Aetrium Incorporated
Manufactures a variety of electromechanical equipment used in the handling and testing of semiconductor devices. North St. Paul, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: ATRM)
Boschman Technologies
Manufacturer of auto molding and trim and form systems for the semiconductor industry.
Wafer handling solutions for shipping and handling silicon wafers, including wafer carriers, shippers, and boxes.
Entegris IC Tray Wizard
Selection tool for sourcing microelectronic packaging materials for shipping and handling bare die and packaged ICs.
Entegris, Inc.
Manufacturer wafer carriers, LCD carriers, cassette and other storage and handling products for semiconductor and flat panel display processes.
ePAK International, Inc.
Manufacturer of semiconductor and electronics shipping and handling products including shipping trays, tape and reel, wafer containers, and die trays. Photos of products, sales office locations, and company history.
Exatron, Inc.
Manufacturer of IC testing and handling equipment, tape and test equipment, laser and tray label marking, and contactors.
Faith Enterprises
Manufacturers of the Rapitran semiconductor mass wafer transfer system.
Fluoro Mechanic
Manufacturer of semiconductor wafer processing tools. Products include vacuum wands, vacuum pumps, wafer tweezers, wafer aligners. Site in English and Japanese.
Ixxi Corporation
Sales and service of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing equipment and materials.
JMC Services
Sales and service of ATE, including wafer probers, and device handlers associated with product testing. A VerticalNet company.
Laurier, Inc.
Manufactures automated die sorting equipment for packaging semiconductor wafers and surface mount (SMT) components. Site has equipment photos general descriptions.
Micro Component Technology, Inc.
Manufactures automatic testing and handling equipment, and automation software, for the semiconductor industry. Brochures (in PDF) on products, news items, contacts for sales offices.
Mirae Corp.
Test handlers, chip mounters.
NGC is a manufacturer of PTFE and PFA linings and lined tanks and equipment.
Royce Instruments, Inc.
High precision testing machines for wire bond pull, ball bond shear, die shear, ball pull and stud pull. Pick and place machines for silicon, GaAs and InP die for silicon and laser diode manufacturers.
Unitemp GmbH
Develops equipment for semiconductor processes, including small process furnaces, reflow solder ovens, annealing and baking systems, hot plates, and wire bond tools. Product photos and data sheets.
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