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Accu-Tek Firearms
Compact handguns manufactured by this firm are featured. Also markets accessories for these handguns.
American Derringer
Provides information about the classic Derringer firearms manufactured by this organization.
Bond Arms, Inc.
Features a series of dual barrel Derringer-style handguns. Offers specifications and a dealer locator.
Diamondback Firearms
Features a .380 caliber semiautomatic pistol. Offers a dealer locator.
Freedom Arms
Provides data about the range of single action revolvers manufactured by this company. Provides a stocking dealer locator and a new products section.
Offers specifications for the handguns and accessories made by this firm. Also provides news and general company information.
Heritage Manufacturing
Single action revolvers made by this firm are featured. Also provides product manuals and a dealer locator.
High Standard Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Offers data about these classic .22 target and 1911 pistols, AR rifles, replacement parts and accessories.
Infinity Firearms
Custom 1911-style handguns as well as apparel and accessories. Features gun builder, online catalog, and policies.
Kahr Arms
Provides information about the compact, semi-automatic, handguns made by this firm. Offers accessories and complete specifications.
Read the firearms resource pages and learn more about this firm noted for 1911 style sidearms.
Korth, USA
Pistol and revolver manufacturers representative, importer, and distributor. Includes company profile, news, product descriptions, photographs, dealer locator, and contact information.
L.W. Seecamp Company, Inc.
Semi-automatic pistol makers. Read information on recommended ammunition and company history as well as offers a customer forum, pistol photographs, downloadable owners manuals (PDF), and contact information.
North American Arms, Inc.
Features information about small caliber, compact firearms made by this company. Offers safety tips and accessories.
Features high capacity 1911 style handguns in both single and double action designs.
Pearce Grip, Inc.
Featuring a wide variety of rubber replacement grips. Includes information for wholesale distributors and a dealer list.
Smith & Wesson
Read about the line of firearms and related merchandise. Review the dealer locator and see news about the company.
Offers a wide range of pistols for self-defense and sport competition based on the CZ-75 design.
Read about the revolvers and pistols made by this Brazilian company. Check safety tips and review the latest products.
Walther Arms, Inc.
Provides specifications for the centerfire handguns, knives, and airguns offered by this firm. Also offers the history of the firm dating back to 1886.
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