This category lists professional companies involved in the microwave industry. The term microwave is often defined as the part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 300 MHz to 300 GHz. However, in the common venacular, the microwave band is often extended to encompass much higher frequencies. This band is further subdivided into the millimeter-wave band extending from 30-300 GHz and the submillimeter-wave band above 300 GHz.

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Offers radio modems, broadcasting emitters receivers and other RF electronic equipment.
Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.
Manufactures a broad line of RF, microwave components for coaxial, waveguide and Ka-band.
AFT Microwave Limited
Manufacturers of microwave ceramic and dielectric materials.
Albacom Ltd
Design, manufacture, and integration of microwave TWT and amplifiers for radar and EW applications.
AMCOM Communications, Inc.
Manufacturer of broadband RF and microwave components including MMIC, Hybrid, and GaAs FET circuits as well as power amplifiers for wireless LAN, local loop, and CATV applications.
Amplifonix Inc.
Manufacturer of hybrid, bi-polar and GaAs FET low to medium power amplifiers, PIN diode, and GaAs FET switches and VCOs that operate in the frequency range of a few kHz to 3,000 MHz. Online specifications.
Anaren Microwave, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and sells microwave components, assemblies and subsystems for communications, navigation, electronic surveillance, radar, electronic warfare, telemetry and instrumentations systems. (Nasdaq: ANEN)
Anokiwave Inc
Design and analysis services for a wide range of high-frequency, microwave and mm-wave circuits.
Manufacturer of information, communications, measurement and industrial automation products and services.
Antek Systems, LLC
Designer and manufacturer of earth station equipment including diplexers, waveguide and RF/IF cable assemblies and machined parts that also provides support services such as installation, maintenance and testing.
Bree Engineering
Manufacturer of RF and microwave filters.
Charter Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision electromechanical switches from DC-26.5 GHz.
Colortech Electronic Mfg. Corporation
Manufacturer of surge protector, surge arrestor, 2-way splitter for 2.4 GHZ, power divider or combiner for 2.4 GHZ, 0~3 GHZ accessory and 2.5 GHZ accessory.
Manufacturer of stable and reliable RF power supplies with frequencies from DC to GHz, power levels up to 100KW, matching networks and RF diagnostics.
Communications & Power Industries
Manufacturer of magnetrons, klystrons, gyrotrons, power amplifiers, TWTs and power grid tubes for microwave, broadcast and radar applications.
Connecticut Microwave Corp.
Manufactures microwave and RF products including circulators, dummy loads, detectors and adaptors.
Custom Microwave, Inc.
Electro-forming and fabrication of precision waveguide components.
Dage Corporation
Export management services for u. S. Manufactured microwave and rf frequency components, systems and sub-systems.
Daico Industries, Inc.
Provides IF/RF and microwave control products and amplifiers.
DCHopkins & Associates
Specializing in design, development and packaging of high-frequency, high-density power electronic circuits and systems.
Diamond Antenna & Microwave Corporation
Manufacture of microwave rotary joints, electrical rotary transfer devices (roll rings) and waveguide switches.
DiTom Microwave
Designer and manufacturer of microwave components including ferrite isolators and circulators for the wireless market.
DowKey Microwave
Produces microwave switches and RF coaxial relays for military systems, medical equipment, cellular telephone, two-way and paging radio, PCS, air traffic control, test equipment, commercial airlines, and satellite applications.
Manufacturer of RF Power supplies.
EMC Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of surface mount terminations, attenuators, resistors, and delay lines for microwave and RF applications.
Empower RF Systems Inc.
Design and manufacture standard and custom high power RF and microwave amplifier systems and modules for EMC testing, military and wireless applications. Includes product specifications and outline drawings.
Farran Technology Ltd.
Semiconductors, components and subsystems for the millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave bands.
Filtek Inc.
Custom designs and manufactures RF and Microwave filters.
Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc
Manufacturing of standard and custom microwave heating components and systems. Repair, testing and calibration services. Microwave appliance development.
GHz Technology
Supplies RF and microwave power transistors from 10Mhz to 3.5GHz, output power up to 150 watts CW or 1K watt pulse. Online product selection guide and ordering information. PDF application notes available for download.
Giga-tronics Incorporated
Designs, manufactures and markets microwave and radio frequency signal generation and power measurement instruments used in the design, production, repair and maintenance of telecommunications, radar, electronic warfare, and transportation systems. (Nasdaq: GIGA).
GRE America, Inc
Manufacturer of Wirelss LAN, Spread Spectrum Radio Modem, RF Module and Scanner.
Designs and manufactures custom microwave assemblies including microwave components, hybrid microcircuits and waveguide products.
Herotek Inc.
Designs and manufactures RF and microwave components. Online data sheets.
Hittite Microwave Corp.
Designs and manufacturers high volume IC products for high-speed voice and data transfer systems focussing on RF to millimeter wave components. Online datasheets and PDF application notes and articles available for download.
Industrial Microwave
Microwave sources and components for industrial applications like heating, drying, plasma, sintering for OEMs or users.
Integrated Microwave
Designer and manufacturer of precision IF, RF and microwave filters and integrated multifunction modules.
InterTronic Solutions
Offers a wide range of RF and microwave products including GaAs fet amplifiers, waveguide filters/diplexers, oscillators and up/down converters .
Jersey Microwave LLC
Manufactures up/down converters, PLDRO, receivers, transmitters, LNA, power amplifiers and other products for microwave communications systems.
Johanson Technology
Design and manufacture of broadband capacitors, high frequency capacitors, and laser trim capacitors.
JQL Electronics Inc
Designer and manufacturer of RF components such as isolator and circulator, power and divider, directional coupler, and ferrite materials.
K and L Microwave, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of custom RF and microwave filters, delay lines, duplexers and diplexers, combiners, receive multicouplers, directional couplers and system assemblies.
Kuhne Electronic
Microwave components for professional and amateur radio applications.
Lorch Microwave
Designs and manufactures RF and microwave signal processing components and systems.
Luff Research Inc.
Manufacture high performance RF frequency synthesizers and phase-locked frequency sources.
Marki Microwave
Provides a range of frequency mixers and converters, DC to 65 GHz, mixer based subassemblies, low noise receivers and medium power transmitters for point to multipoint and LMDS applications.
Mega Industries
Manufacture of microwave transmission equipment.
Distributor of RF and Microwave technology.
Microdata Innovation
Microwave, Video and Digital technology for EW products.
Designs and manufactures passive microwave components such as low pass filters, RF splitters and RF directional couplers.
Microwave Devices Inc.
Manufacturer of passive RF and Microwave components ranging from DC to 60 GHz and 0.5 to 80,000 Watts.
Microwave Distributors Company
Distributor of RF and microwave components.
Microwave Engineering Corporation
High power, broadband passive components and waveguides for microwave and communication systems.
MicroWave Technology
Manufacturer of amplifiers and GaAS FETs for the wireless communications industry.
Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc.
Supply hybrid couplers, directional couplers, and RF power dividers. Includes product specifications and plotted data.
Millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave products from 18-800 GHz including radars, radiometers, antennas, components, and assemblies.
Manufacturer of solid state high power microwave broadband class A amplifiers and systems from 1Ghz to 10Ghz. From UK.
Supply a range of RF / IF microwave components. Includes product catalogs and technical documentation in pdf format .
Manufacturers of satellite communication products, components and assemblies.
Nextec Microwave & RF, Inc
Manufacturers amplifiers, frequency multipliers and OC-192 modulator driver amplifiers for RF, microwave, mm-wave, commercial, military and fiber optic applications.
Penn Engineering Components
Manufactures and electrically tests a certified line of Standard Microwave Components for Military, Laboratory, and Commercial applications. Based at North Hollywood, California, USA.
Precision Waveguide Components Inc
Manufacturer of waveguide components for the microwave industry, commercial and military applications. Also microwave test equipment.
Quinstar Technology, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of microwave and millimeter-wave electronic products.
RF Cafe
Independently reviewed site containing links to microwave vendors.
RF Coax Inc.
RF cable assemblies to 100 GHz in semi-rigid coax. Direct sales, military and commercial.
RF Micro Devices
Manufacturer of RF integrated circuits. Product line includes quadrature modulators, quadrature demodulators, LNA/mixers, IF amplifiers, attenuators, and linear power amplifiers.
RF Power Systems
Manufacturer of impedance matching transformers, splitters and combiners for RF amplifiers.
Semiconductor Equipment Technologies Ltd
Manufactures RF power supplies, automatic and manual impedance matching networks and customized RF equipment for plasma systems. Scotland. Site lists photos and specifications of products.
SiGe Microsystems, Inc.
Designs and supplies low phase noise, low power consumption Silicon-Germanium enhanced integrated circuits for wireless on-premises (WLAN, Bluetooth, HomeRF) and last-mile (LMDS and Cable) broadband access communications.
Southwest Microwave, Inc.
Provides high quality security and communication equipment and systems.
Space Machine and Engineering Corp
Manufactures small waveguide products for military and commercial applications. Features product photos and data sheets. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Spectrum Microwave Inc.
Manufacturers ceramic resonators, microwave filters and antennas.
Synergy Microwave Corporation
Designs and manufactures Rf and microwave signal processing components.
TRAK Microwave
Manufacturers of microwave components and assemblies including sources, multipliers, COMB generators, mixers, couplers, isolators, phase shifters, and attenuators.
Universal Microwave Corporation
Manufacturer of low phase noise voltage controlled oscillators (VCO's) and microwave frequency synthesizer modules.
US Microwaves
Custom thin film circuits, spiral chip inductors, MNOS and MOS ceramic capacitors. Schottky, PIN, tunnel, SRD, varactor, and zero bias diodes. Bipolar NPN and PNP transistors. High speed LDMOS and TMOS FETs. Silicon and SiGe MMICs.
Virginia Diodes, Inc.
VDI manufactures millimeter-wave GaAs Schottky Diodes and integrated components operating from 18 GHz to over 2.5 THz.
Wainwright Instruments
Manufacturer of a wide selection of microwave filters.
Waveline Inc.
Specializes in rf/mw multi-throw switches, phase shifters, digital and analog attenuators, couplers, dividers, custom subassemblies, pin diode and waveguide components.
Werlatone Inc.
Manufactures broadband RF power devices. Including couplers, combiners and dividers
WV Communications
Design and manufacture RF and microwave communication equipment, custom design products and modifications to existing product.
Z-Communications, Inc.
Designs and manufactures low phase noise VCO modules and PLL frequency synthesizers for the commercial RF, microwave and wireless markets.
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