Supplies for pet fish include food, aquariums and accessories such as pumps, filters and decorations.

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AA Aquarium Equipment
Producing tanks, filters, pumps and accessories for Hong Kong and China.
API Fishcare
Supplier of a water filtration pouch for fresh and saltwater aquariums.
AquaC Inc
Manufacturer of marine filtration products and protein skimmers. Louisville, Kentucky.
Rental, installation and maintenance of aquariums for commercial premises across the United Kingdom, with photographs and testimonials.
Aquatica International
Wholesaler of filters and livestock, including tropical, coldwater, and ornamental fish. Surrey, England.
Manufacturers of aquariums, hoods and stands with instructions, catalog, and technical information.
Caribsea, Inc.
Aragonite and sand for marine aquariums.
Deyi Arts and Crafts Products Factory
Designing and producing imitation coral, aquarium decorations and artificial bonsai. Guangzhou, China.
Dupla Aquaristik
Manufacturers of filters, heating, and aeration systems for aquariums, with information about raising salt-water fish. Bielefield, Germany.
Supplying chemicals and equipment for aquariums, with maintenance tips and species database. Mesquite, Texas, USA.
Healthy Koi
Offers help in the treatment and diagnosis of Koi and aquatic health issues, and sells disease treatment and water quality management products. Includes profile, information on services and products, news and contact form. Based in West Sussex, UK.
Living Color Enterprises Inc.
Custom aquariums, cabinetry, reef inserts, and filtration.
National Fish Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer with bulk sales of pharmaceuticals and chemicals for the tropical fish industry. Product list, and articles about diseases and prevention.
New Life International
Fish farm that specializes in African Malawi Cichlids. Manufactures New Life Spectrum fish food and produces books on marine aquariums and plants.
NT Laboratories
Conducts research and produces products for the care of aquariums, ponds and pool fish, including Koi, since 1972 in East Peckham, Kent, England.
Builds custom acrylic aquariums with integrated stands, hoods, and filtration. Based in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.
Oceanic Systems
Manufacturers of aquariums in different shapes including custom designs. also produces caps and stands.
Pro Clear Aquatic Systems, Inc.
Manufactures filters, protein skimmers, pumps and lights, as well as making and installing aquariums and filtration systems for retail stores, private collectors, and wholesalers. Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Red Sea
Manufacturers of a variety of aquarium equipment in Houston, Texas.
Manufacturer of aquarium accessories including air pumps, heaters, internal power filters, and ornaments. China.
Saline Solutions Inc.
Manufacturers of acrylic aquariums and saltwater/freshwater filtration products including protein skimmers, trickles, prefilters and carbon dioxide reactors.
Sealand Holdings Co Ltd
Product range includes fish tanks and related equipment. Located in Hong Kong.
Sho Koi Ultra
Producers of food for koi and pond fish. Includes feeding guide and care advice, product ingredients, pricing, and dealer listings.
Tropical Marine Centre
Supplies tropical marine fish and invertebrates in Europe and manufactures a wide range of aquatic products.
UnderWaterWorld International
London, UK based company specialising in aquarium installations and maintenance of freshwater, tropical fish, saltwater and marine fish tanks.
ZeroEdge Aquariums
Manufactures aquariums and waterscapes for home, classroom, and business. Includes product descriptions, video, and dealer locator.

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