This category lists organizations, industry trade groups, foundations, and standards setting bodies in the electronics and electrical industries. The primary function of an organization listed here should be to organize, provide information about, or promote a field in the electrical industry, or provide non-profit services to industry members.
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Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. Testing products for public safety for more than a century.
AIA. Automated Imaging Association
USA. Non-profit trade association, dedicated to promoting the use of image capture and analysis technology. Buyers'guide. Library of case studies, technical papers and articles. Links to related sites.
American Public Power Association on the web.
Serves and supports telephone company building industry consultants responsible for the design and distribution of telecommunications wiring in commercial and multi-family buildings.
Cable Tray Institute
Supports the cable tray industry by engaging in research, development, education and the dissemination of information designed to enhance and increase the visibility of the industry.
Distribution Systems Testing, Application and Research
DSTAR program is a cooperative research effort supported by individual utilities and utility organizations. Focusing day-to-day engineering issues related to electric power distribution.
Edison Electric Institute
Association of shareholder-owned electric companies. Provides information about EEI products, services, meetings; electric utility industry restructuring; links to utility-related sites; and EEI Online.
The Electric Association
Serving the electrical industry, including consulting electrical engineers, electrical distributors, manufacturers and manufacturers reps.
Electric League Of Missouri & Kansas
Organization of electrical supply wholesalers, electric utilities, manufacturer's agents, manufacturers, contractors, engineers, architects and others involved in the electrical industry in the two-state area.
Electric Power Supply Association
National trade association representing competitive power suppliers active in U.S. and global power markets, seeking to bring the benefits of competition to all electricity customers.
The Electrical Generating Systems Association
Trade association of companies in the USA and around the world that make, sell, distribute, specify, service, and use on-site power equipment.
Electrical Safety Forum
Committed to Electrical Safety through education. Providing tips, resource links for consumers and professionals, on-line forum.
Electricity Forum
Organization that publishes books, sponsors seminars and trade shows, and offers training on electrical systems, concentrating on Canada and the USA. List of courses, seminars, and a company directory.
Electrical manufacturers and distributors association of Ireland.
Houston Electrical League
Local electrical association.
National network of over 185 independent electrical distributors with over 950 locations nationwide. Acts as cooperative for members.
Independent Electrical Contractor Association - IECI
Electrical contractors association.
Independent Electrical Contractors of Chesapeake
The I.E.C. Chesapeake is a not-for profit trade and educational organization representing merit shop electrical contractors, electrical suppliers, and associate members.
International Cablemakers Federation
Promotes the use of cables, energy saving and increased security, to improve recovery and re-use of cable materials considering ecological aspects to analyze and collate statistical data of interest to the Industry.
Lighting Controls Association
This site is directed toward those involved in the design, construction and management of buildings.
National Association of Electrical Distributors
For electrical distributors and manufacturers that sell through the wholesale channel.
National Association of Energy Service Companies
Advocates sound legislative and regulatory policies at both the federal and state levels to promote the cost-effective delivery of energy services to all customer classes.
National Association of Power Engineers
For over 117 years NAPE has educated its members, in Chapters across the country, in the field of Power Engineering. N.A.P.E. is dedicated to the Education of Power Engineers.
National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association
Promoting the use of independent manufacturers representatives as the most effective way to go to market. Serves as a resource for electrical manufacturers.
NECA - National Electrical Contractors Association
For electrical contractors or other construction types who want to stay updated.
North American Electric Reliability Council
Organization of US electrical grid operators. Papers on grid reliability standards, self-assessments, and research reports.
North Central Electrical League, Inc
Serving the electrical industry in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
Association is vendor and product independent. Offering the worldwide community related to control programming especially IEC 61131-3, the only global standard for industrial control programming.
Power Transmission Distributors Association
Compromised of power transmission and motion control distributors and manufacturers serving the industrial market.
Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers' League
Association devoted to establishing standards among electrical surplus dealers.

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