This category will list companies that manufacture, sell and support Automated Test Systems used in the manufacture of Semiconductors.

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Manufactures fixed pattern probecard, wafersort, and lasertrim assemblies and repair equipment for use by semiconductor producers.
Ardent Concepts, Inc.
Designs and builds custom interfaces for the semiconductor industry using proprietary technology.
Brumley South, Inc.
Remanufactures and upgrades Estek, ADE and Tencor wafer inspection tools, produces latex sphere calibration standards, type gauges and particle deposition systems.
Cohu, Inc.
Holding company with subsidiaries which design and manufacture electromechanical handling systems used in testing semiconductor devices. (Nasdaq: COHU).
DPA Components International
Specializes in the area of military IC test, semiconductor testing screening and mil-spec testing services.
Frothingham Electronics
Component and diode testing equipment.
Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc.
PC-based automated test equipment (ATE) instrumentation, software, and test systems for electronics, aerospace, semiconductors, communications, medical, industrial, and military applications.
Hesper Technologies, Inc.
Microprocessor controlled automatic test system for classifying, analyzing, and testing semiconductors. Test stations, fixtures, and ATE software.
Innovations Inc.
Computer memory tester for testing SDRAM DIMMs, SIMMs, chips, including PC133 and PC100. For testing all types of computer memory.
Integrated Production and Test Engineering
Provides inline fixtures for ICT and FT test applications and programming services for Scorpion, GenRad Viper and FT based on PXI.
InTest Corporation
Designs, manufactures and markets docking hardware and test head manipulators for automatic test equipment by semiconductor makers. (Nasdaq: INTT).
Lemsys SA
Supplier of test equipment for power semiconductors, for discrete devices and modules.
Lital Electronics, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of electronics products and single board VME based computer test systems.
N and K Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures equipment for thin film metrology and characterization, critical dimension and optical properties measurements.
Robson Technologies, Inc.
Custom and standard interface solutions for LSI testing needs in the QA lab, failure analysis, package development, prototype engineering, wafer sort, and final test areas.
Provides semiconductor probing and testing equipment including manual and semiautomatic probe stations, probe tips, four point probes, resistivity test equipment, micropositioners.
Sonix Inc
Manufacturers of scanning acoustic microscopes for internal inspection of packaged ICs, SOI, silicon-on-silicon and mems.
Manufactures equipment for testing memory chips and computer cards and for testing and programming semiconductors.
Trio-Tech International
A testing equipment manufacturer and reseller.
VI Technology, Inc.
Supplier of automated test system products and engineering services for test, measurement, automation, and test data management.
W. M. Hague Company
Bare board test and semiconductor substrate test and inspection systems.
Offers fast, simple, effective JTAG boundary scan tools.
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