Manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors of non-military submarines, submersibles, ROVs, and AUVs, including tour, research, surveying, and recovery.

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Arjay Industries Ltd.
Fabricator specialized in pressure vessels for underwater tour operations. Features catalog of qualifications, and materials standards. [Surrey, British Columbia, Canada]
Bluefin Robotics Corporation
Manufactures AUVs for scientific research, mine warfare, sea floor surveying. Features company and product profiles, service request information. [Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA]
Deep Ocean Engineering
Manufacturer of battery and nuclear powered ROVs. Features profile, sales information for new and used, and a list of worldwide distributors. [San Leandro, California, USA]
Deep Sea Systems International, Inc.
Manufactures ROV's for surveying and recovery. Features company history, catalog of units and pictures, leasing options, and dealers' login. [Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA]
Hawkes Ocean Technologies
Manufacturer of 2-4 passenger, wet and dry submersibles. Features catalog, coursing, press coverage, and history of company projects. [San Francisco, California, USA]
Hylands Underwater Vehicles
Manufactures environmental monitoring ROVs. Features profile, product specifications, assembly, and testing data. [Ontario, Canada]
International Submarine Engineering Research Ltd.
A subsidiary of ISE Ltd., specialized in submersible fabrication. Features profile, products specifications, and services. [Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada]
International VentureCraft Corp.
Manufacturer of 1-6 occupant, tour submersibles. Features specifications, slideshow, picture and video galleries, and locations of tourist operations. [Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada]
Mobimar Ltd.
Manufactures tour submarines and surface vessels. Features company and services overview, 3D and sub-contracting experience. [Turku, Finland]
Nodosa S.L.
Specialized fabricator of submersibles for tour operations. Features company history, portfolio of projects, specifications, and video gallery. [Pontevedra, Spain] [English, Spanish]
Perry Slingsby Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of ROVs for deep-sea operations. Features company background, product brochures, specifications, and library of technical papers. [Jupiter, Florida, USA]
Personal Submarine Industries
Designs and manufacturers submersibles for research and tour operations. Features current operational designs, picture gallery for each model, and feasibility analysis. [La Ciotat, France]
SeaBotix Inc.
Manufacturer of ROVs. Features profile, catalog, specifications, picture and video galleries, and list of distributors. [San Diego, California, USA]
Seaeye Marine Limited
Manufacturer of electric powered ROVs. Features profile, catalog, specifications, videos, news, exhibition dates and distributor list. [Hampshire, England, UK]
SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Manufacturer of 2 and 3 occupant, one atmosphere submersibles and small submarines for scientific, commercial, and personal use. Offers training, technical, and operational support.
Subeo Ltd.
Provider of 2-3 occupant submersibles for research and recreational use. Features profiles, brochures, gallery of pictures and videos, and sales information. [Essex, England, UK]
Submertec Limited
Manufactures underwater inspection equipment including lighting and cameras for fish farms and submersibles. Features product specifications, brochures, and for-hire services. [Fife, Scotland, UK]
Subsea 7
Fabricator for deep ocean autonomous underwater vehicles. Features company and product profiles, specifications, and list of international offices. [Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands]
Sun-Star Electric L.P.
Fabricator and distributor of motors and accessories for deep-ocean ROVs. Features profile, product information, repair and manufacturing facilities. [Lubbock, Texas, USA]
Underwater Industry
Portal for subsea news. Features commercial diving, ROVs, AUVs, submersibles, marine technology, construction, training, and a message board.
The Underwater Source
Portal for careers in subsea companies and projects. Features company profiles, job bank, registration, login, and application and resume forms for archiving and retrieval.
US Submarines Inc.
Manufacturer and consulting firm for luxury submersibles and underwater habitats. Features catalog of new and used, guides, and industry newsletter. [Vero Beach, Florida, USA]
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