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Manufacturer of high-end pre-amplifiers, stereo and three channels amplifiers. Germany.
AmpliVox Sound Systems
Manufacturer of portable public address systems, amplifiers, wireless remote powered speaker systems, and lecterns with built-in sound system. USA.
Anderson Electronic
Makes headhone amplifier, power and preamplifier. Germany.
Artec France
Manufacturer of high end solid-state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. France.
Astra Suite
Supplier of hi-fi French amplification from Lavardin and Neodio. Singapore.
ATI - Amplifier Technologies Inc.
Manufacturers of preamp/processor, stereo, multi channel and distribution amplifiers utilizing differential drive amplifier technology.
Manufacturer of triode, class A, balanced OTL amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Makes a line of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that use the current feedback, rather than the usual voltage feedback. Italy.
Audio Amplifier Kits
Makes high-fidelity high powered MOSFET amplifier modules.
Makes single-ended power amplifiers consist of triode and pentode type valves, valves pre-amplifiers, kits and components.
Colorado manufacturer of stereo and mono amplifier, DAC and phono preamplifier.
Burning Blue Audio
Manufacturer of portable USB headphone amplifiers and desktop amps for digital and computer audio. Dedicated to headphone amplification.
Butler Audio
Manufacturer of tube class A monoblock amplifier and "Thermionic" vacuum tube multichannel power amplifier.
Canor Audio
Development and manufacture of audio components. Design and production of audio tube amplifiers. Slovakia.
Carver mk II
Carver audio mk II modified upgraded amplifiers.
Channel Islands Audio
Specialized in mono, stereo, headphone and phono amplifiers, and active and active pre-amplifiers. USA.
Coda Technologies
FET line stages and phono preamplifiers and bias class A power and integrated amplifiers such as Unison integrated amplifier.
Makes a power amplifier and preamplifier. Switzerland. [English, French]
DB Systems
Manufacturer of home audio equipment, including preamps, power amps, electronic crossovers, tone control, phase inverter, and accessories. USA.
DeHavilland Electric Amplifier Company
Manufacturer of two class "A" tube amplifiers: the Aries 845-G and the GM70.
High end audio integrated amplifier based on a hybrid amplification technology: ADH. France.
Docet Lector
Tube-valve class "A" preamplifier and preamplifier and processor for home theater, hybrid tube+mosfet power amplifier and multichannel amplifier and tube-valve cd player and digital analog converter.
Manufacturer of phono, power, and pre-amplifiers. Australia.
Makes tube and solid state stereo and phono preamplifiers and amplifiers, and headphone amplifier. USA.
Edge Electronics
Power, multi-channels, integrated amplifiers, pre-amplifiers using the proprietary Laser Optical Bias Circuitry technology.
Edward Amplification Co.
Manufacturer of musical instrument amplifiers.
Electronic Visionary Systems
Manufacturer of class D modified UCD amplifier module and power cords. USA.
Embla Audio
Monoblocks and conventional stereo amplifiers.
Evolve Power Amplifiers
Tube and hybrid amplifiers by Shinichi Kamijo.
First Sound Audio
Manufacturer of solid state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. USA.
Grace Design
Makes microphone, headphone amplifiers, monitor controler and portable DC powered microphone amplifiers. USA.
Halcro Amplifiers
Manufacturers of mono, power, integrated, and pre amplifiers for stereo reproduction and home theater.
IRD Audio
Thailand manufacturer of power, monoblock and integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
Jeff Rowland Design Group
High end manufacturer of stereo, monoblock, integrated amplifier and pre-amplifier, phono pre-amplifier power supplies such as Synergy, Cadence and Concentra products line.
Jiaxing Music Space Time Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of tube audio amplifiers and accessories. China.
Klyne Audio Arts
US manufacturer of System Six pre-amplifier, System Seven pre-amplifier and interconnects.
Manufacturers of tube and solid state amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
L C Audio Technology
Manufacturers of power amplifiers that use pulse amplifier module and makes also cables.
Makes guitar tube amplifier, cabinet and hi-fi stereo valve amplifier. Poland.
Lamm Industries
Tube and transistor amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Leem Products Co.
Guitar amplifiers and other sound reinforcement products.
Manufacturer of accessories, amplifiers, cables, power cords, and linestage. UK.
Lindemann Audiotechnik
Manufacturer of audio technology such as super audio CD player, stereo control amplifier, and dual mono power amplifier. Germany.
London Power / Power Press Publishing
Power amplifiers and amplifier products, do-it-yourself kits, and power press books by Kevin O'Connor. Canada.
Manufacturer of amplifier range of class D intended for use in professional audio systems. UK.
Marchand Electronics Inc.
Manufacturers of equipment such as electronic crossover networks, both solid state and vacuum tube and modular audio amplifiers.
Marsh Sound Design
Manufacturer of home theater processors, multi channels, stereo, power amplifiers and pre-amplifiers with a distinctive design.
Italian tubes monoblocks and integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.
Makes mono block and stereo amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phono pre-amplifiers and cables.
Matthew James
Manufacturer of amplifiers Rhapsody 2 or 3 channels, strings interconnect/speaker cables and podium isolation fee. USA.
McAlister Audio
Specializing in vacuum tube amplifiers. Custom design and build high end audio amplifiers. Repairs and restoration. Canada.
ME Sound
Amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that integrate zero loop feedback and near constant operating temperature technologies.
Manufacturer of audio amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and cables. Scandinavia.
Monolithic Sound
Passive and active pre-amplifier, phono pre-amplifier, dual mono and digital/analog power supply and "perpetual power plant" power supply.
NAT - Nikic Audio Team
Single-ended triode, low- or no-feedback amplifiers and preamplifiers. Hand-wound transformers.
Korea manufacturer specializes in digital audio signal processing such as digital power amplification, surround and DSP programming.
Design and makes audio mono, powered, multi-channel and integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and accessories such as power center distributor. USA.
German manufacturer of integrated, power and monoblock amplifiers such as Jubilee line, pre-amplifiers and outboard power supply upgrade.
One Electron
Manufacturer of audio transformers and amplifiers.
Placette Audio
Preamps from Idaho built around heroically engineered volume controls.
Plinius Audio
New Zealand manufacturer of Odeon amplifier, pre-amplifier, integrated and Jarrah phono amplifier.
Power Modules
Power amplifiers, phono and vacuum tube pre-amplifiers from David Belles.
Makes and design handmade vacuum-tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. Netherlands.
Prism Audio
Manufacturers of power amplifier modules, valve amplifiers, class D amplifiers and power supplies. UK.
Red Dragon Audio
Manufacturer of high end Class-D mono blocks and custom audio amplifiers.
Red Wine Audio
Manufacturer of monoblocks, stereo amplifiers, music server and source select switch. USA.
Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeaker.
Makes power and dual mono integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. UK.
South Texas Amp Co.
Custom tube amp design, build, repair, and restoration. USA.
Space-Tech Hi-End Audio Laboratory
Canadian manufacturers design and custom made of vacuum tube pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, integrated amplifier, buffers, active crossovers, CD players, DAC's and loudspeakers. Microprocessor design and engineering.
SRS Labs, Inc.
Develops, markets and licenses audio technologies which create an immersive three-dimensional sound for consumer home audio, computer multimedia, car audio, professional sound and video and arcade games markets. (Nasdaq: SRSL)
Swedish Audio Technology
Makes and design remote controlled integrated amplifier and CD player. Sweden.
Design a range of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. France.
Transcendent Sound
Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, DIY audio kit, audio projects, and preamplifiers. Provides forum and product information.
Trends Audio
Manufacturer of a mini 15W amplifier and USB audio converter. Hong Kong, China.
Vitus Audio
High End Audio products: Amplifier, phonostages, linestages and powerstages.
Wavac Audio Lab.
Manufacturer of hi-fi single-ended directly heated triode power amplifiers, phono equalizer, attenuators and AC conditioners. Japan.
Wavelength Audio
Single-ended tube designs and custom guitar amps.
Wyred 4 Sound
Manufacturer of solid state amplifier and integrated amplifier, pre-amplifiers, cables and DAC.
Zenn Audio Components
Amplifier designed and handcrafted in Singapore.

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