This category is for manufacturers of capacitors.
Aerovox Inc.
Manufactures AC film capacitors, DC capacitors, custom and pulse power capacitors, EMI/RFI filters and aluminum electrolytic capacitors for OEMs of electrical and electronic equipment. Online line card and links to distributors.
Amber Capacitors Limited
Manufacturers of AC capacitors for use in fans, motors, air conditioners, fluorescent and HID lamps and power factor correction.
American Capacitor Corporation
Is a film capacitor manufacturer. Capacitors can be supplied in all dielectric systems, including supermetallized and metallized polypropylene, metallized polycarbonate and polyester, metallized Mylar.
APON Corporation Limited
Produces aluminium cases for electrolytic capacitor manufacturing, with sampling tests including dimension measurement, hardness test, explosion-proof test, chlorine analysis, high-speed punching test, end-product inspection.
AVX Corporation
Producer of capacitors, resistors, filters, fuses and ferrites.
Barker Microfarads Inc.
Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for consumer, industrial and military applications. Capacitor types produced include axial and radial lead, miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, AC motor start capacitors and large can capacitors. Online catalogue, specifications and purchasing.
Bor Hurng Electronics Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
Cardwell Condenser
High value, high voltage variable capacitors. They also have Inductors and other RF components.
Dearborn Electronics
Manufacturer of film, paper, polyester, mylar, ceramic, and axial capacitors.
Dielectric Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturing single layer and high Q multi layer capacitors.
Duracap International Inc
Manufactures Mallory aluminum electrolytic capacitors, wirewound potentiometers, audio attenuators and selector switches and Mallory Inductuners.
Ease Electronics
Offers a full range of ceramic capacitors for use in monitors, computer terminals, switching power supplies, UPS, fax machines, telephones, PABX, air cleaners, stunguns.
Elecsound Electronics
Manufacturer of a range of capacitors. China.
Electrocube Inc.
Design and manufacture standard and custom precision film dielectric capacitors, RC networks, IGBT snubber capacitors, EMI/RFI/EMC filters and lightweight foil transformers. Online linecard and PDF catalogue available for download.
Electronicon Kondensatoren GmbH
Manufactures capacitors for lighting, motor and power electronics applications, modules and capacitor banks for power factor correction and electronic ballasts. Online line card and product specifications.
Evans Capacitor Co.
Designs and manufactures high energy density capacitors including electrochemical and electrolytic electrochemical. Product overview and PDF data sheets available for download.
High Energy Corp.,
High voltage film/foil and ceramic capacitors.
Highkap Electronics Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of multilayer ceramic leaded capacitors.
Hitachi AIC Capacitors
Manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic, metalized film, and tantalum capacitors, including technical specifications, product descriptions, and performance characteristics.
Hitano Enterprise Corp.
Manufacture of electrolytic and ceramic capacitors.
Hivolt Capacitors, Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of high voltage capacitors.
Hong Kong Film Capacitor (Shun Tai) Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer film capactors. From China.
HVC Inc.
Manufacturer of high voltage ceramic capacitors.
ICEL S.r.l.
Produces plastic film capacitors, R-C networks and interference suppressors.
ITW Paktron Inc.
Manufactures multilayer polymer film electronic capacitors. Online product guide, industry links and PDF data sheets.
Johanson Manufacturing
Manufactures trimmer capacitors for RF and microwave industries. Contains online catalog and sales contact information.
Jya-Nay Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of supplier of ceramic disc capacitors, AC safety capacitors, ring varistors and metal oxide varistors.
Manufacturer of multilayer and microwave chip, radial, standard, and high voltage ceramic capacitors.
Kemet Corp.
Manufactures tantalum, ceramic and aluminum capacitors.
Lucky Top Technologies, Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of electrolytic, film, tantalum, ceramic, multilayer, and chip capacitors, resistors, diodes and LEDs.
Marketa International Limited
Manufacturer of capacitors. Product range includes electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, power capacitors, chip capacitors,
Maxwell Technologies
Develops and manufactures ultracapacitors for energy storage and burst power applications. Includes product information for consumer electronics, telecommunications, GPS systems, and portable electronics applications.
Meco srl capacitors.
Manufacturing electric capacitors made in polypropylene film.
MFD Capacitors (1991) Ltd.
Producer of polypropylene, polyester and polycarbonate capacitors.
Nichicon Capacitor Incorporated
Supplier of tantalum and aluminum capacitors
Manufacturing multilayer ceramic chip capacitors include surface mount capacitors from the 0402 case size to larger high voltage units (up to 20kV) for commercial and high reliability applications.
The electrolytic capacitor manufacturer.
High voltage film/foil pulse capacitors and HV transformers
Oren Elliott Products
Manufacturer of air-dielectric variable capacitors. Located in Edgerton, Ohio.
P & B Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tact switches and push switches.
Plastic Capacitors, Inc.
Tesla coil specific capacitors, custom transformers and general purpose high voltage capacitors.
Prestige Electronics Corporation
Manufacturer of plastic film capacitors in radial and axial formats. Applications include computer monitors, telephones and electronic ballasts.
Richey Capacitor, Inc.
Manufacture aluminum electrolytic capacitors from SMT up to computer grade.
Manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors.
Seasons Industrial Co
Manufacturer of capacitors, range includes metallized polyester film capacitors, motor starting capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, polyester film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors and tantalum capacitors.
Sheng Ye
Manufacturer of metallized film capacitors for a wide range of applications.
Shenzhen Capacitors Industrial Co., Ltd.
manufacturer of chip tantalum capacitors, dipped tantalum capacitors and others capacitors. From China.
Shunde Beijiao Baiming Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of metallized and A.C capacitors.
Simic Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures dipped mica capacitors which are custom built on request.
Suntan Technology Co Ltd.
Specialist manufacturer of capacitors. Range includes polyester, ceramic, plastic film, film and layer capacitors.
Union Technology Corp.
Supplier of multi-layer ceramic capacitors and other specialty ceramic capacitors
Wenling Handing Electric Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of motor capacitors, aluminum electrolytic and lighting capacitors. Based in China.
Xebor Company
Manufacturer of capacitors.Product range includes RFI suppressions, polypropylene film, metallized polypropylene film, polyester film, metallized polyester film and AC power.
Yu Chang Electronics Co. ltd.
Manufacture of the metallized polyester film capacitor and polypropylene film capacitors, and various types of film capacitors.
Yuon Yu Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of capacitors. From Asia-Taiwan.
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