Analog here is in the sense of vinyl recordings. The gear includes turntables, tone-arms, and cartridges.

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Acoustic Signature
German manufacturer of solid aluminium turntables, bearing, power supply and phono pre-amplifier.
Acoustic Solid
Manufacturer of turntable and tonearms with an aluminum look finish.
Analog Tube Audio
Tube amplifiers and analogue equipment. Germany.
Equipment support, cables and turntables manufacturer such as Acutus, Volvere and Sequel.
Basis Audio
Manufacturer of the turntable Debut, Signature and Vector Model 1.
The Cartridge Man
Makes, repair and rebuild phono cartridges and accessories. USA.
Specialized in turntables and tonearms, phono pre-amplifiers and cardriges. Also makes amplifiers, power generator and accessories. Germany.
Design and makes a range of high-end turntables. Australia.
Manufacturers of moving coil cartridges and small home audio systems. Provides technical manuals.
Laser turntable, joint US-Japanese effort, plays vinyl LPs without touching them.
Expressimo Audio
US turntables manufacturer make with granit plate.
G.F.C. Hadcock Tonearms
Makes unipivot tonearms. UK.
Galibier Design
Single and double arm configuration with aluminum and teflon composite platter such as Quattro ALU model.
UK manufacturers of turntable, cartridge and accessories.
Graham Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of analog tonearms and accessories for vinyl playback.
Immedia Sound
Holding company of turntable manufacturers such as Lyra, Burmester and Finite-Elemente. USA.
J.A.Michell Engineering
UK manufacturer of turntables, phono stages, and accessories.
Jan Allaerts
Company focused to the field of repair, maintenance of micro mechanical parts on several parts of cartridge systems. Also produce custom cartridges.
Kronos Audio
Makes and design counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable. Canada.
Manufacturer of turntables, cartridge and tonearms for use in analogue playback from Franc Kuzma.
Loricraft Audio
Specialise in the restoration and sale of the classic Garrard 301 and 401 turntables, and the development and manufacture of the 501 and 601 and professional record cleaners.
Japan manufacturer of MC phono cartridges and other products related to phonograph record playback.
Morsiani Carlo snc
Italian manufacturer of CM1 tonearm and CM2 turntable.
Musical Surroundings
Distributor of analog high-end audio products including turntables, phonostage, tonearms and Benz-Micro of Switzerland phonograph cartridges.
Danish manufacturer of tone-arms.
Osage Audio Products
Makes vinyl record cleaning product lines. USA.
Pluto Audio Products
Manufacturer of tonearms, turntables, cartridges and accessories.
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Austria manufacturer of turntables, cartridges, tonearms and accessories.
Scheu Turntables
Analog turntables such as Cello and Premier, cartridges, tonearms designed by Thomas Scheu.
Simon Yorke Designs
Precision analogue disc transcription systems that are used by the United States Library of Congress.
SME Home Page
Makers of turntables, pick-up arms and spare parts.
Manufacturer of turntables, as well as providing parts, repairs, upgrades, modifications and LP accessories.
Studiotechnik Dusch
Manufacturer of a variety of turntables, components and accessories. Germany. [English, Deutsch]
Manufacturer of high end phono cartridges and distributor of audio equipment.
Teres Audio
US maker of turntables and components built with acrylic, Baltic birch and lead.
Manufacturer of turntables as well as phono preamp stages.
German manufacturer of Celino, Leonardo and New Classic turntables.
Manufacturer of tonearms and accessories such as counterweights and extra base for height adjustment. USA.
Trident Audio
Specialized in console design for professional studio. UK.
Turntables It
Custom turntable and tonearm manufacturing and technology research. Italy.
Italian manufacturer of Atlantis turntables system.
VPI Industries
US manufacturer of turntables, tonearms and accessories.
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