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Accuracy International
Read about the precision rifles made by this company. Find a dealer and review pricing.
American Hunting Rifles, Inc.
Makers of hunting rifles and ammunition. Includes available products, company profile, technical information, and ordering terms and conditions.
American Spirit Arms
Presents a blog, events and product made by this firm. Includes video interviews of corporate officers.
Features this manufacturer of high quality rifle and air rifles. Based in Germany.
ArmaLite, Inc.
Presents the catalog of rifles and accessories in the AR-15 or M-16 style.
Armament Technology
Read about the advanced technology centerfire and rimfire rifles and tactical sights made available by this firm.
Ballard Arms
Manufacturers of custom hand crafted firearms as well as offering parts, ammunition, and restoration. Features order policies, company history, available products, testimonials, and contact information.
Bear Creek Arsenal
Sanford, North Carolina based manufacturer of AR-15 variants.
Bushmaster Firearms
Offers a wide range of AR15/M16 parts, accessories, and complete weapons. Also provides sights, scopes mounts, and smithing tools for a variety of weapons.
C. Sharps Arms
Read about rifles based on the classic Sharps design. Sights and accessories are also described.
Daniel Defense
Features AR15-style rifles. Offers cold hammer forged barrels and accessories and parts.
Gunsmoke Enterprises
Offers AR15 and M16 weapons, kits, and accessories.
American rifle manufacturer. Features company profile and history as well as available models, dealer search, parts and accessories, catalog request form, and contact information.
Presents custom rifles including features, accessories, available inventory, as well as company history.
LaRue Tactical
Features AR type rifles manufactured in Texas. Accessories including mounts and optics are presented.
Lazzeroni Arms
Offers information about rifles, long and short action cartridges, component bullets, scopes and ordering information.
Marlin Firearms
Read about the lever action, bolt action and semi-automatic rifles made by this firm. Learn about the history of the company and available accessories.
Offers technical information about the rifles made by this company. The products presented include centerfire rifles, shotguns and rimfire rifles.
McMillan Bros
Sporter and bench rest rifles, as well as a hunter series and tactical rifles.
Ozark Firearm Center
Features Kalashnikov inspired rifles.
Precision Firearms
features AR style rifles using barrels from Lilja, Kreiger, Lother Walther, Les Baer, and Shilen.
Rock River Arms
Offers a range of gas and piston driven weapons based on the AR platform.
Steyr Mannlicher
Competition and hunting firearms are presented as well as a company profile.
Windham Weaponry
Presents AR platform firearms. Features many senior executives from Bushmaster.
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