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Alum Rock Technology
Manufactures a 304TL amplifier, plus audio transformers and related power transformers and inductors. San Jose, California, United States.
Antique Electronic Supply
Supplier of books, capacitors, transformers, resistors and other electronic components for vacuum tube based equipment. Offers materials and handbooks.
Brand X-ray Tube Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of x-ray tubes for use in medical, dental and industrial imaging and inspection applications.
D & C Electronics
World-wide distributor of electron tubes, sockets and magnetrons. Replacement tubes for Perkin Elmer mass spectrometer.
Electron Tube Data Sheets
Type index, high powered tubes and data sheets in PDF format.
Emission Labs
Produces electron tubes in the Czech Republic.
Kennetron, Inc
Offering rebuilt vacuum, oscillator, induction and transmitter tubes.
Lohmann X-Ray
Manufacturer of industrial and medical X-ray tubes, including tubes for medical, dental, and industrial applications.
Magnatek X-ray sources
"Integrated X-ray generators". Also prototype x-ray sources. Danish company.
A supplier of vacuum tubes for ham, audio and antique radio purposes.
New Sensor Corporation
Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of vacuum tubes and electronic parts. Sovtek tubes.
Pacific T.V.
Vacuum tubes and vacuum tube socket sales for antique radio, audio and ham use. They ship worldwide. Online schematics, technical data and photo gallery.
Phamitech International Company Ltd
Exporter of electron tubes, TWT, valves, thyratrons, magnetrons, klystrons, transmitting tubes, heating tubes, vacuum interrupters and X-ray tubes made in China
Superior X-Ray Tube Company
Manufactures high quality custom-made x-ray tubes for a wide range of applications such as thickness gauging, food inspection, bone densitometry, dental, medical, and baggage inspection.
Tube World, Inc.
Vacuum tubes and sockets for sale.
Vacuum Tubes, Inc.
Worldwide sellers of vacuum tubes and electron tubes for audio, radio, and industry
Vintage SoundWorks
Service for all makes of vintage tube amplifiers and radios. NOS and new and used vacuum tubes.
Yueqing Zhengli Rectifier Corp.
Tube rectifiers. Site in English and Chinese.
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