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advICo mircroelectronics GmbH
German based IP (Intellectual Property) provider. Also offers ASIC design services with capabilities up to 40 Gbps.
Designs custom systems and custom chips.
Aeroflex Incorporated
Manufactures standard and custom devices for applications that include space, land-based, and deep sea.
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
Providing innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signal hall-effect sensor and analog power ics serving applications within the automotive electronics, office automation, industrial and portable electronics markets.
Alpha Microelectronics Corp.
Design and manufacture of speech IC, voice IC, recoding IC, music IC, synthesis IC, controller IC and contract manufacture of ICs with 4 bit, 8 bit MCU.
AMIC Technology Inc.
Produces memory ICs. Also offers ASIC and system-on-chip design services as well as IP for RF wireless products.
Anadigm Ltd.
Design and develop programmable analog array silicon and software products including analog IP modules and SoC applications. Online line card and demonstration software available for download.
Analog Devices, Inc.
Offers ICs for data converters, amplifiers, DSP, RF and communications, power and thermal management, supervisory and interface, and MEMs.
Aplus Integrated Circuits Inc.
Design and manufacture consumer voice ICs, software development for 4 bit/8 bit micro controller and COB and module products. Includes product descriptions, questions and answers, company news and data sheets available for download. [zip, pdf]
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC)
Manufactures embedded single and multicore processors, and data transport products (SerDes, Ethernet PHYs, Framers/Mappers).
Atmel Corporation
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of semiconductor integrated circuits for use in the computing, telecommunications, industrial control and instrumentation, consumer electronics, automotive and avionics markets. (Nasdaq: ATML)
Broadcom Corp
Manufactures networking and communications ICs for data, voice, and video applications.
Calogic LLC
Manufactures a line of standard products in bipoloar, CMOS, dmos, JFET and dielectrically isolated technologies as well as full custom IC capabilities from design to final test.
Centellax, Inc
Develops physical-layer electronic components for broadband microwave and optical communications systems. Products range from singulated GaAs and SiGe ICs to ceramic- and plastic-packaged ICs, connectorized modules, and complete test accessories.
Cirrus Logic, Inc
Supplies linear, DSP, and mixed-signal chips for storage, communications, consumer, and industrial applications. Also sells under the Crystal brand.
Conexant Systems, Inc
Produces ICs for consumer products that include networking, digital video, cordless technology, fax machines, modems, and set-top boxes.
Cypress Semiconductor
Produces a wide range of semiconductors including programmable logic devices, memory, chipsets and networking ICs.
Davicom Semiconductor Inc.
Provides wire and wireless network communication ICs, including SMSC compatible MAC and phy chips.
Designs amplifiers based on x-class technology (digital, mixed mode power processing).
E-Lab Inc.
Specializes in electronics circuit development.
Exar Corporation
Makes analog and mixed-signal ICs for the video, imaging, and communications markets.
Fujitsu Microelectronics
Manufactures analog and digital ICs and produce microprocessors, memory, networking ICs, custom ASICs.
GCT Semiconductor, Inc
Produces ICs for wireless communications, including transceivers and RF processors/controllers.
Manufacturer of a wide range of semiconductor devices. Application areas include: MOS power transistors, surge protection, intelligent power, data acquisition, microprocessors and DSP.
Hytek Microsystems, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and sells custom and standard hybrid microcircuits and manufactures delay lines, thermo-electric cooler controllers, and laser diode driver standard products. (Nasdaq: HTEK).
inSilicon Corporation
Provides intellectual property used to design complex semiconductors called systems-on-a-chip. (Nasdaq: INSN).
Integrated Device Technology
Supplier of semiconductors to the communications market.
Intel Corp
Makes devices for personal computer, networking, and communications products.
Intersil Corp.
Manufactures analog and mixed signal ICs for products like flat panel displays, optical storage and power management, among others.
Irvine Sensors Corporation
Researches and develops compact solid state microcircuitry for military and commercial applications. (Nasdaq: IRSN).
Jeilin Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of system-on-a-chip for scanner ICs, PC camera IC, MP3 decoder IC, and switching Hub IC with USB port.
KWE (Kedah Wafer Emas Sdn Bhd)
Makes electronic systems in addition to producing ICs for power management, consumer electronics, and communications. Offerings include image sensors, MEMs devices, and bluetooth ICs.
Kyocera Corp
Offers industrial IC packaging of optoelectonic packages, MEMS packages as well as ultra high vacuum ceramic products.
Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
Manufactures semiconductors. Especially Ethernet, Cable, and DSL related communications devices. Acquired Galileo.
Maxim Integrated Products
Produces digital, analog, linear, and mixed signal integrated circuits. Acquired Dallas Semiconductor.
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc
Offers ICs ranging from analog to digital to RF to Ethernet Phy's (via Kendin purchase).
Semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace and defense, communications, data center and industrial markets.
Mindspeed Technologies
Manufactures ICs for enterprise, access, metropolitan and wide area networks.
Minilogic Device Corporation Limited
Manufacturers a voltage regulator and detector.
MStar Semiconductor, Inc.
Taiwan based ASIC design that focuses on mixed signal and analog, as well as offering intellectual property (IP) and LCD displays.
National Semiconductor
Makes analog and digital ICs for the consumer and communications markets.
NEC Corp.
Provider of IT network integrated solutions and semiconductor solutions. Includes product and service information and links to regional sites.
NXP Semiconductors
Manufactures a wide range of IC's for applications such as automotive, communications, and consumer electronics, among others. Formerly Motorola Semiconductor.
Octasic Semiconductor
Provides silicon products focused on the challenges of voice processing and packetization for next generation packet based networks.
PMC-Sierra, Inc
Produces MIPS processors in addition to a range of ICs for the communications, storage, and consumer markets.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Design, test, and distribute ICs for consumer electronics, telecom devices, computer peripherals, multimedia and communication network hardware. Online line card and specifications.
Renesas Electronics Corporation
Makes ICs for the mobile, automotive, communications, and digital home electronics markets. Formed from the semiconductor divisions of Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and NEC.
Samsung Semiconductor
Manufacturer of a full line of semiconductor devices - Memory, Asic, System.
Samsung Semiconductor Division
Manufacture a full line of semiconductors including power modules, memory devices, LSI and consumer electronics.
Semtech Corp
Produces analog and mixed-signal devices for use in communications, portable devices, computers, and industrial equipment.
SSC Electronics
Manufacturer of audio and video ICs and do-it-yourself kits for equalizers, preamps, switchers, mixers, and faders.
Standard Microsystems Corp (SMSC)
Designs, develops and supplies analog and mixed-signal ICs and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores.
Stengel's Resource
Semiconductor manufacturers lists and links.
TriQuint Semiconductor
Develops to customer specifications, manufactures and markets analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for wireless communications, telecommunications and mobile devices. Manufacturing and global support plants headqurtered in Greensboro, North Carolina (Nasdaq: TQNT).
Twilight Technology, Inc.
Manufacture of various obsolete semiconductor and IC products for military, industrial, commercial applications.
Virage Logic Corporation
Provides semiconductor intellectual property for the memory elements of complex electronic systems contained on a single silicon chip, consisting of designs, software systems and software tools. (Nasdaq: VIRL).
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp
Manufacturer of network processors, optical modules, and communications ICs.
Winbond Electronics
Designer and manufacturer of ICs for several types of electronic products.
Winbond Electronics Corporation America (WECA)
Produces IC products for the PC, peripheral-related, consumer electronics, multimedia and memory IC markets including telephone dialer, PC I/O controller, memory, speech synthesizer and MPEG decoder markets.
Yamar Electronics, Ltd.
Developer and manufacturer of DC-bus power-line communication transceivers for multiplex networks of CAN, LIN, SPI and UART protocols. A vehicle for data, voice and video transfer.
Independent IC design services provider in central Italy covering analogue and digital, circuit and system design.
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