Anything that's doesn't fall into the other categories (Speakers, Amplification, Digital, Analog, Music) related to audio (not video accessories). Items included:

  • Cable-ware (speaker, line, digital, electrical).
  • Furniture (stands, racks).
  • Replacement tubes/valves.
  • Totally un-categorizable weirdness, e.g. Shun Mook and Peter Belt

Subcategories 6

Brick Wall.
Manufacturer of surge protectors, includes explanation of technology's workings and advantages.
Bybee Technologies
Power and audio signal filtration from California; claims use of quantum/superconducting technology; partially designed by John Curl.
Digital Recordings
The company does advanced research and development in acoustics and provides high-tech audio solutions for individuals and industry. Lists products, services, publications, opinions, links and contact details, plus Sound Off magazine.
Fujikon Industrial Company Limited
Manufacturer of headsets, microphones and other audio components.
Golden Sound
Manufacturer of acoustic discs, banana plugs, cones, squares, pads and cables. USA.
Manufacturer for multimedia accessories including micro speaker and receiver, microphones, and hands free earphones.
Ichikawa Jewel
Manufacturer of XLR and RCA connector, tonearm, cables and accessories. Japan.
IsoTek Systems
Makes power conditioners, connectors, cables and plugs. UK.
German manufacturers of universal jitter attenuation device. Provides also information about jitter.
Klippel GmbH
German company specializing in measurement and control technology for loudspeaker measurement for speaker manufacturers.
Marigo Audio Lab
Cable-ware and tuning dots.
Michael Green Audio
Sound specialist and designer of speakers’ furniture and accessories. Provides discussion forum and industry news and reviews.
Makes sound isolation, connectors and cleaning solutions. UK.
Music Works
Design and supply power leads, blocks and tables for hi-fi music systems and home cinema equipment. UK.
Nitty Gritty
Makes vinyl cleaning systems and accessories.
O. W. Donald Co.
Manufacturer of mobile TV antenna, audio and video cables, noise filters, and repeaters
Organic Acoustics
Manufacturer of organic acoustic panel
Manufacturer of carbon fibre audio support system. UK.
Makes power supply, cables, interconnects, plugs, power cord, and in-wall plate. Japan.
Manufacturer of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. EN46002 Medical Devices Directorate.
Rainbow Arrival Science Technology
Makes multiroom equipment, infrared transmission and volume controls devices such as hub, and remote controls. Taiwan.
Ringmat Developments
Circular mats go both under and over LPs.
RPG Diffusor Systems
Features physical room treatments, and software.
Shakti Innovations
Makers of Stones, passive add-ons, and also cable-ware.
Shun Mook
Offers Mpingo disks and other room-improvement devices.
Taiwan Carol Electronics Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures a range of dynamic and multimedia microphones, such as wireless, supercardiode, reciting, CB, cable, mega phone, as well as speakers and power amps.
Makes Bluetooth wireless stereo audio headphones and speakers.
TWD Acoustic Products Ltd
Produce acoustic products and wireless projects for headphones.
Devices to eliminate user induced static discharges to audio equipment.
Van Den Hul
Dutch maker famous for ultra-high-end audio cartridges and cabling.
Manufacturer of cables, plugs, spikes and accessories. Germany.
Vivid Audio
Makes and design gold, silver and cotton audio cables.
Warren Gregoire and Associates
Manufacturer of amateur radio headsets, desk microphones and push to and push to talks and also PC headsets for personal computers. Canada.
Kimber Kable outlets and plugs.
Zero Impedance
Add-on devices such as toroidal autoformer that have the ability to multiply a speakers impedance by 2x, 3x, or 4x.
Zon Audio
Manufacturers of audio distribution devices such as multi-source, multi-zone inputs and outputs sound distributors.
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