This category contains distributors, vendors and manufacturer's representatives of discrete and integrated circuit (IC) semiconductors. Discrete semiconductors include diode, magnetron, module, thermionic emission valves, thyristor, transistor and triacs. ICs include amplifiers, computational, drivers and interface, logic, memory, power supply and control, RF and video function, signal conversion, signal routing and conditioning and timing functions.

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American Microsemiconductor Inc.
Broadline semiconductor supplier. Includes product line card, online store, FAQ and tutorials.
Amps Abundant
Supplies obsolete, discontinued and hard to find diodes, power rectifiers and thyristors (SCRs) and SCR/diode test equipment. Online technical specifications and company news.
APP Systems Services Private Limited
Distributor of vacuum technology, thin films, microelectronics, optics, and opthalmics in South East Asia.
Asgard Inc
Distributor of impossible to find electronic components and semiconductors.
Azzurri Technology Ltd.
Distributor of proprietary and manufacturers' semiconductors and electronic components. Links to manufacturer's product information.
B & D Enterprises International
Factory authorized distributor for NEC, Sanyo, Sanken and Shindengen semiconductors. Distributes Sanyo OSCON and aluminum electrolytic and Poscap capacitors. Online line card, links to manufacturers' specifications and crossmatch database.
Distributor of a wide selection of replacement semiconductors, including: transistors, diodes, rectifiers, voltage regulators, FETs.
Bakis Electronics LTD
An import and export company of semiconductors.
Bowers Semiconductors Ltd.
Sole UK distributor for Powerex and Mitsubishi power semiconductors. Online line card and value added services include manufacture and supply of high-current assemblies using diodes and thyristors.
California Eastern Laboratories
Supplies NEC Corporation's RF, wireless, optoelectronic and fiber optic semiconductor products. Online line card and PDF data sheets available for download.
CounterTrade Products Inc.
Stocking distributor of electronic components and semiconductors. Online part search and inventory available for download.
EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
European Avnet semiconductor distributor. Online line card, part search and industry links.
eeParts, Inc.
Stocking supplier of electronic components.
Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH
An European electronic distribution company specialized for the distribution of active, passive and electromechanical components.
Excelpoint Systems Pte Ltd
Distribution of electronic components.
Fibra Brandt Semiconductors
Distributor of obsolete and hard to find electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits, transistors and capacitors.
Function Technology Corp.
Purchases OEM excess, refurbished, pull and new semiconductors. Online line card and links to represented manufacturers.
Global IC Trading Group
Distributor of DRAM, CPUs, flash, memory modules, DSPs, microcontrollers, microprocessors, analog, logic and telecom/datacom components. Online industry news.
Golledge Electronics Ltd.
Supplier of crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, resonators and filters for frequency control applications. Online line card, technical specifications and image gallery.
I.C.T. Power Company Inc.
Provider of semiconductor products and solutions for the power electronics industry, and is the Canadian representative of EUPEC Inc.
Industrial Semiconductor
Distributor of high power industrial scrs, diodes, igbts, transistors, modules, heatsinks, rectifiers.
A distributor of high power semiconductors.
K-1 Technologies Inc.
Distributor of electronic components including semiconductors, integrated circuits, connectors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. Specializes in obsolete ICs and hard-to-find parts. customers.
Magnitude Electronics
Distributor of semiconductors and integrated circuits, including excess inventory. Online line card, part search and inventory available for download.
Manistar Electronics Inc.
Distributor and exporter of semiconductors, memory devices, diodes, transistors and connectors. Online line card, industry news and member's area.
New York Semiconductor
Independent stocking distributor of electronic components and semiconductors. Hard-to-find or obsolete parts, excess inventory solutions.
Nu Horizons Electronic
Franchised distributor of semiconductors. Online product change notifications, development tools and part search.
Plextron Technology Co. Ltd.
Distributor of surge and circuit protection devices, TVS diodes, chip varistors and polyreset components. Online data sheets and sample request.
Profusion Plc
Specialist distributor of discrete power semiconductors and linear integrated circuits. Online line card, part search and purchasing.
Rochester Electronics, Inc.
Distributor and manufacturer of discontinued semiconductors. Online search of wafer/die and tooling inventory.
Semiconductor Logistics Corporation (SLC)
Buys and sells hard to find and discontinued heremtically sealed discrete semiconductors and wafer components. Site lists available inventory.
Semtex Industrial Corp.
Franchised distributor of power semiconductors including rectifier, thyristor, bridge, SCR, diode, Triac, relay, module, transistor, IBGT and hybrid components.
Serenity Electronics
An independent distributor of commercial and military electronic components such as semiconductors, active and passive components.
Solid State Inc.
An online distributor of semiconductors and tool kits.
Stock'n Source Inc.
Independent stocking distributor of allocated and obsolete integrated circuits and semiconductors. Online line card, inventory search and links to manufacturers.
Surge Components, Inc.
Distributes passive electronic products and components such as capacitors and discrete components to original equipment manufacturers and to other distributors from Hong Kong and Deer Park, New York. (Nasdaq: SPRS)
Supplies semiconductors including microprocessors, ICs and transistors. Includes product listing and pricing.
U.S. Circuits, Inc.,
Distributor of semiconductors and transistors including new, obsolete and discontinued.
Universal Semiconductor, Inc.
Authorized Sanyo distributor. Specializing in Japanese components.
The Vital
Distributor of memory, passive components and printed circuit boards. From China.
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