This category is for the manufacturers of discrete semiconductor devices. For example diodes and FETs. Also the place for arrays of similar discrete components in one device. The place for devices with more than one type of device is the Integrated Circuits category.

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Advanced Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI)
Manufacturer of RF power transistors and microwave diodes for both new design and replacement of obsolete components.
Cheng-Yi Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of rectifiers, bridge diodes, diodes and bridge rectifier.
Continental Device India Limited
Manufacturers of a range of diodes and transistors.
Cree, Inc.
Manufacturer of silicon carbide based semiconductors.
Deltron Inc.
Manufactures automobile alternator electrical parts including pressfit, trio, tin can, button, dish and block diodes, soza cells and rectifiers. Includes product photographs and specifications.
Diodes Incorporated
Manufactures and sells discrete semiconductor devices, including small signal transistors, transient voltage suppressers, zeners, schottkys, diodes, rectifiers and bridges. Online data sheets, search and sample quantities.
Dynex Semiconductor Ltd.
Dynex Semiconductor is a manufacturer of: IGBTs, Phase Control Thyristors, SCRs, Gate Turn-off Thyristors, GTOs , Fast Switching Thyristors, Asymmetric Thyristors, Fast Independent manufacturer of discrete and modular IGBTs, FRD devices, GTO/asymmetric/phase control thyristors, power assemblies, silicon-on-sapphire ICs,SAW devices, ASPM, and automotive systems.
Eupec Power Semiconductors
Manufacture IGBT, thyristor, diode, MOSFET, stack, assembly, IGBT-module, thyristor-module, diode-module.
General Semiconductor
Manufacturer and global supplier of power MOSFETs, rectifiers, small signal transistors, and transient voltage suppressors products.
Green Power Solutions
Manufacturer of power diodes, thyristors and integrated assemblies.
International Rectifier
Manufacturer of power semiconductors (MOSFET, IBGT, Diodes and Thyristors).
Ixys Corporation
Manufactures, and markets a broad spectrum of power semiconductors and power modules for the global power market.
Microsemi Corporation
Produces diodes, transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR's), RF devices, and Transient Voltage Suppressors.
Nitronex Corporation
A developer of gallium nitride (GaN) based semiconductors for wireless base station RF power amplifiers.
Open Technology Source, Inc
Distribution of discrete and passive components.
A manufacturer of power semiconductors - discrete products and modules - Powerex combines past knowledge and experience with the technological breakthroughs of Mitsubishi Electric to bring quality and innovation to the semiconductor marketplace.
SAG Components
Manufacture of diodes, resonators, zener diodes, and varistors in China.
Semiconductor Industry News - Topix
News on the semiconductor industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Semiconix Corporation
manufacturer of custom bipolar ASICs, optoelectronic components,high voltage and high power semiconductors,all offered in die form for flip chip and hybrid applications.
Semikron International
Manufacturer and supplier of single and multi-channel devices such as thyristors and diodes, especially for power applications.
Sentry Electronics Products
Broad-line distributor of discrete semiconductors.
Silicon Strategies
Online newspaper dedicated to semiconductors.
Vishay Siliconix
Designs and manufactures power and analog semiconductor products.
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