For manufacturers or suppliers of items designed to add strength, structure, or function.

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Greece. Manufacturers of a range of elastic and non-elastic bands and laces for intimate apparel, garments and sports wear, from polyester, polyamide and rubber. English and Greek.
Spain. Manufacturers of woven, yarn and solid dyed, and printed cut, folded, pleated and piped bias binding for apparel, footwear and fashion accessories, form cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester, polyamide and blends. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Daren Elastic Co., Ltd.
Thailand. Manufacturer and exporter of crochet knitted elastic tape, narrow fabrics, and elastic webbings for the garment industry.
China. Manufacturer of knitted, woven, jacquard, braided and lace elastic webbing. Includes sample photos. [Chinese and English]
Eject Force
Taiwan. Manufactures decorative trimming, tassels, cordage, tieback, gimp, braid, key tassel, bullion, fringes and home furnishings. Includes a brief company profile, product photos and FAQs.
Grobelastic SA
Spain. Manufacturers of jacquard woven and knitted, and crocheted elastic bands for lingerie and underwear applications. Directory of world wide agents.
Lea and Sachs, Inc
USA. Distributors of narrow fabrics. Woven and knitted, rigid and elastic webbings, tapes, braids, laces and cords.
Liberty Cords & Tassels Co., Inc.
USA. Designer tassels and cords suitable for accenting menus, invitations, programs, crafts and packages.
M. Perkins
UK. Piece and yarn dyed brocade and damask fabrics, tapestries, braids and fringes for liturgical and academic wear.
National Webbing
USA. Rigid and elastic, woven, knitted and braided narrow fabrics for the garment, accessories and furnishing industries, from polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, cotton and blends.
Producciones José Manubens SA
Spain. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Rigid and elastic jacquard braided, yarn and solid dyed narrow fabrics, webbings and cords for haberdashery and garments, from cotton, viscose and polyester. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Multi-lingual site.
PT Kompindo Fontana Raya
Indonesia. Manufacturer of tape, narrow fabrics, and finished textile and leather goods. Includes a product gallery, company information, and a contact form.
Qian Wei
China. Shirt interlining series, fashion garment interlining series, resin interlining series.
Regray Textiles, Ltd
UK. Wholesale distributors of elastic and non-elastic, woven, knitted and braided webbings and tapes. Also, drawcords, pipes and sewing accessories.
Sedat Triko Tekstil, Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers of tricot jacquard and raschel knitted collars, bands and accessories for the garment industry. English, Turkish and Russian.
Shindo Senikogyo Co., Ltd
Japan. Manufacturers of elastic and non-elastic woven, knitted and braided, yarn and solid dyed, printed and finished webbings, tapes, piping, ribbons and trims for garment and sports wear applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Japanese.
Sisca Fabricante S.A.
Argentina. Rigid and elastic tapes and cords the fashion, footwear, bags and graphic industries. [English, Spanish]
Suspended Animation
U.S. manufacturer of children's belts, suspenders and mitten clips. Suppliers to children's apparel and school uniform retailers.
Viken Tape Industries
India. Woven, knitted and braided elastic narrow fabrics for the garment and accessories, footwear, luggage and medical industries.
Webbing & Tapes (NZ) Ltd
New Zealand. Manufacturers of polypropylene, polyester, poly cotton, and 100% cotton webbing and tapes. Includes color samples.
Webbing World Products Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers of woven and dyed webbings for pet and garment accessories, from polyamide, polyester, polypropylene and cotton. Also, leather plain and braided belts.
Yuyao Jingyi
China. All kinds of P.P rope, artificial silk rope, golden silk rope and wax cotton rope.
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