Sites listed here will focus solely on artwork and digitizing of embroidery designs. These sites may create embroidered samples as well, but will not engage in the business of providing embroidered apparel as a finished product.
Canada. Provides online embroidery digitizing services. Includes samples, pricing, and a quote and order form.
USA. Provides round-the-clock embroidery digitizing service. Contains FAQs, samples, pricing, an Ambassador software download and related links.
AIM Digitizers
Canada. Custom digitizing company. Includes company overview, samples of designs and order form.
Amber Graphics, LLC
USA. Embroidery digitizing service. Includes contact and quote forms, self estimating guidelines, sample gallery, FAQs and troubleshooting information.
Digital Giggle
USA. Digitizing service for personal or commercial clients also retailing own designs. Includes profile, design portfolio, designs for sale, pricing, and testimonials.
Digitizing Express, Inc.
USA. Provides digitizing of embroidery designs, specializing in headwear. Offers 24 hour service. Includes thumbnail samples, pricing, order and credit application forms.
Digitizing Mart
India. Offers digitizing of embroidery designs. File formats support a variety of embroidering equipment. Includes registration, quote, and order forms, FAQs, and a design gallery.
Digitizing Shop
India. Digitizes in all formats. Customers can submit their own designs online and evaluate the company accordingly.
USA. Custom express digitizing of embroidery services. Includes FAQs, image gallery, and contacts.
Great Wall Embroidery Digitizing
China. Offering 24 hour turnaround in most file formats. Includes samples, FAQs, and contact information.
M&B Digitizing
USA. Provides embroidery design and digitizing services. Includes samples, pricing, and an order form.
NeedleUp Digitizing
USA. Custom embroidery digitizing services for home and commercial formats. Includes sample images, pricing and company information
Quality Punch
USA. Specializes in digitizing logos for embroideries. Contains basics of digitizing, a portfolio and FAQs.
Quick Digitizing
Thailand. Offers digitizing services, exported file formats support a variety of embroidering machines. Includes FAQs, downloads, prices, and an order form.
Strawberry Stitch Co
USA. Custom embroidery design and professional education. On-line quotes and stock design library. Books and learning materials. Link to FAQ.
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