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This category is for vendors and distributors of components used during the manufacture of electronic products.

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4 Star Electronics, Inc.
Stocking distributor of semiconductors, ICs, relays, connectors, capacitors, resistors and switches.
ABRA Electronics Corp.
Distributor of electronic components, test instruments, and off-the-shelf and custom kits to schools and industry. Discontinued and hard-to-find inventory, online catalogue and ordering.
Acclaim Electronics
Company offers hard to find and obsolete components from many of the top manufacturers in the semiconductors, IC and passives, marketplace. Searchable online database.
Accord Technologies, Inc
Electronics distributor of integrated circuits, semiconductors, capacitors, connectors, including hard to find and obsolete parts. Searchable online database.
Acudata, Inc.
Manufacturers' representative of test and measurement, bus level, power, display and video capture products. Using PC, VME, and CompactPCI products, system packaging and integration available. Used equipment list available online.
Advanced MP Technology
Distributor of excess inventory, hard-to-find, allocated and obsolete electronic components. Online linecard, part searching and RFQ.
Distributor of electronic components including semiconductors, integrated circuits, connectors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. Specializes in obsolete ICs and hard-to-find parts. Online searching, web site registration and watch service.
All Electronics Corp.
Distributor of new and surplus electronic and electromechanical components and supplies. Online catalogue, data sheets and purchasing.
Ambit Electronics
Buy and sell active, passive, electro-mechanical and peripheral components. Surplus and obsolete electronic parts.
America II Electronics, Inc.
Distributors of semi-conductors and passive components.
Anglia Components
Distributor of electronic components. Online electronics news, white papers, datasheets, sample requests and searchable database of component part numbers.
APC Components, Inc.
Distributor of electronic components for commercial and military applications. Manufacturer of precision screw machine, stampings and molded products.
Arbor Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of connectors, IC's, capacitors, resistors and inductors.
Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Search for components by part number, description, or product category. Online linecard, datasheets, catalogue, pricing, and purchasing.
Atlantic Controls
Distributor of ABB components.
Avnet, Inc.
Distributor of computer products, embedded systems, semiconductors, interconnects, passives, electromechanical, RF and microwave components. Online linecard, inventory and purchasing.
Axis Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of passive, active, power distribution and electromechanical components. Online linecard.
Bell Components
Electronic components distributor in US.
Bertech-Kelex, Inc.
Distributor of electronic components, solder and ESD products. Online linecard, general subject information, catalogue, search and RFQ.
Billington Export Ltd.
Wholesale supplier of electronic valves, tubes, magnetrons and sockets. Includes stock lists and product specifications.
Bisco Industries, Inc.
International distributor of electronic components, circuit board hardware and fasteners. Online pricing, availability and pricing.
Bright Stream Technologies.
Independent stocking distributor specializing in hard to find and obsolete components.
C & H Technology, Inc.
Distributor of power electronics components and assemblies including thyristors, rectifiers, clamps, heat sinks, bridges and power hybrid circuits. Online linecard, catalogue, sample request and RFQ. PDF data sheets available for download.
Cain Technology, Inc.
Manufacturers' Representative of RF, microwave, millimeter and fiberoptics components. Online linecard, links to manufacturers and sample request. ( Southern California )
CalGreg Electronics
A distributor specializing in semiconductor adaptors, sockets, interconnects, thermal management, electronic packaging.
Capacitors Plus, Inc.
Distributor of electronic components specializing in Sanyo, Nichicon, Nemco and Jamicon capacitors. Online line card.
Distributes reed relays, reed switches, opto sensors, proximity sensors, mechanical and automotive relays for Aleph, Dong Yang and EAC Electronics. Links to manufacturer's line card and product specifications.
Central Connectors
Connector specialist provides downloadable line card and online quote form.
Certified Components Group, Inc.
A components distributor.
Supplier of IC's, memory, microcontrollers, transistors, diodes, including obsolete and hard to find parts.
Clarke and Severn Electronics
Supplier of RF, passive and inductive products.
Clearwater Technologies Inc.
A distributor of instrumentation and process controls components.
Colorado Electronic Hardware
Distributor of fasteners, electronic components, and cable assemblies including adhesives, capacitors, connectors, fans, inductors, resistors and shielding. Online line card, sample request, RFQ and ordering.
Commodity Components International
Distributor of active and discrete parts. Online linecard, pricing and availability. Stock search requires free registration.
Component Sense
Offers electronic component sourcing and resale of excess stock. Details of service, online bill of materials upload and guide to product life cycles.
Components Bureau Limited
Passive electronic and electromechanical components and equipment distributors, specializing in capacitors. Based in UK. Free stock search form.
Connector Distribution Corporation
Supplier and distributor of Electronic Connector Technology throughout North America and the World.
Current Source
Distributor of electronic components, RF connectors, wire, cable, coax, test equipment and switches.
Cyclops Electronics Ltd.
Distributor of active, passive, military and obsolete parts. Online linecard and inventory search.
D.F. Sales Co.
Distributes wide range of electronic parts.
Danrock, Inc.
Buyer and seller of obsolete and hard to find electronic parts, including ICs and memory chips. Online line card. (Florida, USA)
Delta Impact, Ltd
Distributors of electronic and electro-mechanical components to the global electronics industry. Also, global sourcing, vendor and cost reductions projects.
Derf Electronics Corp.
Stocking distributor of active, passive and electromechanical components. Online line card, part search and PDF catalogue available for download.
Offers products including semiconductors, electromechanical, passives and interconnects.
Digitec Parts & Equipment
Distributor of industrial parts and accessories such as electronic components, controls and power modules. USA.
Direct Components, Inc.
Independent stocking distributor of active, passive military, industrial, and commercial parts. Online linecard, part search, RFQ and bulletin board.
Distrelec Group
Distributor of electronic components, test instruments and automation engineering. Online catalogue and pricing. ( Europe )
DME Luxembourg
Distribution of electric equipment.
E-RIDE Enterprises Inc.
Distributor for audible devices, Piezo buzzers, connectors, EMI shielding, conductive adhesives, relays, reed relays, switches, thermal management, transformers, and wiring devices.
Search engine allows users to search for components from ECIA (formerly NEDA) authorized distributors, such as Mouser, TTI, Sager, Avnet, Allied, Digikey, and Future.
Eclipse Electronics Ltd
UK based electronics company offering franchised catalog component distribution, parts kitting, and contract manufacturing from Tunisia facility. Company and services description, part search, and line card.
EDX Electronics
Distributor of semiconductors, ICs, passive and electromechanical parts. Online linecard, part search, RFQ and links to manufacturers. Reclaims excess inventory. Free shipping to Florida, USA customers.
Electron Electronics
An independent distributor of electronic components to manufacturers, schools, colleges and universities. Catalogue and manufacturers data sheets online.
Electronic Components, Inc.
Specializes in locating, testing, and reengineering hard to find, allocated, and mature parts for production and legacy systems. Online line card.
Electronic Manufacturers' Agents, Inc.
Manufacturer's representative for Bus, PC, packaging, semiconductor and telecom and datacom products.
Electronics Distributors Corporation
Distributor of components for sound and electronic equipment. Online linecard and links to manufacturers.
Electrospec Inc
Broadline distributor for electronic components. Including an on-line parts database.
Engineering Lab Inc.
Supplies surface mount component engineering design kits and individual components. Kits include capacitors, resistors and zener diodes.
Enplas-Tesco Inc.
Develops, manufactures and sells IC test and burn-in sockets. Online line card and specifications.
ES Components, Inc.
A microelectronics distributor providing active and passive electronic components to the hybrid and surface mount industry.
Online sourcing of electronic components and value-added manufacturing services for OEMs, CEMs and distributors.
Fairview Microwave Inc.
Supplier and value added reseller has online line card and product information for RF and microwave components.
Fargo Telecom
Development, sourcing and distribution of components and products for telecommunications. Includes specifications for GSM and GPRS modems, telephone components, and tooling and mold services.
Distributor of electronic components and industrial products has online ordering of capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits, semiconductors and transformers.
Farnsworth Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of a wide range of electronic parts and supplies.
FEMC Communications Ltd.
Sales representative specialized in RF and microwave components, Including filters, diplexers, frequency synthesizers, mixers, cable assemblies and phase noise measurement systems.
First Source Inc.
RF and microwave components distributor. Woman owned business.
Firstic Electronics Co., Ltd.
A distributor of ICs based in Taiwan with line card.
Freelance Electronics
Stocking distributor of military and commercial electronic components including discontinued parts and excess inventory surplus. Includes line card and RFQ.
Future Electronics
Distributor of electronic components including a large selection of capacitors. Technology news and design tips updated regularly. Online ordering available.
Gerber Electronics
Distributor of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components, enclosures, cabling and assembly materials. Online part searching by part number and manufacturer.
Global Electronic Components Datasheet Locator
Datasheet locator tool, which gives access to web pages of electronic component manufacturers.
Globec UK Ltd
Distributor specializing in EMI/RFI filters, lightning protection components, flipchip assemblies and hybrid microcircuits.
Haresh Enterprises
Distributor of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components. Includes line card and product specifications.
Herbach and Rademan
Distributor of electrical and electronic parts and equipment products for scientific and industrial applications.
HI-TEK Electronics, Inc.
Franchised distributor of semiconductor, IC and passive components. Online line card and links to manufacturers.
Hoeben Electronics
Distributor of electronic components and developer of electronics hardware and software specialising in the building of prototypes and small production series.
HSC Electronic Supply
Vendor of new stock, excess inventory, and used components and test equipment for the electronics industry.
Husky International Electronics, Inc.
Sells excess electronic components.
Hybrid Electronics
Electronic component distributors of semiconductors, connectors, relays, switches, obsolete and hard to find parts.
IBS Electronics, Inc.
Broadline distributor of electronic components. Also provide value add services such as kitting and assembly.
In-Tec Supply Co.
Supplying products used in PCB assembly.
Industrial Crystal Corp.
Suppliers of quartz crystals, and electronic and electromechanical components specialising in aircraft parts. Email address for pricing and components.
Industrial Electronics, Corp.
Distributor of active, passive and electromechanical components and hardware. Features two manufacturers each month. Online catalogue and purchasing.
InPower Systems GmbH
Distributor of industrial components.
JACO Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, electromechanical components, computers and computer subsystems. Value-added services include configuration, technical assistance, kitting and contract manufacturing.
Computer parts and electronics distributor with online ordering and discount center.
Lakesource Technology Inc.
Supplier of obsolete and hard to find components, integrated circuits, semi-conductors, and other electronic components.
Lead Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components. Online linecard.
Lighthouse Electronics Inc.
Independent stocking distributor specialising in procurement and supply of semiconductors, memory, passive and electromechanical components. Value added services include BOM and end-of-life evaluation, kitting and warehousing. Includes inventory search, line card and list of manufacturers.
Linpo Group
Hong-Kong based distributor of over thousands semi-conductors and electronic components with branch offices in 15 major cities of China and South-east Asia
Logic1 Sales, Inc.
Manufacturers' representative of optical network and connectivity, synchronisation and timing products, semiconductors, power supplies, LCD displays, USB controllers, ASEMs and modular board-level integration of proprietary ASICs, chipsets and processors. ( Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Guadalajara )
M-Tron Components Inc.
Distributor serving the aerospace, military and industrial marketplace.
Marl International
A specialist opto-electronic component distributor supplying visible LEDs.
Mast Distributors, Inc.
Distributor of semiconductors, optoelectronic, discrete, passive, electromechanical components and connectors. Online linecard, RFQ and links to manufacturers.
Max Lion Electronics Inc.
Contract manufacture as well as a supplier of passive and electronic components.
Megastar Electroniques, Inc.
Stocking distributor, importer and exporter of electronic and audio discrete and integrated components. Quebec, Canada. Site lists represented manufacturers and includes manufacturer-supplied product data sheets and line cards in PDF.
Mentor Electronics Marketing
IC distributor and semiconductor supplier of new and recovered electronic components. World wide shipping. Includes online inventory and order tracking.
Microcom Technologies
A broad based distributor of electronics components. Based in California, USA.
Stocking distributor of capacitor, resistor, inductor and semiconductor chip components.
Microtherm Ltd
Suppliers of thermal fuses, NTC/PTC thermistors, varistors thermostats, cutouts fans and bridge rectifiers.
MinnTech Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of industrial controls.
Morris Automation Group
A distributor of sensors, automation and electrical control components, power distribution components, metering and process instrumentation.
Moulded Cords and Cables Ltd
Supplier of moulded cords, cables, plugs and sockets worldwide.
Mouser Electronics Inc.
Electronic components distributor offers online ordering, technical product information, and engineering tools such as a project manager and bill of materials tool.
Moyer Electronic Supply
Wholesale supplier of electronic components such as semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, relays, flyback transformers, vintage radio and TV components.
MS Hi-tech, Inc.
A franchise stocking distributor for many component manufacturers. Also providing a hard-to-find part service.
Broadline components distributor has online ordering, market research, downloadable toolbar, and board builder game.
Niatech Company, Inc.
Distributor of electrical controls including timers, counters, relays, proximity sensors, and terminal blocks. List of manufacturers and product lines. Tonawanda, New York.
Nikko Electronics
Distributor of electronic components replacement, obsolete spare parts.
Norris & Associates Inc.
Supplies electronic components to OEM manufacturers of data/telecommunications, storage, optical networking, computer, medical, industrial, CEM, alarm and power electronics products. Includes company profile and links to manufacturers.
NSF Controls
Distributor of solenoids and switch products in Europe.
NTE Electronics
Supplier of active, passive and electromechanical electronic components. Includes cross reference for resistor, relay, semiconductor and potentiometer parts.
Orbit Distribution
Distributor of transformers, connectors, coils, and switches. Online line card. Site requires Flash. (UK)
Outlook Technology
Distributor of integrated circuits, semiconductors, capacitors, connectors, sockets, relays, switches, transistors and pots.
Oxygen Electronics LLC.
Independent distributor of obsolete and hard to find electronic components. Links to manufacturers and online part number search. Procurement tools require pre-registration.
Park Distributors, Inc.
Distributor of hardware and active, passive and electromechanical components. Online line card and links to manufacturers.
Peloi GmbH
Procurement of obsolete, surplus, and hard to find components. Site lists available inventory grouped by part manufacturer. Switzerland.
Planet One Components
Distributor of active, passive, military, industrial, and commercial components. Searchable database.
Powell Electronics
Electronics distribution of value-added interconnect devices and assemblies, switches, passive board level components, and batteries. Site lists line card and has database of part types searchable by part number or manufacturer.
Power Components Bv
Independent distributor operating worldwide, supplying electronic components, spare parts for the repair industry.
Power House Electronics, Inc.
Value added power supply distributor offering standard, modified standard, or complete custom power supplies.
Power Sources Unlimited, Inc.
Distributor of AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies, power cords, isobox, power related products offered through distribution. Online sales.
Powertech Controls Co., Inc.
Distributor focusing on connectors and terminal blocks, circuit protection, enclosures, transformers, wire and cable, switches and relays.
Practical Components, Inc.
International distributor of dummy components. Used for: Solder training, process testing, pick-and-place machine setup, rework training and testing.
Procure International, Inc.
Distributor of commercial and military semiconductors, passive components and electromechanical components, including obsolete products. Online part searching by part number or manufacturer.
Progressive Image
Distributes and assembles electronic and electrical parts. Online line card, links to manufacturers and purchasing.
PS Components
Canadian industrial components supplier has line card and links to manufacturer pages.
R & J Components Corporation
Stocking distributor of capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, connectors, fuses, switches, inductors, hardware and oscillators. Online line card and part search.
R.P. Electronic Components, Ltd.
Distributor of test instruments, data cabling, power supplies, cooling fans, inverters, passive and electromechanical components and electronic project kits. Online catalogue and purchasing.
Distributor of electron tubes, magnetrons, thyratrons, R.F.components, microwave components, and semiconductors. Based in Stratford upon Avon in the UK.
Ralph's Industrial Electronics
Diversified full line electronic distributor offering products of some 300 manufacturers.
Rancho Electronics, Inc.
Distributor source for electronic components.
RC Morris Sales
Distributor of a full line of new and recycled equipment, such as electric motors, ducting, transformers, and AC/DC motors.
RFE International, Inc.
Supplies direct to manufacturers both passive and active component requirements.
Richardson Electronics
Distributor of RF/Microwave and wireless communication components and equipment.
Rose Electronics
Electronic components for the commercial and military markets.
Royal Electronics
Reseller of military and commercial grade ICs and passive and electromechanical components. Offers obsolete and hard to find parts.
RPC Electronics
A value added distributor for electronic components and electronic parts.
Sager Electronics
Distributor of connectors, passive components, power products, relays, semiconductors and switches to the measurement and control, telecommunications, medical and industrial equipment markets. Online pricing and availability.
Sands Technical Sales
Manufacturers representative of the Southwestern USA for RF, microwave, and digital components. Online line card.
Schurter AG
Electro-mechanical components for circuit protection, power entry and switching products.
Schuster Electronics, Inc.
Broad line distributor of electronic components with global sourcing expertise. Online line card and links to manufacturers.
Selectronix Ltd.
Specialist distributor of electronic components, enclosures and equipment to the professional electronics equipment market.
SemiRim Ltd
Distributor of electronic components including memory and audio ic, LCD products, and semiconductors.
Broker of excess electronic components based in New England, USA. Free registration required to access inventory.
Distributor of electronic proximity sensors, temperature controllers, digital counters, tachometers, and digital displays. Product descriptions and photos.
Sequoia Technology Ltd
Distributor of semiconductors, board level products and telecommunications equipment to OEMs and operators.
Solid State Inc.
Distributor selling capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, mosfets, integrated circuits, SMT, insulators and SCR-Triacs.
Independent French distributor of semiconductors, connectors, industrial products, passive and electromechanical components. Online line card.
Source ESB
Distributor comparison site outlines distributor inventory levels, pricing, and availability.
Source Research, Inc.
Distributor of semiconductors, ICs, passive and electromechanical components. Assembles batteries, cable and harnesses. Online part number search and links to manufacturers.
Standard Data Resources
An independent stocking distributor of semiconductors and electronic components.
Stealth Aerospace, Inc.
Stocking distributor of electrical, electronic and electromechanical components to the airline and aerospace industry. Products include lamps, connectors, switches and relays.
Storm Products Company
Supplier of interconnect products, subsystems, and services to electronics, communications, and instrumentation markets.
Summit Electronics Corp.
Distributor of semiconductors, ICs, vacuum tubes and voltage regulators. Supplies hard to find and discontinued components.
Suntronics Component Corp.
A distributor of electronics to commercial and military industry.
T-SAN Electronics
Distributor of electronic components. Online product search, a part-seeker program, daily news, excess and surplus inventory disposition programs and information about independent distributors.
Target Electronics Inc.
Wholesale distributor specialising in passive components and electromechanical products including switch and terminal block assemblies and engraving. Online line card ordered by product or manufacturer with links to manufacturers.
TE Distributing, Inc.
Distributor of thermoelectric modules, peltier cooling devices, overclocking cpu heatsinks and heatpumps. Online purchasing of prototype and minimum order quantities.
Suppliers of technical components, assemblies and test equipment in Scandinavia and Ireland. Provides out-sourcing services to manufacturers and OEM customers.
Provides passive electronic components including capacitors and resistors. Allows parametric searching and browsing.
Tennco Distribution Ltd
Distributor of components for the computing, networking, instrumentation, panel building, audio and circuit board assembly industries.
Time Lapse Supply
Sells time lapse recorder repair parts including video heads and rebuild kits. Online catalogue and pricing.
Tin Lee Electronics Ltd.
Supplies filters, modulators, and traps for TV and other RF applications. Component specifications and photos.
TRC Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of switching and linear AC/DC power supplies, power supply products, transformers, and DC/DC converters.
TRG Components
Global distribution and procurement services of franchised products including active, passive and electromechanical components. Online line card and suppliers list. Offers value added services.
Tri-State Module, Inc.
Distributor of TV modules, light engines and electronic parts.
TTI Europe
Distributor of passive and interconnect components.
TTI Inc.
Specializing in passives, connectors, and discrete semiconductors, this distributor also has online ordering, BOM Upload, and datasheets.
UniQuip Plus, Inc.
Electronic and electromechanical component distributor has component search, buy back, and line card.
UPS Protection, Inc.
Supplier of back-up power supplies, surge suppressors, power conditioners, generators, inverters and batteries from major manufacturers.
Large inventory of hard to find and ICs long lead time components, obsolete and electronics military components.
Variohm EuroSensor
Distributor of sensors in Europe.
Veonis Technologies GmbH
Supplies equipment, materials and services to the semiconductor industry. Specialises in metrology equipment and systems for wafer handling and automation. ( Europe )
Virginia Technology Inc.
Distributor of active, passive and electromechanical components, and computer peripherals. Offers bonded inventory, JIT and kitting. Includes line card and online RFQ form.
Well Gain Electronics, Inc.
Stocking distributor including advanced products, excess inventory and allocation parts. Online line card and links to electronics components manufacturers.
West Florida Components
Supplier of electronic components, parts and supplies.
Whittier Electronics Company
Distributor of prototype and minimum order quantities of electronic components and equipment for industrial, commercial, and hobby users.
Zilex Electronics Inc.
Stocking distributor of electronic components and semi conductors. Offices in Quebec, Canada and New York, USA. Site has company line card.

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