-S
Electronic contract manufacturer service within PC104 i/o and daq boards as well as industrial and pc terminals. Online PC104 shop available.
Microboard Processing
Turnkey contract manufacturing and electronics engineering design for printed circuit boards including prototype, procurement, assembly, production, integration and distribution.
Microsym Computers Inc.
Electronics design and manufacturing, specializing in LonWorks, FPGAs, and fiber optics for transportation and industrial control.
Microtech Electronics Ltd
Offers printed circuit board assembly for through hole, surface mount, and ball grid array technologies, including design for manufacturability, procurement, box build, and automated in circuit and functional testing.
Might Electronic Co., Ltd.
Offers printed circuit board and mechanical assembly, molding, die casting, and machining services.
Mitron Oy
Designs and produces customized electronics for passenger information systems, automotive products, audience meters and forest harvester systems.
Mowden Controls Ltd.
Specializing in the design and manufacture of bespoke electronic controls, from drawings or prototypes.
MPS(Electronics) Ltd
Contract manufacturer of microprocessor based electronic product design and manufacturing.
Murton Systems Technologies (MS Tech)
Assembles printed circuit boards (PCB), enclosures, and box builds, plus manufacturers standard subassemblies including power supplies and smart cards. South Africa. Site lists capabilities.
MX Technology Corporation
Assembler of printed circuit boards using surface mount and pin-thru hole (PTH). Also operates a semiconductor sub-assembly line for wire diodes and offers electrical testing and injection molding. Manila, Philippines.
Naprotek, Inc.
Full turnkey and consigned manufacturer, supplying circuit board (PCB) design, layout, and prototype to full volume box build assembly services. Santa Clara, California.
NASO Corporation
Providing manufacturing, rapid prototyping, machine shop, and electro-mechanical engineering and design to industry.
NES Technologies, Inc.
Offers contract design and manufacturing services for power supplies and printed circuit boards.
Northern Hi-Tec
A design, manufacture and testing service covering all aspects of industrial electronics and instrumentation, including printed circuit board production.
NovaTech Industries
Manufactures electronic products for both end-users and OEMs and also offers contract design and assembly services. List of current clients.
Novotech Elektronik GmbH
Offering customized turnkey electronic design and manufacture. Gallneukirchen, Austria. Site in English and German.
Offshore Electronics
Printed circuit board assembly in computer-controlled 20,000 sq foot factory. Channel Islands. Factory photos.
Orbit Communications
Manufacturer of RF modules, data radio, RF integrated circuits, GPS, and RF accessories. FSK, spread spectrum, and low power solutions. Australia.
Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.
Provider of contract electronics manufacturing and IC packaging and testing services.
OX3 Corporation
Provides semiconductor tape and reel, programming, baking, tinning and kitting. Component search to determine correct reel type required.
P/M Industries, Inc.
Contract manufacturing services for the electronics industry including laser drilling, resistor trimming, ceramic substrate lapping, polishing and dicing.
Pace WorldWide
Provides assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Also offers soldering, desoldering and fume extraction programs.
PCA Technology Limited
Offers contract design, manufacturing and service in the computer, communications and medical industries.
Phoenix Resources Corporation
Electronic engineering and manufacturing services for both the commercial and military environments.
Pivot International
Offering industrial design, prototyping and concepts, 3-D solids CAD, mechanical design, electronic design, graphics and packaging, and offshore manufacturing services.
Polytron Corporation
Contract manufacturer of microprocessor-based controls for industrial and OEM applications. Elkhart, Indiana, USA.
Princeton Technology
Manufacturing service provider specializing in PCB assembly, product and cable assembly, and custom machining. New Hampshire, US.
Procon Electronics Limited
Subcontract assembly service to the electronics industry, and manufacturer of chromic acid mist test equipment.
Prosoyo Technology Limited
Contract manufacturing services for OEM, turnkey, and off-shore electronic assemblies. Complete capabilities from SMT, BGA, insertion, to final unit assembly. ISO9002 accredited. Hong Kong, China.
Prowave Manufacturing
Design and manufacturing of commercial, military and aerospace printed circuit boards and cable and harness assemblies. Site lists company capabilities and contact information.
Qintar Technologies, Inc.
Private labeling and custom products for RF items in CATV and satellite TV installations.
Quality Systems Integrated Corporation
Serving the aerospace, government, medical, datacom, telecom, computer, peripheral, and multimedia industries. Includes equipment profile, careers, and contacts.
Quasar Engineering Ltd.
A contract manufacturer of cables and PCBs.
R and B Contract Manufacturing Inc.
Assembly of small unique electronic assemblies. Woman owned business.
Recon Inc.
Recon Inc. a distributor of pre-owner PCB assembly equipment, worldwide. Call Recon and see the difference in service and value. pcb dealer, engineering, electrovert.
Reliable Customized Solutions Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronic assemblies, including PCB manufacturing, assembly, and test, control panels, and wire assemblies.
Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach
Manufacture of enclosures, PCBs, cables, coils and customized mechanical parts and assemblies.
Rutter Inc.
Provides electronics manufacturing of printed circuit boards, PCB, cable and wire harnesses, electronics and electromechanical assemblies, network systems integration, telecommunications enclosures, huts and shelters. Company news, contact information, and list of services. St. John's, Canada.
SabeRex Group, Ltd.
A preferred service provider for major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), with diversified expertise. Custom services in major core competencies from efficient assembly and customized kitting to flexible deployment, complex repairs and expert field services.
SAGE Assembly
Contract manufacturer for thru-hole and surface mount printed circuit board assemblies.
Samar Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Contract manufacturer of computer cables, power supplies, sub-assemblies, network products and accessories, mini-lights and video cameras. Online catalogue and purchasing.
Complex printed circuit board assemblies, custom-designed backplanes, electronic enclosure systems, cabling and wiring harnesses, interoperable tactical communications, and testing and assembly.
Saturn Solutions Ltd
Specialising in sub-contract electronic assembly and developing marine sensing equipment.
Shaan Technologies.
Offers service for the electro-mechanical assembly, printed circuit boards, SMT, hand assembled circuits, cables and wire harness.
SIIX Corporation
Design, development, parts procurement, sales and marketing, and manufacturing of electronic assemblies and components including PCBs. Headquarters in Japan with worldwide facilities. Site in English and Japanese and includes services description and corporate overview.
Printed circuit board assembly and full system level contract build services. Company offers web based order tracking. Facilities in North America and Europe.
Sparton Electronics
Specializing in design, manufacturing and distribution for outsourcing OEMs. Markets served include medical, communications and avionics.
SSI Manufacturing
Specializes in driver and cabinet design and manufacturing for the music speaker and sound reinforcement industry.
Starcom, Inc.
Design and manufacture of custom electronic equipment.
Sternschnuppe LLC
Manufacturer in Lake Forest, California offering electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, point to point soldering, harness assembly, through hole soldering, and metal fabrication. List of services and factory equipment.
A contract manufacturer of electronic components and solutions for original equipment manufacturers in the telecom, multimedia, automotive and industrial control sectors.
Stewart Technology
Manufacturer based in the Scottish Borders providing surface mount, ball grid array, and conventional technology assembly and testing. Site lists company capabilities.
Sturges Electronics
Cable assemblies including custom molded cables, printed circuit board assemblies and turn-key build and test of products. Dryden, NY, USA.
Sunburst EMS
Manufacturing solutions in the areas of telecommunications, industrial controls, aerospace, instrumentation, and medical electronics. Assembly, testing, and turnkey.
Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.
Manufacturer of high-performance processor and I/O modules for use in single and multi-processor DSP solutions in a variety of fields, including, imaging, sonar, simulation, industrial control.
Surface Mount Technology Limited
Electronics manufacturing services provider, pcb assemblies through surface mount technology. Hong Kong based.
Synnex Information Technologies, Inc.
IT design-to-distribution services.
Synometrix Outsourcing
Cost-down turnkey outsourcing of design, re-engineering and sub-contract manufacturing for industrial electronics, commercial appliances and integrated systems. Western project management in Taiwan and China.
Tate Technologies
Contract electronic manufacturing, turn key manufacturing solutions and circuit assembly.
Technicom Inc.
Provides commercial and industrial companies with quality electronics design, prototyping and manufacturing.
Product development and outsource production services for RF high frequency electromedical power systems.
Telan Corporation
Printed circuit board and box build to IPC 610-b specifications. Hatfield, PA, USA.
Electronic manufacturing services provider offering assembly, NPI, material procurement, ICT, functionality, test development, depot repair, and fulfillment.
Test Technology Inc.
Provides manufacturing, repair, and logistics services for OEMs. New Jersey, USA.
Thycon Pty., Ltd
Manufacture of variable speed drives, power supplies, cycloconverters, line conditioners, rectifiers, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, static frequency converters, unity power factor and harmonic reduction units.
Western managed development firm specializing in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic development, tooling and component sourcing specifically geared for manufacturing in China and Taiwan.
Touchstone Technology Inc.
Manufactures custom keyboards, displays, and touchscreen based control panels. Product photos and descriptions.
TRICOR Systems Inc.
Electronic contract manufacturer for medical, aerospace, military and industrial applications. Also a designer and manufacturer of simulators and test instrumentation.
Trinity Electronics Systems Ltd.
Incorporated in Alberta, Canada in 1984 focused on design and manufacture of custom electronic products and print circuit boards, plus microprocessor software development. Example products, list of clients, and company principals.
Triwell Asia Ltd.
Cost effective services including plastic molding, sheetmetal forming, electronics build, assembly, and test.
TT Electronics PLC
Electronic and electrical components and systems.
Provides tape and reel component loading, lead preparation, and device programming services. Photos of facility and equipment. Arab, AL, USA.
Universal Electronic Manufacturing Services
Contractable design, development and manufacturing, specialising in PC and communication electronics products.
UST Research Inc.
A contract manufacturer for calibrators, indicators, data loggers, and portable units.
UStx Contract Services, Inc.
Woman owned, ISO-9001 certified contract manufacturer located in Austin Texas specialized in surface mount (SMT), through hole (PTH), turnkey and labor only assemblies and box builds.
Design and manufacturing of process control, measurement, automation, and power electronic equipment. India.
VR Industries
Full service contract manufacturer, serving a diverse group of customers including manufacturers of medical instrumentation, military electronics, oceanographic instruments, and commercial products. An ISO 9002 certified company.
VTECH Contract Manufacturing Services
Provider of electronics contract manufacturing services, including design, prototyping, assembly, testing and product assurance. China.
Watchman Electronics
Design and manufacturing of small electronic products, plus sales of various timers and security related consumer electronics. Based in New Zealand.
Offers product design, manufacturing, order fulfillment and warranty repair for telecommunications and networking equipment. Fremont, CA, USA.
Western Electronics
A vertically-integrated company capable of manufacturing electronic products with a full range of services from procurement of components to the final painting and assembly.
Westminster Group Plc
Manufacturing business offering full turnkey solutions to OEMs and other frontline manufacturers. Oxon, England.
Manufacturer providing turnkey services for printed circuit boards, plastic injection molding, metal fabrication, and packaging to OEM customers. Factory equipment list. Guandong, China.
Winshe Instruments
Manufacturer and service of industrial electronic equipment from India.
YSE Group
Offers contract manufacturing from Malaysia.
Electronics design and contract manufacturing of PCBs, wiring harnesses and electromechanical assemblies. Phelps, New York.

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