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Acoustic Technologies
Manufacturer of speaker cable and interconnect. Canada.
Unshielded silver cables from Denmark.
Artisan silver cable
Makes interconnects and iPod upgrade cables of solid silver.
Bogdan Audio
Makes interconnect, speaker cables and power cables.
Provides constant impedance cable, power cables and crossovers.
Clearer Audio
Makes a range of RCA high-end audio cables. UK.
Crystal Cable
Designs and manufactures high-end wires possible made with an ultra-thin, silver and gold conductor with Kapton insulation. Canada.
Crystal Clear Audio
Manufacturer and designer of silver interconnects and power cables. USA.
Current Cable
Makes silver and copper ribbons cables such as speaker and power cables and interconnects. USA.
D.H. Labs Silver Sonic
Makes audio cables such as speaker cable, power AC cable and RCA connectors.
Manufacturer and importer of cables for the entertainment industry. Canada.
Dynamique Audio
Manufacturer of high-end silver audio cables, including interconnects, speaker and AC power cables. UK.
Ecosse Reference Cable
Provides interconnects and speaker cables. Includes a local and international dealer list. UK.
Gabriel Gold
Makes high end interconnects, speaker cables and power cables.
Goertz Audio
Offers speaker cables, interconnects, foil inductors and balanced power supplies. USA.
Harmonic Technology
Uses patented metallurgical process of purifying metals which eliminates crystalline barrier distortion.
Makes audio, video and AC power cables and power supply. Italy.
Jorma Design
Makes jigh-end loudspeaker cables and interconnects composed of copper. USA.
Kimber Kable
Very wide range, related accessories used in other high-end boxes.
Manufacturer of a variety of high-end analog, digital, speaker and power cables. USA.
Le Transtar International
Provides cables, connectors, capacitors, crystals, hybrid IC, inductors, LCD, LED, loudspeakers drivers, potentiometers and resistors.
Lieder Audio Cables
Makes silver interconnects and speaker cables. Online store.
Luminous Audio Technology
Makes cables, speaker wire, and interconnects. USA.
NBS Cables
Makes audio interconnect, speaker cables and power cords which employs the circuitry of a passive frequency inductance network. USA.
Nordost Corporation
From Massachusetts featuring flat-line cables.
Pear Cable Corporation
Manufacturer of high-fidelity audio cables for both home and car audio. USA.
Prana Wire
Makes high end audio cables and power cord. USA.
Purist Audio Design
A wide range including water-filled and light-filled models.
S.O.A. Cables
Makes interconnects and speaker cables line and sells Elrod power cords. USA.
Provides interconnects and speaker cables using a silver-gold conductors. Netherlands.
Silver Audio
Manufacturers of interconnect, speaker cables, power cord and accessories. USA.
Silver Smith Audio
US-built, featuring ultrathin-ribbon geometry and pure silver construction.
Specialized hand-made hi-fi audio cables in silver and copper. Also makes passive volume control. Canada.
Sound Plug Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of XLR connector, plug, and chassis, also makes adapter, gooseneck mic, gooseneck lamp, and peripheral accessories. Taiwan.
Stealth Audio Cables
Makes a wide range of cables such as interconnects, power cords, wall plugs and speaker cables. USA.
Tara Labs
Featuring rectangular solid core designs.
TG Audio Lab
Makes a variety of interconnects and power cables. USA.
Manufacturer for cable and connector. China.
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