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Action Star
Designs and customizes a line of OEM products for computer cables and accessories. Taiwan.
Analysis Plus
Manufacturer of an "Hollow Oval" design audio and video cable. USA.
Atrone Inc
Manufacturer, HDMI and coaxial cable, Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber optic patch cords. Philippines.
Manufacturer of cables, power chord, power conditioner, auricap capacitors and auric illuminator. USA.
Audio Magic
Manufacturer of interconnects and digital connectors and speaker cables. USA.
Interconnects, speaker cables, video cable such as s-video and RGB cables, power cables and accessories.
AVCables CC
Imports and distributes hi-fi and home theater cables and loudspeakers in South Africa.
Bis Audio
Manufacturer and designer of RCA, balanced, digital, video, speaker and power cables. Also makes QUAD, Naim and Bang and Olufsen cables. Canada. [English, French]
Blue Echo Solutions, Inc.
Makes locking HDMI cable adapter and HDMI cables.
Brighten Communications
Manufacturer of cat5e, cat6 and fiber optic cables. Taiwan.
Brilliance Hi-Fi
Cable offerings such as av, single/bi-wire speaker, sub-woofer, and video. Also includes audio and digital interconnects.
Manufacturer of interconnect, digital audio, HDTV and video, subwoofer and speaker cables. USA.
Manufacturers of pro audio and video cable, connectors, star quad, cable reels, snake systems, tools, and strippers.
Cablemaker and manufacturer of the La Luce turntable.
Changzhou Shuobai Electronic
Supply audio connectors, audio cables and audio fitting such as audio plugs, xlr connector, rca and speaker connectors. China.
The Chord Company
Individually hand built and hand soldered before being tested mechanically, electrically and visually.
Crystal Cable
Makes analogue and digital interconnects for audio and video applications. Netherlands.
ECore Cables
Manufacturer of home theater and networking cables. USA.
Empirical Audio
Manufacturer of interconnects and cables for computers, audio and video components. Online order. USA.
Essential Sound Products
Makes and provides power cords, accessories and information. USA.
Ever Sparkle Enterprises Limited
Manufacturer of magnifier lights, FM radio receiver, and a range of molded connector cables.
Fiber Optic Pakistan Inc
Manufacturer of CAT5E, CAT6, fiber optic and HDMI cables. China.
Manufacturer of home audio and video cable, disc demagnetizer, tuning panel and cables and audio grade accessories for car audio.
Fuyu Electric Co., Ltd
Producer of power cord power supply cord. China.
Gotham Audio Cables
Makes digital and analog audio cables, speaker cables and video cables.
GutWire Audio Cables
Manufacturers of digital cables, interconnects, speaker cables, power cables AC liner conditioner, vibration control and connectors.
Hosa Technology
Provided solutions and products to the cabling needs of musicians, engineers, and audio and video enthusiasts such as audio/video switcher and audio signal selector.
Jenving Technology AB
Manufacturer of Supra audio cables and connectors. Sweden.
JPS Labs
Manufacturer of high-end audio speaker cables, interconnects, video cables, and AC power cords and accessories. USA.
Manufacturer of audio, video and digital cables and accessories. Australia.
L A T International
Manufacturers of wires and cables, accessories such as clean disk.
Lotuscope Inc
Manufacturer of Cat5e/Cat6 patch cables, HDMI, coaxial and fiber optical cables.
Midwich Ltd
Maker of Interconnects, mains powerleads, video leads and speaker cables. Provides a product search, information and a dealers locator.
MTX Audio
Manufacturer of high end audio, video and digital interconnects, and kits. USA.
Music Interface Technologies
Manufacturer of high end audio interfaces such as speaker cables and component interconnects, and video cables and AC power conditioning products. USA.
Ningbo East Dragon Electronic
Manufacturer of XLR connectors and adaptors, 1/4" phone plugs and jacks, speaker cabinet, banana plugs, connector box and audio cables. China.
Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group
Producer of ac power cord and power supply cord. China .
Pearlyond Technologies
Manufacturer of HDMI cables, coaxial and fiber optic cables. China.
PSC Audio
Design and produce interconnects, and power, speaker, video and phono cables. Australia.
Makes HiFi, home cinema and whole house custom installation cables. UK.
Seminole Wire and Cable
Manufacturers and distributors of wire and cable since 1962 such as HVAC, blasting, fireworks, security and alarm wire; plenum, riser, coax and category 5 cable.
Shenzhen ADP Cables
Designer and manufacturer of lan and lan ethernet cable, network cable and fiber optic cable. China.
Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Tawainesse manufacturer of digital optical audio and HT cables and accessories.
Signal Cable
Makes analog, digital interconnects, video and speaker cables, power cords and specialty products. USA.
Star Computer Limited
Manufacturer of HDMI cables, Cat5e, Cat6 cables, fiber optic transceivers and fiber optic cables.
Straight Wire
Manufacturer of signal cable, patch cord, RCA, digital and video cable, speaker cables.
Structured Cable Products
Offers a large selection of low voltage cables and accessories including cat5e, cat6, speaker cables, access control cables and HDMI extenders. USA.
Sunrise International Limited
Manufacturer of fiber optic cables and equipment.
Sunrise Technologies Limited
Manufacturer of HDMI cables, Cat5e, Cat6e and fiber optic cables. Taiwan.
Sunshine Insulated Wire Manufacturers
Custom manufacturers of a full range of cables and accessories. Use of OFC Copper, SP-OFC, and pure silver conductors in the design of cables.
Synergistic Research
Provides a range of audio and video cables. USA.
Tao An International Ltd.
Manufacturers of various specification audio cables for a multitude of uses, including speaker, amp, source and other cabling.
Transparent Cable
Audio cables engineered with technical, scientific, mechanical, artistic, and musical expertise. Upgrade policy available.
Tributaries Cable
Manufacturers of high-end audio and video interconnects, video components and speaker wire.
Twisted Pair Designs
Strives to build the best price versus performance audio and video cables available.
Varo Technology
Makes and design audio HDMI cables, HDMI splitter, repeater and switcher. Taiwan.
VooDoo Cable
Makes high end audio and video cables. USA.
Warwick Test Supplies
Makers of professional audio and broadcast connectors and cable assemblies. UK.
Wing Tat Development (H.K.) Limited
Manufacturer of cables and connectors such as telephone cables, battery snap and USAB cables.
Yunhuan Group Strong Power Electronics
Manufacturer of power cord and power supply cord. China.
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