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Accretech Ltd.
Specialized in the field of image processing, machine control and algorithm development for inspection tools for wafer inspection and mask inspection tools.
ADE Corp.
Designs, manufactures, markets inspection systems used in semiconductor wafer and integrated circuit fabrication, and in testing computer disks and disk drives. Headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: ADEX).
Advanced Temperature Test Systems (ATT) GmbH
Offer a range of temperature control solutions (thermal wafer chuck) for the semiconductor industry.
Adventa Control Technologies Inc.
Semiconductor manufacturing software supplier.
Aehr Test Systems
Designs, engineers and manufactures massively parallel test systems, burn-in systems, die carriers, test fixtures and related accessories used in the semiconductor industry. (Nasdaq: AEHR).
American Probe & Technologies, Inc.
Offers accessories for analytical and production probing applications.
APC Technologies
A precision electroplating business specializing in electronic and semiconductor products.
Apex Technologies
Design and manufacture of encapsulation molds, mold parts and related sub-assemblies for the semi-conductor industry.
Applied Materials
Supplier of semiconductor processing equipment.
ASM International N.V.
Designs, manufactures, markets and services equipment and materials used to manufacture semiconductor devices. (Nasdaq: ASMI)
ASML Holding NV
Provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry.
ASYS Automatic Systems GmbH
Supplier of handling equipment for wafers, substrates, and MEMS in controlled environments. Germany. Site lists product photos and specifications in PDF format.
Axcelis Technologies Home Page
Manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment including ion implantion, thermal processing, photostabilization, and photoresist dry strip equipment
BE Semiconductor Industries NV
Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services molding, trim and form, and selective plating and tin-lead plating equipment for the semiconductor industry's back-end assembly operations. (Nasdaq: BESI).
BTU International, Inc.
Provides thermal process solutions for the electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging markets, develops custom equipment for specialty applications needing high-temperature and atmosphere-control. (Nasdaq: BTUI).
Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Group
Manufacturer and supplier of vacuum technology to the semiconductor and flat panel industry
Cascade Microtech
Manufacturer of probe stations and low current wafer probing solutions from probe cards to RF microwave prober applications.
CHA Industries
Manufactures evaporation and sputtering high vacuum deposition systems, LED optical systems and electron beam guns. Product specifications and recommended applications, plus company contact information.
CoorsTek, Inc.
Supplies critical components and assemblies to the semiconductor capital equipment market, including precision-machined metals, technical ceramics, and engineered plastics .
Cost Effective Equipment
Manufactures spin coaters, spinners, spincoaters, developers, hotplates and other semiconductor wafer processing equipment. A division of Brewer Science Inc.
Cymer, Inc.
Provides excimer laser illumination sources for use in deep ultraviolet photolithography systems targeted at the pilot and volume production segments of the semiconductor manufacturing market. (Nasdaq: CYMI).
Datacon Technology GmbH
Precision assembly equipment for the advanced packaging market. Specializes in die bonding, RFID, and flip chip technologies
Disco Corporation
Manufacturer of precision dicing saws and grinding wheels providing dicing, grinding, and polishing equipment and services for semiconductor and electronic components.
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.
Designs and manufactures sophisticated production equipment used by microelectronics manufacturers. (Nasdaq: ESIO).
Electroglas, Inc.
Develops, manufactures, markets and services automatic wafer probing equipment for use in the fabrication of semiconductor devices. (Nasdaq: EGLS).
Episil Technologies Inc.
Manufacturer of silicon epitaxial wafers foundry and provide buried layer epitaxial process services.
EUV Technology
Manufactures custom research and development instrumentation for the utilization and analysis of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation - soft x-rays and extreme ultraviolet (EUV).
EV Group
Manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment. Including ranges for resist processing, wafer cleaning, wafer bonding and SOI bonding.
Fast Gate Corporation
Designs and sells semiconductor manufacturing machines, and sells used equipment. Based in Japan. In Japanese and English.
Felcon Cleanrooms and Containment Ltd
Contamination controls including wet benches, cleanrooms, downflow, and laminar flow booths.
Fine Semi Tech
Pellicles for photomask processing, chillers, pellicle mounters for semiconductor and FPD processing.
Foothill Instruments, LLC
Manufacturer of film thickness metrology equipment for semiconductor and related industries.
Frontier Semiconductor Inc.
Manufacturer of equipment for measuring deposited thin film flatness and stress in wafers and characterizing wafer adhesion materials. Product descriptions and a description of how wafer stress is measured.
Produce etch processing tanks, ultra violet exposure units and light boxes for industry and photographers.
Genmark Automation
Designs, develops and manufactures robotics, motion control and integrated tool automation systems for semiconductor, data storage, and flat panel displays.
Greatek Technology Co., Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of semiconductor process equipment.
H-Square Corporation
Manufactures wafer handling tools, die and package pick and place tools and photomask handling tools.
Haiku Tech
Manufacturer and distributor of multilayer ceramic component manufacturing equipment. Technical overview of wet stacking techniques for making inductors.
Hanmi Semiconductor
Manufacturer of back-end equipment in semiconductor industry.
Heidelberg Instruments
Manufactures direct write laser lithography systems. Applications include photomask, MEMS, BioMEMS, grey exposure and exposure through thick resist.
Hi-Yen Trading International Ltd.
Capital equipment for the semiconductor and smart card industry.
Integration of reticle stockers and inspection systems of all brands, and control of reticle shelves.
Provides a range of thin film process control instrumentation including quartz crystal monitors, plasma monitors, optical monitors, and laser end point detectors.
Johnson Matthey
Produces products including palladium (pd) purifiers and getter and catalytic gas purifiers and fuel processors.
Joosung Engineering Inc.
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment for semiconductor and LCD processing.
K.C.TECH Co., Ltd
Gas cabinet, wet stations. Flash site.
KDF produces physical vapor deposition in-line batch systems used in the production of semiconductors, telecommunications and wireless networks, sensors, opto-electronics, flat panel displays and radio frequency power devices.
Keko Equipment
Manufacturer of equipment for development of multilayer based components.
King Yuan Electronics Co.
A service provider in mixed, logic and memory testing and assembly, providing turnkey solutions that include wafer sort, packaging, testing, burn-in and drop ship. From Taiwan.
KLA-Tencor Corporation
Designs, manufactures, markets and services yield monitoring and process control systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. (Nasdaq: KLAC).
Kokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corporation
Manufactures diffusion and low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) furnaces as well as rapid thermal processing (RTP) equipment.
Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and sells semiconductor assembly equipment including wire bonders, dicing saws and die. (Nasdaq: KLIC).
L. V. Service Enterprise
Sells and services mask aligners and other new and used semiconductor processing machines. San Jose, California.
Lam Research
A supplier of wafer fabrication equipment.
Laurell Technologies Corporation
Manufacturers of spin coaters, spin etchers, spin dryers, wet etch stations and other processing equipment for the semiconductor industry.
Loomis Industries Inc
Designs semiconductor wafer scribing and dicing machines.
Magnetic Solutions Limited
Manufacturer of magnetic annealing systems used in processing disk drive read/write heads and in processing magnetoresistive memory (MRAM). Product specifications, with brochures and schematics in PDF.
Martek Automation
Automated material handling for the micro-electronics industry.
Mattson Technology, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets advanced fabrication equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing. (Nasdaq: MTSN).
Mercatron International ltd
Manufacturers tungsten filaments for vacuum metallising.
Manufactures a range of tooling, precision parts, and consumable materials for the semiconductor, fiber-optic, and micro-electronic industries.
Mission Technology Inc.
Manufactures new and used SVG style 81xx, 86xx and 88xx series track system. Complete line of spare parts available.
MKS Instruments, Inc.
Supplies instruments and components used to measure, control, analyze and isolate gases in semiconductor and other manufacturing processes. (Nasdaq: MKSI).
Myriad Semiconductor
Myriad manufactures, supports, and sells semiconductor mask aligners and other photolithography equipment for production, research and development and university teaching environments.
Planar Concern
Research and manufacturing of semiconductor equipment including photolithography machines, photomasks, mask aligners, dicing saws, and die bonders.
Plasma Equipment Technical Services, Inc.
Manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment including rie, pecvd, ion milling, sputtering, barrel ashing and plasma etching systems.
Providers of microwave plasma tools for ashing, resist strip, descum, polyimide and paralyne removal, surface cleaning and isotropic etch processing for semiconductor wafers, flat panel displays , mems and optoelectronics.
Quadrillion Corporation
Software for diagnosing semiconductor yield problems.
Raith GmbH
Offers hard- and software for SEM based E-beam lithography, defect review (FA) and CAD navigation (PC based) for science orientated customers, and the semiconductor industry.
Rena Sondermaschinen GmbH
Supplies custom designed solutions and standard equipment for wet chemical processes in cleanrooms.
Rhetech, Inc
Manufactures, sells, modifies, and refurbishes used and surplus semiconductor equipment, including wet processing and Semitool equipment.
Sel-Tek Limited.
Specialist suppliers of chemical pumps, d. I water heaters, hall effect measurement systems, manual and automated probe stations, rf test equipment, probe tips, micropositioners and filtration products to the semiconductor equipment industry.
Semiconductor Wet Process Equipment
Process stations, plating benches, chemical delivery systems, quick dump rinsers, filter baths, circulators, quartz cleaning equipment, wafer storage cabinets.
Sieghard Schiller GmbH & Co.
Manufacturers and installs automated semiconductor handling machines including substrate separators, and wafer loaders and unloaders for ovens and bonders. Other products include smart card and CD assemblers. Headquartered in Germany; photos and descriptions of products and list of customers.
Sierra Applied Sciences Inc.
Designs and manufactures magnetron cathodes for sputtering of thick, thin, bonded, ceramic, metal, and magnetic and non-magnetic targets. Product overviews and applications.
Silicet AG
Etching technologies for microsystems: patented wafer holder / wafer handling tools / wet etching benches
SITE Services, Inc.
Designs and produces photolithography equipment.
SOF Optoelectronics GmbH
Manufacture of equipment for the production of flat panel displays, semiconductors and gas purifiers.
Solitec Wafer Processing, Inc.
Processing equipment for the semiconductor industry.
Spectel Research Corporation
Develops and makes semiconductor metrology products.
SpeedFam Co., Ltd.
Japanese designer, develops, manufactures, markets and services surface processing systems used in fabrication of thin film memory disk media, semiconductor wafers, industrial components and devices. (Nasdaq: SFAM)
Provides service and parts supply for dicing saws and manual bonders.
Suss Microtec
Manufacturer of mask aligners, bonders, flip chip bonders, spin coaters and probe systems for the mems, advanced packaging for the semiconductor markets.
Techlink Semiconductors
Provide cost-effective equipment, service, spare parts and support to wafer fabs worldwide.
Tek-Vac Industries, Inc.
Manufacturers of semiconductor and materials process equipment.
Thermonics Incorporated
Manufactures precision temperature forcing systems, temperature chuck systems, automatic tri-temperature robotic handlers, and custom thermal fixturing for the IC industry.
Tiros Corporation
Manufactures automated thermal curing systems including robotic multi-chamber systems. Site describes products and includes streaming video overview of system.
Torr International, Inc.
Thin film deposition and etching systems.
Transtronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of a pocket EPROM programmer with support for PIC, Flash, and EE applications.
Thin film technology, especially for ceramic materials. Both, deposition equipment and thin film products.
ULTRA t Equipment
Provide cleaning systems for the semiconductor industry and microelectronics industries, meeting the most stringent requirements for a broad range of substrates.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates
Offer high current, medium current, high energy fab tools, including ion implanters.
Ventex Corporation
Provides sales, service and spare parts for Canon photolithography equipment.
Virginia Technologies, Inc. (VTI)
Manufactures optical based meters for measuring silicon based micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) device thickness. Company profile and product technology description.
Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of MOCVD technology based EPI materials.
Windush Technology Ltd
Vacuum handling tools for semiconductor processing and other application where precision, safety and cleanliness are essential.
Wordentec Limited
Supplier of vacuum coating, vacuum ovens, wafer and substrate handling, plasma generators, and other equipment for the thin film industry. Devon, UK.
Mixed signal foundry experts in semiconductors.
Xenon Corporation
Manufactures pulsed UV systems for sterilization and curing of DVDs, semiconductors, fiberoptics, medical devices and electronics, featuring low heat, instant on/off and deep penetration. Also flashlamps and tall tower lamps

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