Manufacturers and wholesalers of pool and spa equipment and specialized tools.

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Aqua Vac Systems
Manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. Includes product specifications and lists authorized dealers. Florida, USA.
Aquatherm Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of the Ecosun Hybrid Solar Pool Heating Collector. Includes FAQs and dealer locator.
Autopilot Systems, Inc.
Producer of electrolytic chlorine generators and saltwater chlorinator systems. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Gator Autoskim
Manufacturer of inline pool skimmer that attaches to a standard pool cleaner. South Afria.
General Pool and Spa Supply
Distributors of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, equipment, supplies, parts and chemicals. Free membership required to access products.
Hayward Pool Products
Manufactures pumps, cleaners, heaters, filters and lighting for residential swimming pools and spas. Includes demonstration videos, and product brochures in PDF format.
Herko Pool Saver
Provides plans for constructing a device that eliminates water stagnation and chemical depletion in winterized pools. Washington, USA.
N Jonas & Co.
Manufactures pool and spa chemicals.
Pentair Pool Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of filters and sanitizers, cleaners, heaters, and pumps. California.
Polaris Pool Systems
Manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners, waterfalls, chemical automation systems, and accessories for pool and spa. USA.
Pool & Spa Poppits Pty Ltd
Manufactures and distributes chlorine-free maintenance systems for pools and spas. Includes instructions, benefits, FAQ, and list of retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand.
Pool Check
Manufacturer and supplier of pool test strips and meters.
Spa-Quip Ltd
Designers and manufacturers of electronic spa and bath controls and systems. Located in New Zealand and Australia.
Sunsolar Energy Technologies
Makes a fish-shaped disposable product that releases a biodegradable liquid, forming a solar blanket to retain heat.
Watermaid Pty. Ltd.
Manufactures salt water chlorinators for swimming pools and spas. Located in Australia.
WOW Company s.a.
Manufacturer and retailer of wave generators suitable for existing pools. Belgium.
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