This category is for sites whose primary focus is consumer audio electronics vacuum tubes amplification products, including exclusively amplification, pre-amps, phono stages, power amps, and integrateds. Sites about cables, cd, dvd, etc.. must be in the parent category Audio.

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Affordable Valve Company
British maker and seller of Class A EL34 valve amplifiers.
Alum Rock Technology
Manufactures a 304TL amplifier, plus audio transformers and related power transformers and inductors. USA.
Anacon Technology
Manufacturer of high-end custom tube guitar amplifiers where proprietary circuits offer full control of distortion and its harmonic spectrum. Sweden.
Argiriadis Analogue Electronics
Details about UK custom designed and hand-built valve amplifiers. Also provides repair and restoration services.
Arte Sound
Tubes guitar amps, handmade in Italy . Classic tone in solid wood cabinet.
ASV Tube Audio
Slovenian manufacturer and supplier of tube amps, kits and components.
Audible Illusions
Manufacturers of tube equipment including the Modulus 3A Pre-Amp.
Audio Mirror
Design tube mono-block amplifiers and preamplifiers. USA.
Audio Valve
Manufacturer of high end tube and valve amplifier. Germany.
Border Patrol
Manufacturer of valves amplifiers with a wooden finish and power supplies.
Canary Audio
Tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, AC power cables and interconnect from San Jose.
Wide range of (mostly tubed) amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Curcio Audio Engineering
Manufacturer of vacuum tube parts and amplifiers.
Dared Audio
Makes high-end tube audio amplifiers including preamplifiers, integrated and power amplifiers, speaker and interconnect cables. USA.
Manufacturer of the Zen Triode amplifier. The product line is: speakers, tube amplifier and pre-amplifier, accessories, cables and replacement tubes.
ElectraPrint Audio
Tube transformers, chokes and custom tube amplifiers.
Elliott Studio Arts
Designs and builds hand built tube amplifier. USA.
Emotive Audio
Tube amplifiers and preamplifiers such as The Epifania preamplifier.
Exemplar Audio
Makes amplifiers and pre-amplifiers which are a marriage of solid state and tube technology.
Golden Middle
Makes tubes amplifiers, preamplifiers, vacuum tubes components, sockets and transformers. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Tube power, integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers based in Italy.
Manufacturer and distributor of vacuum tubes and vacuum capacitors.
Hagerman Technology LLC
Design and manufacture tube phonostage, moving coil headamp and professional studio products. USA.
icon Audio
Makes handmade high end valve amplifiers. Leicester, UK.
Ideal Innovations
Makes vacuum tube audio amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. USA.
Kaye Audio
Manufacturer of Moscode tube amplifiers product line. USA.
KBO Dynamics Ltd
Product design and consultancy company specialising in the design and development of bespoke innovative audio and guitar amplifier solutions. UK.
Makes vacuum tube amplifiers and cables. Germany.
Kr Audio
Manufacturer of low-frequency power triodes and hi-end audio equipment. Czech Republic.
Kwang Woo
Tube integrated amplifier, phono equalizer, power amplifier and pre-amplifier.
LA Audio Electronic
Manufacturer of mono, stereo, integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers. Taiwan.
Italian manufacturer of tube amplifiers, preamplifiers and accessories.
Leben Hi-Fi
Hi-fi tube amplifiers manufactured in Japan.
Mapletree Audio Design
Manufacturers of stereo and multi-channel tube audio amplifiers, line pre-amplifiers, headphone/phono amplifiers and line router.
Music Reference
Tube power amplifier and preamplifiers, tubes parts and interconnects.
Navison Audio
Specialized in designing and manufacturing high-end tube-based audio products such as SE-MKI preamplifier and NVS-003G monoblock amplifiers. USA.
Opera Consonance
Manufacturers of vacuum tubes single-ended class A amplifiers.
Pacific Creek
Manufacturer and distributor of vacuum tube audio amplifiers. USA.
Manufacturer of valve integrated and monoblock amplifier.
Quicksilver Audio
Tube power and phono amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
Renaissance Audio Electronics
Manufacturer of the tube Opus 1 amplifier.
Rogue Audio
Vacuum tube audio amplifiers and preamplifiers. Provides reviews, news and retailers.
Shenzhen Jidian Technology Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of high end tube speakers and amplifiers.
Shindo Laboratory
Japan manufacturer of tube amplifiers such as Petrus III and stereo pre amplifier Monbrison.
Sophia Electric's
Tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Also makes monitor speaker. USA.
Sun Audio
Japan manufacturer of valve amplifiers kit that can be assembled.
Tenor Audio
Quebec high-end tube amplifiers with a wooden finish.
Manufacturer of custom valve guitar amplification. UK.
Tube Distinctions
UK. Designer and manufacturer of valve amplifiers and audio circuits.
Unison Research
Italian manufacturer of tube amplifiers with a wooden design and Unico hybrid integrated amplifiers product line.
VAC - Valve Amplification Company
Manufacturer of tube stereo and multi channels amplifiers such as Renaissance Signature series.
Vacuum State Electronics
Manufacturer of a wide range of products such as amplifiers, tube parts, preamplifiers, cables, kits.
Vacuum Tube Logic
Consumer and professional tube power and integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers. Provides products information and support.
Viriya Trading
Distributor of Tattva stereo vacuum tube integrated amplifier. Thailand.
Viva Audio
Itilian manufacturer of single ended directly heated triode valves operating in pure class A employing zero negative feedback amplifier and pre-amplifiers.
Manufacturers of home audio amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Welborne Labs
Tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, line filters, interconnects and cables. Provides tech support, news and forum.
WKZ Amplification
Fifty watts valve amplifier for guitar.
Manufacturer of single-ended OTL class A vacuum tube headphone preamplifier and powered amplifier.
Manufacturer of tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Hong Kong, China.
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