Wholesale suppliers of miniature items generally deal only with other miniature businesses. Often, your local miniature store can order from these companies.
Aztec Imports
Wholesale distributor with links to retail stores. Product photos.
Corona Concepts
Dollhouse kit manufacturer based in New York.
Creal Miniatures
1:12 scale dollhouses, furniture and wallpaper from France.
Cyber Concept
A Hong Kong based company with manufacturing plant located in Zhejiang province of China. They specialize in wooden furniture in 1/12 scale, dollhouses, and toys.
Delph Miniatures
Creators of modern accessories like hair salon furnishings and equipment, tanning beds, office furniture, computers, compact disks, cases and racks.
Gainful Industrial Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of dollhouse miniatures including lamps, bricks, flooring, roofing, and light bulbs.
Greenleaf Dollhouses
1/12 and 1/24 scale dollhouse kits, furniture kits, and birdhouses. Plus a discussion board, tips and owner photo gallery.
Hand & Heart, Inc.
Wholesalers of teasets, foods, and fairies. Includes sample photos, trade show schedule and contact information.
Handley House
Wholesale items, a list of United States and Canadian retailers, and related links.
International Dollhouse Miniatures
Wholesaler of dollhouse furniture and accessories.
Lee's Line Wholesale Dollhouse Miniature Furniture
Wholesale dollhouse miniature furniture in Contemporary and Classic styles.
Miniature Factory, Inc.
Located in the USA and Hong Kong, with a manufacturing plant in Mainland China. Their main products include furniture and ceramic pottery accessories.
Miniatures By Barb
Hand crafted contemporary, one inch scale, collectible dollhouse miniature accessories, ceramic dinnerware, Judaic (Jewish) miniatures and acrylic furniture.
Hand crafted and painted cast metal furniture, animals, figurines and saints.
Model Builders Supply
Wholesale supplier of architectural components, finishing materials, molds, fixtures and landscaping.
Real Good Toys
Dollhouse kits made in Vermont.
Tiny Details
Sells 1/12-scale and 1/24-scale miniatures world wide. Items include a large selection of books, games, and lots of holiday items.
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